8 Best Pasta Makers in 2021 Reviewed: Imperia vs. Marcato vs. Gourmia

8 Best Pasta Makers in 2021 Reviewed: Imperia vs. Marcato vs. Gourmia


I hope you’ll agree with me when I say: You will miss some memorable moment, without a pasta maker. Life without occasional fun of home-made fresh pasta may not be worth living.

best pasta makers

Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding that “Good” pasta maker isn’t an easy job. It’s a boring process to read every review of every brand, model, and specifications out there, thus we did it for you.

This way we have created a list of Best Pasta Makers 2021. After researching online and spending hours, we have shortlisted the top 8 pasta makers which you can buy right away.

If you want to make the spaghetti at home, you need some ingredients and a suitable pasta maker. There are hundreds of pasta makers in the market of which each one is not great. You may not afford to buy pasta making machines every year.

So you have to select an excellent, durable and reasonably priced pasta machine in the first place which may be a hard task for you.

What is a Pasta Maker?

You know something interesting and funny happened while I was writing this point. A friend of mine saw that I am writing what is a pasta maker and asked me what the whole thing is about.

I explained to him that I am preparing a website for pasta lovers. Then he said that line to me, “Start with a section called what is pasta”. I could not stop laughing, lol.

Anyway, we will still start with a section titled what is a pasta maker. Let’s start.

A pasta maker does not cook pasta for you but it prepares the pasta in the perfect possible shape and size so that you can cook it at ease.

This is a kitchen utensil and in most cases, you do not need electricity to operate a pasta maker.

It is also known as a Pasta Rolling Machine, which is used to roll pasta dough into thin sheets of pasta.

Pasta makers work with a handle in most cases and some brands with an electric motor.

You will have one handle in your one hand and the pasta dough in the hand. Simply by rotating the handle, pasta shapes will come out.

The machine may also have attachments for cutting various sizes of pasta strips into noodles or other types of pasta.

Well, obviously there are a lot into this but that is the basic idea and this is where most people get confused.

Most of the people think that the pasta maker will help them in cooking pasta. Actually they hardly do that. Pasta Makers are there to make fresh pasta for you.

Lots of electric and non-electric models are available in the market right now and we will talk about those in a while.

Why Go For a Pasta Maker?

If you are a pasta lover then you have to buy pasta from the stores or from an online portal.

They may be filled with preservatives, poor materials, and unhealthy ingredients to make sure that they last longer on the shelf.

Everyone knows that if you are making a food item in the machine, there is no way that you can confirm the quality of it.

What can you do in this situation? You can’t really do much as there were not enough options previously.

Then the pasta maker came into the role. Using pasta makers, you can simply make pasta in your own kitchen with the ingredients that are safe and healthy. Kids these days love pasta and it is never wise to cook pasta for your kids with store items.

When you are preparing pasta at your home, you can play with the ingredients and add flavors of your choice. This is not possible if you go for a ready-made pasta. Therefore, it is always wise to make pasta in your own kitchen.

Also, it would be a good idea to go to a restaurant to eat fresh pasta, but it is expensive may not be convenient for all.

So, an easy solution at or buy ready-made pasta from the stores to cook it in your kitchen. Which may not healthy and tasty.

Also, if you buy pasta from stores, there is a high chance that the pasta will be filled with lots of extra fats.

The companies use extra ingredients to increase the shelf life and making tasty pasta which makes those filled with calories and tasting salt i.e synthetic Glutamic acid as a flavor enhancer with an umami tastemaker.

Excessive consumption of food items mixed with tasting salt weakens the human nerve system.

Therefore, if you want to make sure that your pasta is low in calories, with no tasting salt and at the same time tasty and healthy, the wisest option is to go for a pasta maker and prepare your own pasta at your home.

Things to Look for While Buying a Pasta Maker

Now, this is an important section. There are possibly a hundred types of consideration that you should think about while buying a pasta maker if we are really honest about this.

At the same time, we understand that it is impossible and not convenient either to look for those many things while buying a simple pasta maker.

We kept those in mind. We are not trying to make your purchase over serious with information overload and also that is not needed actually.

I personally read reviews for buying a simple item like a pasta maker, but in some reviews, they recommend you so much, that the whole thing gets confusing.

So, we would like to discuss some major points, which you may consider while buying the best noodles maker.


This is probably the most important part of your whole journey of buying the best spaghetti maker. You need to make sure that you are buying the right pasta maker for yourself.

There can be a lot of great models but if they do not fit your requirement, desire, budget, and style, there is no point in going for those models, no matter how awesome they are in terms of features.

Therefore, go with what is the right feature for you. Do not pick just anything that you find only because people said it is awesome.

Therefore, even the best of the lot can be the worst option for you. To avoid the risks, make sure that you are putting time on priority.

