Best Mouse Traps That Work: Glue Traps vs. Snap Traps vs. Electronic

Best Mouse Traps That Work: Glue Traps vs. Snap Traps vs. Electronic


Using mouse traps would be a cost-effective solution and will work, as long as you use one of the best traps.

You may look at that small mouse and think it is harmless. You may even think it’s cute and lovable. However, it can chew on wires and destroy valuables throughout your home and they can reproduce at a rapid rate if you don’t act right away.

best mouse trap

You see, mice have sharp teeth that never stop growing. They need to continuously gnaw in order to keep their teeth from getting too long, and to keep them sharp. Many times, gnawing leads to the destructions of art, books, and important documents. They can even gnaw on wires inside of your wall, resulting in fires. Mice in the house can destroy stored food and contaminate your kitchen.

In addition, mice have a nasty habit of defecating and urinating wherever they eat, which contaminates as much as ten times as much food as they actually consume. When food has been contaminated with mice feces, it could result in bacterial food poisoning salmonellosis. Both Hantavirus and meningitis can also be transmitted through contaminated food.

If you have mice in your home, get rid of them! Trapping is effective and generally safe than using poison. In this guide, we are going to introduce you to the three common types of traps and give you a list of the top 9 best mice traps.

Types of Traps

Glue Mouse Traps

These are the simplest forms of traps, usually with no type of mechanical parts. A glue mouse trap is pretty much like the name suggests – on the trap, there’s a sticky adhesive. When the mouse walks on the board (usually plastic or cardboard), the adhesive prevents it from escaping.

There’s some controversy nesting behind these types of mouse traps because some believe they are cruel. This is because, many times, the trap doesn’t kill the mouse, unless it is left there long enough to starve. Despite not killing the mouse, sometimes, a live release isn’t possible, because it’s hard to remove the rodent from the glue without injuring it. However, canola oil, vegetable oil, or even baby oil can be used to help reduce the risk of injury.

Glue traps aren’t good to use outdoors, because environmental conditions, such as rain, will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Bait is usually used to lure the mouse into the traps, but on the same note, it’s possible to catch the mouse without using bait.

The glue is non-toxic to both humans and pets. However, your pet may get the trap stuck on them. If this happens, you can use vegetable oil to loosen the trap and work it free slowly.


  • Easy to set up
  • Doesn’t cost much
  • Can dispose of the mouse without having to touch it
  • Effective if used properly, even if you don’t use bait
  • You can easily cut the traps so that they can fit in small places
  • You don’t have to clean and re-set the trap


  • Some consider it inhumane and cruel
  • Live release sometimes not possible
  • Must be kept away from small children and pets
  • Single use only
  • Mice don’t die quickly and struggle
  • Won’t work as well in temperature extremes

Electronic Mouse Traps

The electronic mouse traps are a fairly new introduction to the world when it comes to rodent control. Due to the fact that they are easy to use and highly effective, electronic mouse traps are becoming very popular.

Electronic traps work by luring the rodent inside – once the pest is inside, a lethal electric shock is put off – this will kill the mouse in only a matter of seconds. As the mouse is being electrocuted, you may hear a buzzing sound, but only if you’re close enough. The device is designed in order to protect pets and humans from being shocked

These type of traps are available in both multi and single-use varieties, with a variety of different prices. Most of the traps run on AA batteries and have a red and green light that indicates low battery and a captured mouse.


  • Easy to set up – you don’t have to take time to mess with sensitive triggers
  • Humane kill that is quick
  • You can dispose of the mouse without having to touch it or even see it


  • More expensive than traditional traps
  • Kills mouse, so there is no chance of a live release

Snap Mouse Traps

When you think of mouse traps, these types are probably the ones that first pop up in your mind – this is a very traditional trap and even though technology has evolved over the last decade, many people still choose these traditional traps.

Snap traps are still good and are one of the few types of traps that really do work. The traditional snap trap consists of a wooden board that has a spring loaded bar that snaps when the trap has been tripped. Mind you, the board doesn’t have to be made of wood, but that is probably the type you’re familiar with. There are numerous designs that are made of polystyrene or plastic material. Unlike the cheap wooden ones, you can use these type year after year.

