Best Single-Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks: Kraus vs. Blanco vs. KOHLER

Best Single-Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks: Kraus vs. Blanco vs. KOHLER


There are a dozen good criteria for choosing a kitchen sink, but the important ones can be reduced to a few. They come down to material, configuration – number of basins, bowl depth and overall size, mounting method, and – perhaps the key – style. Naturally, they overlap quite a bit. Material affects the style, and style is largely a matter of personal taste. Yet, that style is also (partly) the result of the number of basins and size.

Best Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Reviews

Kraus KBU14 31-1/2 inch Undermount Single Bowl 16-gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Review

kraus kbu14

The Kraus KBU14 Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is a unique and versatile undermount sink that will be a great centerpiece for any kitchen remodeling project. The satin finish kitchen sink is constructed of premium 16 gauge stainless steel and has a full 10″ deep bowl to fit the largest pots and pans you may have. For reducing noise and prevent under-sink condensation, this sink is padded and undercoated with Stone Guard insulation over a rubber pad.


  • 16 gauge T-304 18/10 Chrome/Nickel Stainless Steel
  • Scratch-resistant commercial-grade premium satin finish
  • Padded and Stone Guard undercoated insulation over a rubber pad.
  • Limited lifetime warranty

This Kraus kitchen sink comes with the distinctive feature of being made from 16 gauge stainless steel, providing superior strength and resistance, which will last for many years. The Kraus KBU14 sink is thicker than most stainless steel sinks on the market, only 18 or 20 gauge. This heavier gauge means superior dent resistance and vibration damping, meaning improved durability and quietness.

The premium satin finish of the single large bowl looks not only great but also hides tiny scratches on the surface, should they occur. As with any kitchen sink of this quality, proper maintenance and care will keep it looking brand new for many years to come.

Beyond the superior thickness of this Kraus undermount sink is incorporating a Padded and Stone Guard undercoated insulation over a rubber pad on the underside, which greatly absorbs the noise of running water, clanging dishes, dropped silverware, and the noises from a garbage disposal. This discreet best kitchen sink from Kraus is sure to keep your kitchen quiet and enjoyable for many years.

What’s Included?

  • Includes stainless steel bottom grid with protective feet and bumpers
  • Includes stainless steel strainer
  • Includes dish towel

The included accessories make this Kraus kitchen sink an absolute steal – and the best kitchen sink in an undermount single bowl! It includes a stainless steel bottom grid with protective feet and bumpers and a stainless steel strainer and a dishtowel to help you install this sink quickly! This package is real value in one neat!


Kraus is a leading designer and manufacturer of kitchen and bath fixtures that focus on illustrious style, superior functionality, and only the highest material qualities. They offer the latest edge in technology paired with the design qualities that artistically compliment your space all the while, never compromising durability and quality. Kraus puts each kitchen sink model through several rigorous testing methods to ensure it meets or exceeds the customer’s highest level expectation. Given Kraus’s superb eye for design, durability, availability, and affordability, they have risen to a well known, respected kitchen and bath designer.

Blanco Diamond 440194 (or 511-652) Super Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

blanco diamond 440194

The Blanco Diamond 440194 (or 511-652) Super Single Bowl Kitchen Sink is a deluxe, anthracite color and granite composite kitchen sink that provides that perfect balance with both contrasting and accompanying kitchen countertops and appliances. The renowned Blanco Silgranit material of this large and deep kitchen sink offers high durability and functionality, earning it a very high satisfaction rating among current customers. This well-appointed kitchen sink can be mounted in both a top-mount or undermount position, providing clean lines and maximum installation flexibility.


  • 80% solid granite
  • Heat resistant up to 536°F
  • Unsurpassed cleanability backed by industry-leading seven patents!
  • Resistant to scratches, stains, and all household acids and alkali solutions
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Blanco Super Single Bowl Kitchen Sink is not called “Super” for nothing. The large and deep single-bowl design allows for the largest dishes, roasting pans, pot, pans, and even cookie sheets to easily fit inside this 30 ½” x 16 ½” kitchen sink.

The nice “extra deep” 9-1/2” bowl allows for a full sink of dishes and even the ability to immerse your largest pans if they need it fully.

This Blanco Super Single Bowl Kitchen Sink is made from Silgranit II, which contains 80% natural granite. Silgranit combines the textural beauty of nature with the look and feels of natural stone to provide an elegant look to any kitchen. High-quality acrylic bonds the material giving the sink an unsurpassed hardness and durability.