Price of Pasta Maker

The cost of pasta makers can vary a significant role in choosing a pasta maker, if you can afford around $ 250 then go for a latest smart automatic model with dough making features, Conversely if your budget below $75 then you go for a manual model.

Pasta makers made by a well-known brand like Philips, Gourmia are costlier then low-cost Chinese made unknown brands. Well, a known brand’s machine can last for many years.

Big prices may also relate to types of pasta you can make or features that make it easier to use and easier to clean.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to expend some more extra dollars to buy an established brand pasta maker with great features, which will give you years of hassle-free service and also comfortable operation and easy to clean the machine.

Pasta Shape

There is one standard shape that we all know about or imagine when we think about pasta maker. There is no universal size, that you have to stick to that exact size while going for a pasta maker.

There are models available in the market that can produce pasta in different shapes. It can be like noodles, it can be circular and it also can be hairline pasta.

It is up to you that which type you like and you need to pick a pasta maker that can produce pasta of your style.

One good idea is to go with a model that can provide a lot of shapes. There are different pasta maker models (we did talk about those) that can produce different kinds of pasta within one machine with different settings.

If you are unsure about the demand of your family, or if you simply need a variety for your pasta, it will be a good idea to go for one of those have multiple shape capability.


So there are two basic types of pasta makers and it is not tough to understand how they work. One of them is the manual model and another is an electric motor driven auto type.

If you are going for the automatic model, you do not need to manually rotate the crank when you make pasta and noodles. It will happen automatically.

The benefit is that you do not need to use your own energy body to roll the pasta. If you are going to make pasta for a lot of peoples, this will help you surely.

On the other hand, the automatic ones are quicker than the manual models (obviously) and therefore, if you do not like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen then go for an automatic model.

Conversely, if you go for a manual model, you should read to expend some extra effort and time. Therefore, pick your one wisely.


Well, not many pasta makers come with a lot of accessories but it is a good idea to check whether you have an option to get some extra items or not.

While you are buying a pasta maker, make sure to check whether you are buying the machine only or you have some extra items to go for (kind of a combo).

If you can bag one or two bonus items, that will be the best idea. For example, if you can manage to get a dough maker or a dough builder while buying a pasta maker, you basically are done with the requirements (well you still need a food processor).

Do not get disheartened if you cannot find some extra accessories. Those are tough to find and you need to do a lot of research to get one. Often it is not worth spending that much time.


Best Pasta Makers in 2021

In this section, we will tell you about the 8 best electric and manual pasta makers that are available in today’s market.

We are going to avoid the models that are not available in the mass-market this year (2021) because you won’t be able to buy those.

While we prepared this list, we measured both the electric and the manual models under the same light.

Yes, we could have done differently but we did not want to as they both are significant types to the people who need them. Therefore, we tried to measure everything under one umbrella.

Another thing that you need to know before going into the summary of reviews is that there is no ranking in our top 8 best pasta maker reviews.

The first one is equally awesome like the last one. Yes, these 8 are better than the rest of all but these 8 are equally awesome compared to each other. Therefore, you can actually pick any of these that you like. Let’s start.

Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker Review

gourmia gpm500

If you are looking for something complete and if you are ready to pay a premium price for the pasta maker that you have in mind, Gourmia GPM500 Pasta Maker can be the perfect solution.

This is one of the most premium pasta makers that are available in the market.

Gourmia has been a promising brand in this market and its product has always satisfied the pasta lovers.

The Gourmia GPM500 is another example of the best features of the all in one attitude. If you go for the Gourmia GPM 500 then you do not need anything else to make pasta. The complete nature of this product makes sure that you always have that perfect pasta on your bowl every single time.

There are different modes, a dedicated dryer and so much more in this product that it will take a whole page to describe. Let’s not do that here.

You can check out the detailed review of Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker

Marcato Design 8320 Atlas 150 Pasta Machine Review

marcato design 8320

The next in our list is the Marcato Atlas Wellness, Pasta Maker. This is a handy item and the design is something that everyone will love to have in their kitchen.

This is a handy item and the design is something that everyone will love to have in their kitchen. The cool feature is that there are so many color options available of this model that you will always find a model that goes with your kitchen.

The cool feature is that there are so many color options available of this model that you will always find a model that goes with your kitchen.

Therefore, if you are someone who really thinks about the color then this is the model for you.

Color is definitely not the only thing that it comes with. There are different modes which ensure that you can easily make different types of pasta with it.

The machine is manual and super easy to use. Though it is manual, you will hardly have to input much as it swings smoothly. Overall, you will have a happy pasta experience for sure with this model.

You can check out the detailed review of Marcato Design 8320 Atlas 150 Pasta Machine

Imperia Pasta Maker Machine Review

imperia pasta maker

This Imperia Model is built by the famous Cucina Pro who is experts when it comes to kitchen items and especially the pasta maker.

Obviously, this model can easily be called the best pasta maker that you will find. This is probably the most sold pasta maker too.

