Best Yogurt Maker: Euro Cuisine YM80 vs. YM100 vs. Cuisinart CYM-100

Best Yogurt Maker: Euro Cuisine YM80 vs. YM100 vs. Cuisinart CYM-100


Yogurt, as we know, is a dessert that is consumed majorly for its various advantageous actions. Nutritionists suggest eating yogurt once in a day to ensure that your immunity doesn’t weaken and you stay healthy.

best yogurt makers

However, to buy yogurt from the market every day can get pretty frustrating and expensive at the same time. To solve this issue, yogurt makers were introduced into the market which was first operated manually but then came the age of electric appliances and the electric yogurt makers were introduced.

It’s really better to invest to have your own yogurt machine at home. Your kids will surely love to have the snack they love at home. They can even have more than just a cup of yogurt, hence, more nutrients because you get to choose your own ingredients. But before you purchase a maker for your household, you must first consider the demand in your home like how much yogurt does your family or you take in a day. If you consume just about a modicum amount then simple and small yogurt maker should be enough for you. Here are detailed reviews of some top yogurt makers in the market today below.

Yogurt Maker Types

For those of us who are new to the concept of yogurt making, it is better to start with the explanation of what a yogurt maker really is and how it works. A yogurt maker, as it is obvious from the name, is a machine that runs on electricity and it has the capacity of enabling you to make yogurt at your home without any fuss of buying things from the market or having to work manually on the process of making yogurt. It is easy to use, very ergonomic and safe for usage at home. These yogurt makers have been specially designed to make the work of people who eat yogurt on a regular basis quite easier and economic as well. They come in various types and sizes and you can buy a yogurt maker depending upon the amount of yogurt that you would like to make a single serving. Apart from the capacity, there are numerous different brands that manufacture yogurt makers and to make it simpler for you, we have reviewed two of the best yogurt makers available in the market. Have a look and choose for yourself.

There are lots of types of makers in the market. We are listing important types below.

  • Yogurt Cheese Maker
  • Frozen
  • Automatic
  • Electric
  • Homemade
  • Commercial Machine

They offer the same function, and that is to make yogurt, but varies on performance and convenience in making, and also with versatility.

Top Brands

If you have decided to buy a yogurt making machine, these are the top yogurt brands that you should consider:

These are the top brands that you can use in making your yogurt at home, quick and easy. These products are affordable and will surely give you the yummiest yogurt you’ll ever have.

Best Yogurt Maker Reviews

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker Review

euro cuisine ym80

Producing yogurts with different flavors takes a lot of time and effort. A little bit tiring from preparing the ingredients and procedures, especially when you only have one container in your yogurt maker. But now, you can indulge and enjoy your favorite flavors effortlessly in preparing that healthy and yummy snack at home. The Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker consists of seven (7) 6oz of glass containers that enable you to make and produce different flavors you love.

This 6oz glass container has lids that will help you to store it and keep it fresh when your yogurt is ready. You can just put the lid on and carry the entire yogurt with you. The total process of yogurt-making takes between 6 to 10 hours. The on/off switch feature with a light indicator to easily determine whether the machine is working and the timer will also provide convenience by automatically stopping the machine when the yogurt has finished the process and is ready to be devoured.

The glass jars are certainly dishwasher and storage safe. So you can keep them safe after use. They are all BPA free so you are sure that the yogurt is safe for you. This machine is simple and easy to use. The indicators and timer featured in this product will make yogurt making convenient and easy for you. This product is warranted for three years.

Euro Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker Review

euro cuisine ym100

Yogurt is more like an everyday essential for the people who regularly eat Yogurt. It is fat-free, causes no harm and is an ideal meal replacement too. However, it won’t be very pocket friendly to shop for Yogurt from the market for everyday consumption. Therefore it is advisable to make Yogurt at home itself. All you would need is an automatic Yogurt maker and to make your selection easier, here we bring to you the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker.

