4 Best Tampons for Feminine Care: Tampax vs. Playtex vs. Organic

4 Best Tampons for Feminine Care: Tampax vs. Playtex


Tampons have a basic fundamental function: they are meant to make a woman's life practical. Everyone who chooses to do not take hormones and avoid the collateral effects of such treatments have to deal with the flow of periods in the most agile fashion as possible. Nowadays, the industry has a lot of different options for tampons because every woman has a singular body, and so does your period. From the shape, size to the level of absorbency to the materials and extras applied to the tampons, the stores are fulfilled with several different options, and that is just great for us. However, as anything in the market, there are the big winners and the flop releases.

best feminine care tampons

We will give you tips here to choose the best tampons for your body considering the best releases in the market today and, of course, the ones who are famous among women in the whole world.

From over 40 different brands and their respective products, we selected four amazing tampons, which may be just all you need. We did the selection considering a lot of factors apart from rate and popularity among customers, like, for example, their special features as well as their different categories when it comes to the power of absorbency.

First Things First: How to find Best Tampons

Before we get to the names of our list, we must talk about some features of tampons in the market, which might be not known by many women but are important to be aware of, and this will be our first round of tips for you.

In this list, we did not include tampons who use deodorant ingredients, and there are many of them in the market, though probably they are going to become soon notorious and end up removed from the market.

The issue about deodorants in tampons is the fact we are dealing with heavy chemicals, which will be, firstly, in contact with a very delicate zone of our bodies. Secondly, these chemicals will be in direct contact with your bloodstream. The use of tampons is often related to diseases like endometriosis, for example, or toxic shock syndrome.

Not all tampons with deodorants use the same chemicals, and regardless of which one is used, they have a noticeable influence on the development of these diseases. Also, it is not yet sure what the release of such substances might cause in other parts of the body.

For last, but not least, deodorants won't purge the odors of menstruation if you do not perform rigorous hygiene of your genital zone, they are mostly, a superficial, fancy look at all. Making it look fancier than other products, as well as to give you the idea it will help you feel clean, but it doesn't work; actually, they might be harmful to you. So, actually, you need to use intimate washes instead. They were made for the skin of the vagina. They will not disrupt the balance of the pH levels in the zone, something that out of balance causes the proliferation of many harmful bacterias, like the ones that cause odors. So ditch the deodorant ones; otherwise, you will later be shopping for medicines.

Best Tampons

Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons

playtex gentle glide

Playtex is a famous brand in America and overseas, especially for their tampons and tabs products. This Playtex Gentle Glide is one of the must-have of many women because it is developed with a quite flexible design, and we don't mean only the anatomic feature but the functionality of absorbency.

The key thing about them is the three-layered system of absorbency. Though they are a tampon of Ultra absorbency, the process happens in phases. If you have light flows, it will use only the first layer. As the level of blood release increases, it will get through new layers of the tampon.

This makes the tampon fit for most women and bodies. The ones who have heavy flows and are used to remove the tampon on full shape won't be bothered, and the ones who have lite periods as well. It works as a safety measure in case your body surprises you with some strong torrent any of these days. It is also an anti-leak barrier.

The Playtex Gentle Glide is unscented because perfumes of all kinds also might irritate the vagina mucus membrane.

Tampax Pearl Plastic Unscented Tampons

tampax pearl plastic unscented

Tampax is another big name, though much more renowned than most brands. This tampon developed by the brand is probably one of the best releases of Tampax and also has a four and a half stars rate in sites like Amazon. Though this one is not a multi-layered tampon, it is developed in many different absorbency patterns, from Lite to Ultra.

One of the best features of this tampon is the LeakGuard system. The braid to pull out the tampon is made with absorbent material and works in an anti-gravity fashion, so anything that might escape from the tampon ends up caught by the braid. Pearl Plastic is the only tampon in the market with this kind of technology, so this gives you an option with plus functionality.

And like many tampons in the market, it comes with the plastic applier to make it easier to insert the tampon. However, this model has an ultimate design, as smooth and soft as possible, to do not bother or hurt you when you finish the application and removes the plastic. The tips are also rounded, so it will not make you uncomfortable while you insert the tampon.

This high rated Pearl Plastic version is the unscented one, but Tampax also has available a scented version. Judging by the fact it is not any near the top 20 of best-rated tampons, it probably is not a welcoming scent for most women.

Playtex Sport Tampons Multipack

playtex sport multipack

Once again, we have Playtex in our list with probably the most resistant and bulletproof of the tampons in the market today. This Playtex version is, as the name already suggests, a "sportive" version, and is developed for women doing sports or exercises. However, you don't have to be a sportive girl to make use of the great advantages of this tampon.

