Best Paintball Loaders and Hoppers Reviews: Rotor vs. Empire vs. Tippmann

Best Paintball Loaders and Hoppers Reviews: Rotor vs. Empire vs. Tippmann


Performance is absolutely paramount in the sport of paintball, even if you are playing the game just for fun. Your team, gear, and the gun should have to be the best for you to succeed and win. In that vein, choosing the best loader or hopper as they are more correctly known as is very important to play a game well.

There is just one problem. With so many options in the market, how can we pick the one which is the best? The choice is very difficult to make as the price and quality of each is different from the other. Luckily for us though, many loaders are universally used as compared to paintball guns. This means that more players choose to use the same loader, if not the gun.

To make things easier for first-time buyers or even those who know what to look for, below are some of the best hoppers in the market today. Their prices and other key factors will make it easy to distinguish between the choices.


Best Paintball Loaders and Hoppers in the Market

Dye Precision Rotor Paintball Loader Review

dye precision rotor

The Dye Precision Rotor is certainly one of the top of the line hoppers that are out in the market, except this particular one which beats the rest.

Used by professional paintball tournament players the world over, the Rotor is thought to be the best choice due to its solid design and impossibly fast feeding. You can be sure that the Rotor will keep you going through even the most fast-paced game.

Salient Features: Popularly used by professional paintball players and otherwise, the Rotor is fast, sturdy and highly efficient. It has a solidly built design and an ultra-fast feeding capability which will keep you in the game without jamming on you.

Moreover, the Rotor is very easy to disassemble, and paired with an anti-jam lever the loader provides easy usage and ultimate peace of mind. The tool-less assembly and disassembly of the loader will also give you peace of mind, as you won’t have to keep unnecessary tools with you in the event the loader needs to be fixed during a game. The easy and fast reload feature will ensure that you don’t run out of balls or have to reload as often.

This loader is easy to clean and take care of as well, and comes in 28 different colors and designs for you to choose from!

Empire Halo Too Paintball Loader Review

empire halo too

This particular paintball loader is considered will give you your money’s worth; speedball newbies especially shouldn’t think twice before deciding to buy it that’s for sure.

The outstanding performance of this loader is surely enough to bring it to the topmost loaders, but its price is almost less than half as compared to the others which make the Empire Halo an easy choice for most players for whom price is an issue.

Salient Features: Its capability to force-feed 20 plus balls per second with the ultra-quiet belt drive allows the player to throw plenty of paint balls at the opponent at one time without having to stop and reload the mechanism. In addition, the Free-way Anti Jam feature prevents the loader from jamming and breaking the balls of paint thus ensuring you remain focused in the game.

The mechanism is a piece of outstanding technology and allows you to program the Motor Speed, Microphone Sensitivity and Feed Stack which in turn will give you the best paintball experience ever.

Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System Review

tippmann cyclone feeder

It really doesn’t matter how fast your marker is if the feeder installed can’t keep up! This is where the Cyclone Feeder System comes to play, and as always Tippman Sports doesn’t disappoint.

The Feeder System is actually an upgrade kit, which you can use with the Alpha Black, Alpha Black Elite, Project Salvo and the Tippman 98 markers.

Salient Features: The first and foremost thing to note with the speedy hopper, is that it can run without batteries! The feed system is actually connected to an assisted air loader system installed which allows for a synchronized ball feed at up to 15bps into your marker.

In addition to this, on purchasing the upgrade kit, Tippman will include a low profile hopper with a 200 round capacity, absolutely free of cost!

Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader Review

The Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader is one of the most durable paintball loaders out there. It is manufactured with tough polymers that make it sturdy.

This paintball loader is used by professionals and amateurs alike. It can stand strong and sturdy even after many drops and hard falls.

Salient features: Despite the affordable price, this is one of the more durable loaders out there. It is made of polymers that are one of the most robust materials for the purpose.

The mating ‘nipple’ of this loader is a nominal 1.07-inch, which can fit the port of many commonly used markers. There are no shelving or internal designs, unlike in many other models. While this makes it basic, it also leaves it entirely hollow. This makes the cleaning process much easier. It can fit 200 rounds, which is more than most.

Moreover, the polymer lid is well-made and it can seal the loader entirely, so you don’t have to worry about losing rounds. While the anti-jam lever isn’t of the highest quality out there, rounds will rarely jam, so you won’t have much need to use it, anyway. The reload feature is fast and it works really well.

Last Updated: 30th Jan, 2021


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