This Yogurt maker is absolutely automatic and you don’t need to do anything except for placing the ingredients in the Yogurt maker for the process. This Yogurt maker provides you with absolute fuss-free and easy to use Yogurt making experience. The best part it that combines the price of all the ingredients you bought for making Yogurt at home and it is lesser than even a fraction of the price of the Yogurt you buy from the market! Yes, it indeed is so economical and easy to use. The making time is somewhere around six to eight hours and then you get a free of artificial ingredients, very healthy, homemade Yogurt to serve to your family. You don’t have to sit through the process for the Yogurt to be ready as after the cooking process ends, the machine automatically shuts down.

All you need to do is buy the ingredients to start with, like milk, a sample of yogurt or Yogurt culture of your desired flavors. Bring the milk to the boiling point and then mix it with the Yogurt culture and pour it into the jars. Tighten their kids and pack them in the Yogurt maker and switch it on. In six to ten hours, you’ll have almost forty-two oz. of yogurt made at home. When counting the advantages, one can get numerous of points as it does not really have any cons. starting with the kind of Yogurt, you have the choice to make the Yogurt according to your choice, whether thick or a bit flowing and you can use different types of milk for them. Moving on to the nutritional content, the amount of fat can be controlled by you as well. If you want a fat free Yogurt, you can use skimmed milk for processing and accordingly for the full-fat Yogurt. The machine comes with seven glass jars of approximately six ounces each in which you pour the milk mixes with ingredients for the preparation. Depending on your choice, you can add seven different flavors to the seven different glass jars in order to have a huge variety of yogurt to eat from. In a family, different people tend to like different flavors of yogurt. It is helpful with such cases too.

The Yogurt you make will be absolutely made in a healthy way without mixing any artificial creaming agents to make it thick land even the flavoring will be like natural yogurt, thus being good for your family’s health.

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling Review

cuisinart cym 100

This electronic yogurt maker from the house of Cuisinart is a product many lusts but only a few can claim of owning. The credits go to its exceptionally well service and the quality of yogurt one can make from it.

As we know, a regular Yogurt consumer can not be rushing to the market every once in a while whenever they need to have Yogurt. Neither is it very easy to do nor is it pocket friendly as the Yogurt in markets coats a good deal and we all know it. To see all such issues, there is just one method. Why not buy a Yogurt maker and put an end to buying Yogurt from the market once and for all? This might cost a bit more in the beginning but in the long run, it will a very beneficial decision and also save you from the troubles of buying Yogurt every time from the market. It’s a one-time investment that is going to last longer than you do as these Yogurt makers are very durable and they don’t easily go out of service.

The Cuisinart Yogurt Maker is an amazing appliance and a must-have for every urban home that has Yogurt lovers in it. This Yogurt maker can efficiently use soy milk to make Yogurt too and similarly with almond milk as well. The product requires absolutely Eri manual labor in the process of yogurt making. All you need to do is mix all the ingredients together and pour them into the container that comes with the Yogurt maker itself. The rest of the process is done by this multi-tasking efficient appliance. The Yogurt maker can easily make about Forty-eight oz of yogurt at a single time in its 1.5-liter container. The major plus point is that it comes with an addition to the cooling system. Since we all like our yogurts frozen, it starts off the process of cooling as soon as the cooking process is complete. The process takes about six to ten hours and the functioning is very eco friendly as well. The power consumption is little as compared to other Yogurt makers.

There is a unique LED timer in the product as well that keeps a countdown running until the time of processing is finished. The appliance is automatically enabled gets switched off itself and there’s no need for you to sit and watch it as the old Yogurt makers required. Fully automatic, this Yogurt maker has a very durable stainless steel make that makes it safe and non-breakable. It can easily be tagged as an all in one product which not only makes a tasty and healthy Yogurt but also has all the basic necessities one looks for in an ideal Yogurt maker, right from being unbreakable to being able to make a good amount of yogurt in one single processing, this does it all. Buy the Cuisinart automatic Yogurt maker and you’ll have an easy experience ahead.

Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker Review

euro cuisine gy50

This Yogurt maker is very compact, to begin with. You can carry it along with yourself to whichever area you’re in so that you don’t have to sit in the kitchen and take care of the timing until it is prepared. The making of Greek Yogurt is only a process of some hours now and with a much lesser application of manual labor, it can efficiently be practiced by people. Available in clear white color, this Greek yogurt maker has a crystal clear design to enable you to see through your own eyes the entire process of yogurt making. It comes with a BPA free strainer pack. There is no BPA content in the plastic used for preparation which ensures that your food does not get contaminated by the usage of plastic. The make of the Greek Yogurt maker is also very sleek and dishwasher friendly. It is one of those multi-functional appliances that can serve more than one purpose at the same time. With all its components being BPA free there is no issue of any harm being caused. The appliance can convert up to two quarts of plain yogurt into Greek yogurt if handled carefully. What further enhances your Yogurt making experience is that you get a much healthier and freshly made Yogurt in half the price of what you paid when you brought Greek yogurt from the market. You can now be sure that your children are consuming healthy, contamination-free Yogurt that won’t have any adverse effects on them.

Coming to the cost, this Greek yogurt maker will last more than a lifetime if used with care and kept properly. It will cost you less than the amount of money that you probably have put in buying Greek yogurt from the market to date. Additionally, it is available at almost half it’s original price on amazon and other similar sites. There is nothing to worry about it as it is one of the best Greek yogurt makers available in the market. It won’t cost you a fortune and serve you greatly through your Yogurt needs.

Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker Review

salton ym9

By purchasing the Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker you will be able to add all sorts of your favorite flavors very easily with this machine. This machine makes up to 1-Quart of yogurt for you. It provides steady, gentle heat for the yogurt to incubate; you do not need to check and adjust anything. This is a big plus for you – a busy wife, mommy, and homemaker. Once you put the ingredients and turn on the machine, this machine will take care of all the details for you and your yogurt come out wonderful without any interaction from you.

An ergonomically designed yogurt maker in its league, the Salton YM9 is the most stylish looking yogurt processing machine you will come across. From its ultra-trendy body to its easily portable weight and size, everything about this yogurt maker is attractive to the core. Divided into two parts, this yogurt maker has an outer shell and base, an inner container in which you make yogurt and the lid which can be used as a tray at the time of usage.

The outer shell has an elastic make that can be rinsed with warm water after usage. The container inside is one very helpful utensil that will prove to be thoroughly useful to you, owing to its smart and temperature proof makes. For instance, if you want to be frozen yogurt, you may go ahead and put this container in the refrigerator for freezing the dish. It won’t have any adverse effect on the container and you will be ready with frozen yogurt in just a few hours time.

The Salton yogurt maker comes with a yearlong warranty, thus, you can be sure of investing your money on the right product. It makes up to one quart of yogurt in single processing and you can store this yogurt for almost a complete week, consuming as and when you need to.

Cuisipro Donvier Electronic Yogurt Maker Review

cuisipro donvier

It is an electronic yogurt maker with a lot of popularity all over the world. This remarkable machine has the ability to produce the best yogurt that you have ever tested with reliable and temperature control facilities. With the help of this machine, you can create fresh and natural yogurt at a very low cost as compared to the ready-made yogurts available in the market, you just need to put ingredients and your delicious, low-fat snack without any preservatives is ready for you. This incredible machine has Thermometer Stirrer included which eliminates all the guesswork of making yogurt at home.

This Yogurt Maker Contains:

  • Digital LCD display with an electric timer.
  • A heater base.
  • A Thermometer stirrer.
  • 8 jars with lids.
  • A unit cover
  • Automatic shut-off.

Some people have used the same Donvier for 10 years. You can buy another set of 8 Cuisipro Donvier yogurt maker jars (polycarbonate plastic) so you can be making the next batch while using the last.