Since it is made for tasks that involve a lot of movement and action, you can have a big measure of safety using one of these any day and for any occasion.

Probably this is the best tampon for all women who want something ultra-absorbent and comfortable. This tampon has a tapered flexible design, so it won't itch, hurt or bother you in any way, perfect if you will run, jog or do any kind of aggressive move with your body. For that matter, it is also developed to stick firm and steady inside your body with flared plungers.

The absorbency of the tampon is also multi-layered, like our first Playtex suggestion. Here, though, we have two standard layers with a 360º angle of absorbency and a third layer that works like a Leak barrier.

EXTRA OPTION: Organic Sea Pearl by Jade & Pearl

organic sea pearl by jade pearl

This option is for women who want to go radical when it comes to using plastics and other synthetic materials on their bodies. The sea pearls are traditional measures to control the period flow, made of actual sponges and reusable.

If you want an option that doesn't involve chemicals and plastics, there you go. The Sea Pearls are developed by many brands, this four and a half stars version is developed by Jade & Pearl and was high rate by over 30 different customers.

Of course, as this is an organic, natural measure, you'll have to go a little bit hardcore here. You will need to use your fingers inserted inside your vaginal cavity to reach the cervix, as these sea pearls must be squeezed into little balls, as small as possible, and then released from the fingers inside your cervix.

They are reusable, so, of course, you will also have to go hardcore here when it comes to hygiene. Washable on boiled water and with certain rigorous criteria to reach all porous of the sponge, and then you can use it again for as long as the sponge is fit, still absorbent. Naturally, with time, it will lose its elasticity, and you will have to get a new one. This pack comes with two different sea pearls.

U by Kotex Security Tampons Review

While U by Kotex isn’t as well-known name as some other tampon brands we’ve mention, the trust its customers have in its products speaks a lot. U by Kotex Security Tampons can expand so that they absorb fluid no matter the direction it tries to leak. This allows it to have extra protection and super absorption at a very affordable price.

The product is OBGYN-tested and safe to use. It doesn’t come with any fragrance or chemicals, making it very safe to use. At the same time, the smooth, plastic applicator makes them straightforward to insert. You can forget about the mess that sometimes comes with inserting tampons with your fingers!

Keep in mind that these tampons are fairly large. While this allows it to collect as much liquid as possible – in fact, they can absorb up to 9 grams of liquid – it can be an issue for novice tampon users.

Also, as of recently, all of U by Kotex feminine products are FSA-eligible in the US.

Amazon Brand - Solimo Plastic Applicator Tampons Review

These cotton tampons by Solimo are great for women looking for tampons that provide long protection. While most tampons shouldn’t be used for more than 4-6 hours, these can be safely used for up to eight hours. This is great news for women who cannot go to the bathroom to change their tampons as regularly as they should.

Another great feature of these tampons is that they come individually wrapped. This way, you don’t have to hide them while carrying them to the bathroom.

The tip of the plastic applicator is soft and smooth so that you can forget about those painful insertions. Also, they have an anti-slip grip that gives you ultimate control while inserting it into your vaginal cavity.

These tampons come with three absorbency levels, so you can pick the one that fits your period flow. All the materials are safe, and the fabrics are bleached without chlorine. Not to mention, they are very affordable.

Organyc 100% Certified Organic Cotton Tampons Review

If you care about using only natural products, you should try the Organyc Complete Protection Tampons. These feminine products are made from 100% certified organic cotton, meaning they are free of any synthetic elements. This makes them safe to use and very gentle on your body.

Their natural ingredients also make them great for people with sensitive skin. If you feel itchiness or pain from using regular tampons, these shouldn’t give you any issue. Also, they are hypoallergenic and breathable. They come without any fragrances, dyes, or chemicals.

If you have strong menstrual flows and need a tampon that will collect all that liquid, you should know that these tampons are very absorbent. In fact, they can absorb as much as most mainstream brands that use synthetic materials.

The Organyc Complete Protection Tampons have a Sleek and Discrete compact applicator that is 90% plant-based. Not only will it keep your tampon hidden, but it will help you insert the tampon. However, it is not as easy to use as one would expect, so expect some issues on that part.

Being Responsible: Why you must have Best Tampons

As we mentioned in the first part of this guide, using tampons with deodorants are related to endometriosis and toxic shock syndrome, though, for the last one, this might happen even without deodorants if you do not have caring hygiene of your intimate zones.

You must replace your tampons every 24 hours or less, and do it so after a rigorous shower. You have to wash all your intimate parts very well. Even fecal coliforms might get inserted inside your cervix if the region is not well clean, and the tampon gets in contact with contaminated parts of your skin on the area.