The sink color is a beautiful, rich Blanco Anthracite color, which is not just a surface coating, but is colored all the way through and won’t fade in direct sunlight. The dark (near black) color allows for thousands of color combinations to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

The ability to install this sink in either a top-mount (drop-in) or undermount position is unique with this sink and allows for the flexible installation and styling. The sink comes with one faucet hole, but there are instructions and the ability to knock out six other holes at various positions – again allowing for the most optimum faucet and faucet accessories installation. Blanco has certainly designed this kitchen sink with versatility and consumer adaptability in mind.

Other colored sinks on the market do not offer the same heat and scratch-resistance of a Blanco Silgranit kitchen sink. With a heat rating of up to 280 °C/536 °F, this sink is highly heat-resistance and will not burn or scorch. Silgranit will not scratch at all – steak knives, carving knives, pots, pans will not mar the surface.

Many other Blanco sinks reviews by customers liked the placement of the sink drain, which is offset. The drain location and gentle slope always allowed the sink to drain; pots or dishes in the middle of the sink will not stop this sink from draining – nice feature.

The non-porous design allows for easy cleaning with a sponge. Red wine, mustard, berries, citric acids, beet juice, coffee, and even hair dyes will not stain this Silgranit kitchen sink.

What’s Included?

  • Cutout template
  • Undermount clips for undermount installation.

Basket sink strainer needs to be purchased separately.


Many customers agreed that a high arc single faucet with a removable faucet head was the best match for this type of sink due to its depth and ability to fit large pans.

Houzer PGS-3122-1 Premiere Single Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

houzer pgs 3122 1

The Houzer PGS-3122-1 Premiere Single Bowl Kitchen Sink is a durable satin finish, single bowl stainless steel kitchen sink that is sure to add style and functionality to any modern kitchen. Its premium-grade stainless steel construction will last for many years and accentuate various kitchen decors. This large capacity single bowl sink with a full 9″ depth will easily accommodate oversize pots and pans. The unique StoneGuard undercoating and Super-Silencer pad offer excellent insulation to keep wash water hot, prevent under-sink condensation, and minimize unwanted noise.


  • Sophisticated design with lustrous satin finish and highlighted rim
  • Premium type-304 stainless steel resists corrosion and stains.
  • Heavy-duty 18-gauge construction and versatile 9-inch-deep bowl
  • 3-1/2-inch drain opening; single, centered faucet-mount hole
  • Super-Silencer pad made of natural rubber to minimize clanging
  • StoneGuard undercoating for additional noise reduction and thermal insulation
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

This premium-grade 18-gauge stainless steel sink, with an optimal mix of nickel and chrome, resists corrosion, stains, and dents, which is important for an active kitchen full of pots and pans, and various kitchen chemicals.

The hygienic properties of the stainless steel sink ensure you are always safe from harmful bacteria in food preparation.

Houzer Kitchen Sinks like the PGS-3122-1 install quickly and cleanly as a top-mount sink and matches your stainless steel kitchen appliances.

A single bowl design allows the flexibility to wash larger items and can be used in tighter locations. The extra-large capacity of this bowl and increased depth to 9″ is certainly a testament to the versatility and functionality of this sink.

A unique feature of Houzer kitchen sinks is the Super-Silencer pad, which is made of natural rubber and reduces the noise of clattering dishes and running water. For additional protection, the Super-Silencer pad is also covered with a marble powder based undercoating (StoneGuard). This undercoating also insulates to keep your dishwater hotter for a longer time, saving hot water energy costs. An added benefit of the insulation is that it reduces condensation buildup on the underside of the bowl, thereby preventing moisture damage to your cabinets.

The fact that Houzer kitchen sinks are also covered with a Lifetime Warranty, which is comforting to see since so many other sinks on the market, have a limited warranty period.

What’s Included

  • Stainless steel single bowl top mount sink
  • Strainer
  • Cutout template
  • Fasteners
  • Installation instructions


The Houzer PGS3122-1 kitchen sink is well suited for any kitchen with a minimum of 36″ of cabinet space and for those who want the benefits of a large-sized single bowl sink with a deep bowl design to clean the biggest pots and pans you have.