Anyway, where selling numbers are an indicator that the product is good, we need to check some other metrics too.

The product comes in two different models. We will mostly cover the 150 models here but there is another one called model 190 which comes with some extra features (and a bit of extra cost).

The model that we are referring to is not bad either.

The product comes in one color (silver) but the durability and functions will keep you satisfied. The price is super reasonable.

The product comes in silver color which can be a bad thing for some people but the durability and functions will keep you satisfied.

The price is super reasonable but you do not get any additional benefits (there are some extra items but you have to buy those separately).

You can check out the detailed review of Imperia Pasta Maker Machine

Philips Kitchen Appliances Noodle HR2357/05 Retail Box Packaging Pasta Maker Plus Review

philips hr2357 pasta maker

When we think about assurance, Philips is probably one of the biggest brands in the industry that can ensure that.

With Philips Pasta Maker, you will never feel that you are at risk of having a product that will damage soon or a product that does not offer what it promises.

Big brands come with their own benefits and issues. The biggest issue is the price.

If you want the warranty and assurance that the product that you are buying will stay for a lifetime, you will have to go for that premium price.

On the other hand, if you are going for a cheap and non-brand product (not the ones that we covered in this article), there is a risk.

Now it is you who will have to take the decision and Philips pasta maker being one of the best pasta makers makes the decision tougher for you.

Fresh homemade pasta has never been easier. With powerful and automatic mixing, kneading and extruding, the Philips Pasta maker allows you to make fresh pasta or noodles within 15 to 20 minutes.

You can check out the detailed review of Philips Kitchen Appliances Noodle HR2357/05 Retail Box Packaging Pasta Maker Plus

VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker Review

vonshef pasta maker

VonShef is probably the most famous brand among all when it comes to kitchen items.

Their Pasta Maker is another product that comes at a good price with enough features to be satisfied with.

The product offers a range of pasta types that will satisfy the various needs of yours.

The product is durable. Though it does not come in a lot of colors, the adjustable nature plays a vital role.

At the same time, the thickness customizer is another feature that you will like.

VonShef Pasta Maker comes with 4 Pasta Cutting Rollers to make fresh Spaghetti, Linguine, Tagliatelle or Fettuccine. It is adjustable for different thicknesses of Pasta as well as Kneading and Rolling. It is a stylish retro design.

Not everyone likes the same thickness when it comes to pasta and you did not have a lot to do until today. The good news is that now you can make pasta of your own thickness with the help of Vonshef 3 in 1 stainless steel pasta maker.

You can check out the detailed review of VonShef 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

KitchenAid KRAV Ravioli Maker Review

kitchenaid krav

Kitchenaid is definitely the most sold pasta maker of this world. The product comes at a great price which is brilliant but the even better fact is something else.

There are five different versions of this product and each of those versions offers more than one feature.

Pasta Roller & Cutter Set Compatible with any KitchenAid Stand Mixer. The product comes at a great price which is brilliant but the even better fact is something else.

For example, the one that we are talking about here is not only a pasta maker but also a spaghetti maker at the same time. The metal mesh is brilliant and it comes with enough warranty to be satisfied about.

Overall, this is definitely a product that you will love to have if you are a pasta fan.

You can check out the detailed review of KitchenAid KRAV Ravioli Maker

Elegant Life Pasta Maker Deluxe Set Review

pasta maker deluxe

This is a product from the brand Cucina Pro. Does the name sound familiar? Well, this brand is popular but the product is not.

This is more of a general product that was launched early in 2015. The product was never able to kill the competitions with extreme quality but there are reasons why we kept this product in our top list.

The product comes at a great price and there are a lot of people who do not want anything exclusive.

Are you one of them who just needs a regular pasta maker that can also produce spaghetti, fettucini, angel hair, and many more items?

If you are then this is the product for you. The product looks nice, offers these benefits and that is about it.

This deluxe pasta maker set gives you everything you need to make your favorite pasta. The product comes at a great price and there are a lot of people who do not want anything exclusive.

As it does not have a ton of features, the durability is super high and you will love using this product.

Gourmia GPM100 Electric PastaMazing Pasta Maker Review

gourmia gpm100

Remember that we discussed Gorumia GPM 500 a few products back? Well, this is the same brand with a different product.

If you want to go for a good brand but want a less price too then this is the option that you should select.

The electric pasta maker has a very good motor which makes sure that you do not have to extract even one percent of your physical power. It is not like that the motor runs at a good speed and that’s it.

It has a lot more in it such as a smart mess-free design along with die discs. Overall, this is a great product for those who want to go for a cool brand without spending a lot of money.

If you want to go for a good brand but want a less price too then this is the option that you should select. This pasta maker high power motor capability. PastaMazing device will accurately mix, knead, and shape your dough with 5 minutes. Removable mixing bowl and built-in disc storage compartment are ideal for easy use and cleaning purposes.

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