Snap traps are good, but it is important to keep in mind that when the mouse is caught, you must dispose of the dead body. With the disposable traps, you can pick it up and just toss it out. If you’re using the reusable snap traps, you will need to disengage the bar and drop the mouse out. Afterward, you will need to clean the trap based on the manufacturer’s directions. If no cleaning directions are provided, you can use a mild detergent (one that doesn’t have a strong scent) and clean it. We’re telling you to clean it, not only because it’s dirty, but because other mice can smell the scent of the dead mouse, which will stop them from walking into the trap.


  • Not expensive at all
  • Simple to bait and set
  • Humanely kills the mouse almost instantly
  • Effective at catching rodents


  • Can only catch on mouse at a time
  • Not pet-friendly
  • Not good to use around small children
  • Have to see and handle the dead mouse and dispose of the rodent

Those are three common types of mouse traps you can use. You should never go out and pick the first type of trap you come across, you should first take some time to do research. You can read other people’s reviews in order to learn about the different traps. In the next section of this guide, we are going to introduce you to 9 traps that you may be interested in.


Best Mice Traps

Tomcat Mouse Size Glue Traps Review

tomcat glue traps

These traps are glue traps, which are excellent to use to capture mice. They are made of Eugenol, which is used in order to enhance stickiness. You can also rest with the satisfaction of knowing that they are created from a non-toxic formula, so they are safe to use around your pets.

They can also be used to catch scorpions, cockroaches, spiders and many other small pests.

They come in a pack, ready to use as soon as you remove them.

Step 1: You first need to determine the type of mouse problem you have, along with the location of activity.

Step 2: Open package, separate the Tomcat Glue Traps.

Step 3: Place a trap where you know rodents travel.

These traps are a great alternative to using the snap traps as these are both kid and pet-friendly.

One reviewer reported a mild banana smell coming from the trap. This scent is there in order to attract mice to it. According to the manufacturer, you don’t need to place any other bait on the trap.

Intruder The Better Mousetrap Review

intruder mousetrap

With this product, simple squeeze it and the trap will be set. Squeeze again and it’ll release the trap. This is a safe trap to use because the mouse will be trapped, without causing excessive bodily damage.

Being that this is created from durable molded plastic, you can use it multiple times – this is a major benefit.

There is an initial snap that may not be enough to dispatch humanely. This trap shouldn’t be used where small children and pets can get to it due to the large bait area.

In the package, you have six total traps – this should be enough for an average home.

If you don’t like the traditional wooden snap traps, this would be a great alternative.

Reviewers described these traps as excellent. They are easy to bait, easy to reuse and easy to empty. Using these should help with any severe mouse infestation.

Victor Electronic Rat Trap Review

victor electronic rat trap

When it comes to a mouse trap, you need efficiency and the Victor Electronic Rat Trap definitely offers efficiency. With this particular mouse trap, the mice will never know what hit them. In merely three seconds, they will be out of this word, literally. One of the best aspects of this trap is the fact that the mouse does not suffer. As soon as the rodent steps on the plate that is in the “kill chamber,” it’s gone. The mouse will never escape and run off with the bait (this is common with some of the other traps). In order to grab the bait, the mouse first has to step on the kill chamber as the bait is stuck on the far wall. Rodents simply cannot get across to get the bait.

The trap is easy to use. Really, it’s foolproof. Just make sure it’s switched off, bait the trap, turn it on and put it where you see the most mouse activity. Afterwards, just wait for the trap to do its job.

On one set of batteries, this trap can kill up to 50 mice.

Is this the best mouse trap? I’m not sure, but it comes as close to perfection as you can get.

Watch this video from a real user showing how this electronic mice trap works

Mice Cube Reusable Humane Mouse Trap Review

mice cube

The Mice Cube is a completely different type of mouse trap. With this one, you can trap the mouse alive so that you can release it far away from your home, back into the wild where it belongs. Many people like this trap, because the mouse doesn’t get harmed in any way.

These aren’t really cubes – the traps are basically a long-shaped plastic box. It measures 2 inches by 2 inches by 5.75 inches. On the front of the trap, you’ll find a swinging door. This door can be opened from the outside of the trap, but once the mouse is inside, it cannot be opened from the inside, so he cannot get out.

On the free swinging door, there’s little holes so the mouse can smell the bait. For the bait, you can use a small clump of peanut butter (place it at the back of the trap).

Just look at these benefits, there’s no dangerous springs to worry about, there’s not a large expense, you can use the mice cube as many times as you like, you don’t have to waste time cleaning the traps and you can place the trap in small spaces.