Best Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Reviews

KOHLER K-3361-4-NA Staccato Dual Large/Medium Self-Rimming Kitchen Sink Review

kohler k 3361 4 na

The Kohler Staccato Sink (K-3361-4-NA) is a large/medium top mount kitchen sink made from 18-gauge stainless steel offering superb stain resistance. The stylish Kohler Staccato sink with its curvy designs offers a special sound-absorption system that is sure to keep any modern kitchen quiet and functional. The large/medium bowls allow you to wash and rinse dirty dishes separately while offering sufficient room for oversize pots and pans.


  • 18-gauge Stainless Steel
  • Four-Hole Faucet Punching
  • Large/Medium Double Bowl
  • SilentShield sound-absorption system
  • Includes installation hardware
  • One-Year Limited Warranty

With the ruggedness and beauty of 18-gauge stainless steel, this Kohler Staccato sink is easy to clean and will stay looking great for years when properly cared for. You will not have to worry about cranberry stains or kitchen chemicals due to the stain-resistant properties of stainless steel.

The 33″ x 22″ size of this Kohler K 3361 sink is pretty standard, but the large/medium bowl arrangement provides lots of opportunities. The large size works great for large pots and pans, while the medium side can be used for rinsing or a garbage disposer.

The self-rimming design of this stylish sink provides for easy installation on any contemporary kitchen countertop. This design also makes replacement very easy, compared to undermount sink designs.

The proprietary SilentShield sharply decreases noise for dishes, running water, and disposals, making for a quieter and gentler kitchen. No more having to stop washing the dishes because someone is watching TV nearby.

Some customer reviews commented that installation was either tricky or difficult, but not impossible. The K 3361 clip design seemed quite challenging for some buyers, so be aware of this, or perhaps get the sink installed professionally.


Almost all owners had something positive to say about the curves and design of the sink – it made the sink seem so much more expensive and unique, and they were constantly getting praise from friends and family.

Blanco 440182 Café Brown Diamond Silgranit 50/50 Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink Review

blanco 440182

The Blanco 440182 Diamond Double Bowl Sink is a luxurious, Blanco cafe brown granite composite kitchen sink that has the touch and feel of natural stone and is sure to complement any modern kitchen décor. The Silgranit material of this sink offers high durability and temperature resistance as well as unsurpassed cleanability. The undermount design allows for a very clean looking installation.


  • 80% solid granite, SILGRANIT; material features the touch and feel of natural stone
  • Color (Blanco cafe brown) all the way through
  • Highly resistant to scratching and chipping
  • Heat resistant up to 536°F
  • Resistant to stains and all household acids and alkali solutions
  • Non-porous
  • Unsurpassed cleanability backed by industry-leading seven patents!
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The classic equal double bowl design allows more than one person to be using the sink and allows multi-tasking – each side can be used for different functions to save kitchen time, leaving your more time to enjoy your cooking with family and friends.

The nice extra deep 9-1/2″ bowls allow you to have more dishes in soapy water on one side while rinsing with clear water on the other side. The large side bowls are great for those extra-large frying pans.

This Blanco cafe brown sink is made from Silgranit II, which is crafted 80% natural granite. It features the look and feel of natural stone, which provides a truly modern and elegant look to any kitchen.

The sink color is a beautiful, rich Blanco cafe brown, which is not just a surface coating, but is colored all the way through and won’t fade in direct sunlight.

I know in my kitchen, the sink usually takes a beating with plates, knives, and frying pans, but this Blanco kitchen sink resists scratches, stains, and chips, so you don’t need to worry about its appearance over the years. There are a lot of other colored sinks on the market right now. However, they do not offer the same heat and scratch-resistance of a Blanco cafe brown sink made of Silgranit.

With a heat rating of up to 280°C/536°F, this sink is highly heat-resistance, compared to some soft composite, cheaper sinks out there which often have a dull finish, are more porous, have a much lower heat rating.

For being impervious to household acids and alkalis, this Blanco 440182 sink will stand up to a range of chemical attacks where other sinks might be permanently stained or etched.

Of course, being easy to clean is always a great feature. The non-porous surface of this sink will ensure a hygienic environment, which is extremely important when cleaning food and meat.

What’s Included?

  • Undermount clips
  • Cutout template

You need to purchase sink strainer baskets separately.


Almost all owners of this sink agreed on how easy it was to install the kitchen sink as a top-mount design, and the generous 9 1/2″ deep bowls were deep enough for their washing needs.

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