The toxic shock syndrome happens when harmful bacterias, like the fecal coliforms, are incubated long enough inside your womb to develop a proliferation of toxins from these bacterias, resulting in serious, deadly anaphylactic shock. Deodorants help to retain the blood inside your body, but even without them, if you let a tampon for too long, it might already start a dangerous scenario.

Even if your tampons are designed to last for days, don't hesitate and change them every day. The Sea Pearls, by the way, is a 100% solution for that matter, though they are not as practical and efficient as industrial absorbents holding leakage.

It doesn't matter what your option is, you must always do it with criteria and hygiene, never letting tampons for too long inside and keeping your intimate zone always adequately clean with appropriate intimate washes. We hope that this small guide helped you find out what are the best tampons out there.

4 Tips on Tampons: To Do and Not to Do

When you are on your period and using tampons, there is a lot of safety measures you have to take to avoid extra complications related to infections and irritation of the vaginal region. Tampons are handy and convenient, but they are retaining blood is supposed to leak naturally, so you have to be prepared to deal with it in the best way possible to prevent your tampons from becoming a source of infections.

1. Choosing A Tampon

The first rule to cope with tampons providing benefits instead of complications is to know what is the best product for your body. There is a lot of ultra models in the market, and they are meant to absorb big amounts of blood leak. However, that doesn't mean you can place one of those and let it go for days inside your body.

Always use a tampon that fits well your kind of leakage. Try many different products of the same kind of absorbency that attends your body the best and perform the trial test for one day with each one of them. However, do this always on the same kind of day of your period, so each tampon tested should be performed on the same day of different periods.

Preferably, pick the heaviest flow day and see how it will absorb the leakage. If the outermost layer is lightly used, this is your guy. Do not use tampons that end up quite soaked, either one that is way too much potent for your body. When there is not enough blood to absorb, the tampon will start to suck up the natural inner moisture of your vagina, and that is as well noxious.


2. Changing the Tampon

You should change it at least twice a day, but it is always about how much you need to change. The thrice a day rule, however, is mandatory, since this breaks the cycle of reproduction of any harmful bacteria. Extra changes should be performed when you need more absorbency; otherwise, it will simply start to leak as well as the chances of residual blood retained inside you traveling further into your womb will get bigger, and so does the diseases and complications of such issue.


3. No Fun

Yeah, we are sorry to say, but the period days are not a great time to have sex even when you use tampons. That doesn't mean you are forbidden but is not recommended at all. Women who use pads instead of tampons do not have sex often for obvious bloody reasons, but women with tampons should not believe they can be a guarantee there will be no leakage during sex or the body will simply cope very well because there is no blood.

Most importantly, either your partner uses condoms or not; the whole act will be sort of a turn-off. Hands should be extremely clean when placing the condom, no way your partner can play a lot with his penis in several different parts of your body, and even if your partner is a woman, you don't need a penis to cause contamination. Hands and even mouth have bacterias that can be stressful for the vaginal region during the periods because the zone is already vulnerable, fighting other bacterias common to the region.

The problem about having sex at this time is the fact, being a penis or anything else that performs penetration, it will take different and maybe quite noxious bacterias for this moment deep inside your vaginal canal, and who knows what kind of complications you might face in the day after. Nothing might happen if your immunity is all right, but minor to major complications might erupt from an opportunistic infection if you are already stressed and irritated, for example. It is your choice.


4. Extreme Hygiene

This is a do and not to do. You must always keep the genital region very clean and breathing; on the other hand, you should not do crazy things like washing your vagina inside. Know what extreme behavior you should perform.

During periods, once again, the region is naturally vulnerable. Throwing water inside won't help because it will break the pH balance since it will wash out good and bad bacterias, but there is always a survivor left behind from both teams, and the amount of blood that will keep coming will make the team of the bad guys win the situation. Washing the inside during the period is also a two-edged sword because instead of taking off bacterias, it might bring new ones that live in the outside of the canal.

Just perform the hygiene with intimate washes and warm water before you change your tampons and always after evacuating. Do not use common soaps and wet towels to get dry. Preferably, heat your towels on proper heaters or do iron them so they can get 100% immunized before you dry yourself. And wear cotton underwear because you do not want to sweat in this region during your period since sweat is also a meal for bacteria proliferation.


You do not have to be this cautious with the washing rituals on your normal days because you might even lower your defenses washing so often, but during periods it is essential. On the other hand, it is always important to keep the region clean either you are on periods or not. On normal days, you have to at least always take a shower after evacuating; this will prevent bladder infection when you are not on your period, as well as will prevent previous stress in the region that may only become a bladder infection when you get in your period.

Last Updated: 12th Dec, 2020


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