Kness Snap-E Mousetraps Review

kness snap e

Kness has claimed that their mouse trap is a “better mouse trap.” They don’t go into details as to what the trap is better than, but I assume they mean it’s better than the traditional wooden mouse traps. If this is what they’re talking about, then they’re right.

The Snap-E Mouse Trap does what the traditional snap trap does, but it has been created to do it better, faster, and more efficiently.

This snap trap is made of highly durable and strong polystyrene and steel construction. To avoid fingers getting caught in it, there’s an easy and safe setting. The large trip paddle covers a large catchment area, therefore, it is more likely to catch a mouse.

The bar has less distance to travel and is more sensitive to movement than the traditional wooden traps. The design allows you to dispose of the dead mouse in a way that your fingers never have to touch it.

You can bait it easily and safely, you won’t need to replace the trap for years, you can set it easily and safely and you can dispose of the rat without touching it – that right there is a good mouse trap.

JT Eaton 410BULK Jawz Plastic Rat Trap Review

jt eaton jawz

The JT Eaton JAWZ Mouse Trap 410 might just be a viable solution if you have a problem with mice. This mouse trap has been constructed from durable plastic and when it comes to eliminating these annoying pests, it appears to be very effective.

This particular mouse trap has a unique design that catches the mouse without breaking its skin. This makes for easy cleanup and lets you be able to reuse the trap. It features a high tension spring that helps eliminate mice.

You can use either liquid or solid bait in the trap. Many people like how the trap is easy to setup – all you have to do is slide the bait through the top, press the button and you’ll hear a click sound when it’s set correctly. There’s a red display sign that indicates the trap has been set correctly. Once the rodent has been captured, press down on the same bar you used to set it and dispose of the rat.

PestZilla Electronic Rodent Trap Review

pestzilla rodent trap

If you’re looking for an easy way to kill those rodents, then the PestZilla Electronic Rodent Trap might just be a viable option for you. It is effective on mice, rats, squirrels, and other small-sized rodents.

Many people enjoy how easy the trap is to use – it is perfect for commercial kitchens, homes, warehouses, offices, etc. All you have to do is insert the batteries or plug the device in (it comes with an adapter that is 5 ft.), apply a small amount of bait and when a mouse enters the trap, it is instantly killed. When a rat has been exterminated and needs to be tossed out, the indicator light will flash.

Discarding the rodent is easy and there will be no mess. In order to discard it, all you have to do is pick up the device, slide the dead rodent out and set it back for its next catch.

If you choose to use D batteries, it can last up to 30 kills per set of batteries. It measures 11” by 4.5” by 5”.

AB Traps Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap Review

ab traps pro quality

If you really want to catch the rat so that you can release it far away from your home, then the AB Traps Pro-Quality Trap would be a viable option. The design on this product is really clever.

The trap is easy to set up and is safe to use around small children and other animals. Once the mouse has been captured, there’s a long handle that extends from the cage – you can use that to carry it so that you can avoid contact with the animal you capture.

The trap is escape proof and is a better alternative to using poison. This is a great alternative because killer traps could catch other animals such as birds, lizards, rabbits, and pets.

One reviewer recently posted on Amazon that it worked so well that he was ordering another one. One for the garage and one for the house. Most reviewers appreciated that it worked and that it was humane.

Protecta LP Rat Bait Station Review

protecta lp rat bait

This is a tamper-resistant bait station that automatically locks when it’s closed, keeping children and pets out of it. It has angled entry holes, so that it fits against a wall or in a corner, which is where mice typically travel.

These baits can easily be placed along baseboards, walls, corners, or in spaces where rats are likely to travel. Protecta Bait Station can hold three standard size bait blox vertically or horizontally. It measures 13 inches across by 3 3/8 inches tall by 9 inches deep.

This “Low Profile” station is ideal for using indoors under pallets and in other tight baiting locations. When closed, it locks automatically and uses a special 2-prong key in order to open it (one key is included).


Rodents aren’t a daily health risk, but there is always potential for mice to transmit diseases to you and your family. Rodents are excellent carriers for diseases and they have adapted for many centuries to living with you and in doing so, they and their parasites share your home. They nest in your home – even in your furniture, shed, car, etc.

If you have mice living in your home, they are dangerous, they’re not lovable little cartoon characters and I hope you take my advice in this guide and choose at least one of the traps to start eliminating this problem right away before it gets out of hand. Which is the best mouse trap for you will come down to individual preferences.

Last Updated: 12th Dec, 2020


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