Euro Cuisine YMX650 Yogurt Maker Review

If you are never happy with the taste of available go-to yogurt brands, you should consider making your own. This way, you will be the one in charge of flavor, texture, and fat amount. Euro Cuisine YMX650 Yogurt Maker might be just the product that will enable you this. It gives you complete control over the yogurt’s texture and taste, while also helping you decide the amount of fat you’d like.

This yogurt machine has a cute and unique design that can complete any kitchen. It has brushed metallic accents while sporting a circular design. It can accommodate up to seven jars during the cooking. All you need to do is place the ingredients in the jars and wait six to eight hours for your yogurt to be complete. You can see how much time you have left thanks to the LED digital timer, and the automatic shut-off feature means you can go to work without worrying about who will turn off the machine. With it, yogurt-making is a stress-free process that is certain to give you some nice-tasting products.

Another great feature of this device is its additional compartment that keeps the jar lids. This way, the lids will stay clean and sterile during the entire cooking process, and later on, you could access them without any issue. While we’re at lids, they have a calendar setting so you can stay on track when was which yogurt made. This is an excellent addition, as most home-made yogurts can’t stay fresh for longer than ten days.

Features to Consider While Buying Yogurt Maker

The best yogurt maker that you may want to have doesn’t mean it has to be expensive in the brand and in cost. It should be affordable, reliable and easy to use. There are brands that you can choose from that will provide you great functions and to help you in picking the right product to purchase. Here are the features that you should consider before buying one for you.

  • Type: If you really want to buy such a product, you can find a lot of different types of appliances on the market but the important thing is the product you opt to have is supposed to be easy and simple to use. There are various devices that allow you to produce not only yogurts but also sour creams, buttermilk, cheeses, and more. There’s also a non-electric yogurt making machine which needs the use of hot water in the process of fermentation, and an electrical type of appliances, which has a timer that stops the process automatically when the yogurt is ready.
  • POTS/CONTAINERS: Capacity is one of the factors that you should consider when you plan on buying these makers. Because then you will know what kind of machine you will have since there are so many products out there that consist of different sizes of containers. You may choose to depend on the total amount of yogurts you usually consume per day. If you are a voracious eater of yogurt and other members of the family too then you should opt to have a large container that can hold the volume capacity of yogurt but if you only prefer a single serving per day then there are products being sold that only have a regular size tub. However, products may come in with two different configurations. It may come in a set of tubs with different sizes that you can choose and use.
  • COST: A yogurt maker shouldn’t have to be expensive. It’s the number one thing you should consider before purchasing a yogurt maker. Since there are a lot products out there from lots of brands, they also offer different price ranges. There are expensive products that offer just the same function and performance as affordable ones, so you must think of the quality first over the cost.
  • TIMER: The time needed to make the yogurt should also be considered. Different products needed different time to take in fermenting your yogurt. Since the fermenting period usually takes from 5 to 8 hours, and usually made at night and cooled in the morning for 12 hours. You have to watch over the right time since over-fermenting the yogurt will cause it to become too acidic.

It is also important to consider your needs; if you’re going to need a lot of yogurts then you should buy a bigger maker that would enable you to complete the requirements for making your yogurt.

Benefits of Yogurt Maker

Undoubtedly, you can get lots of benefits to having and using a yogurt maker at home. Yogurt is a very delicious and healthy snack, it’s very quick and easy to make. The whole family will surely benefit from all the nutrients packed in yogurt. It helps protect the stomach from bacteria which can upset the stomach.

You can also make more products such as sour cream, cheese, and buttermilk easily. Using these types of makers is easy and economical, you can produce yogurt how much you wanted and needed plus it’s environment-friendly. You are assured that the yogurt take is healthy and clean and no added preservatives because it’s made inside your home.

If you have a yogurt machine at home then you can easily combine your favorite fruits, nuts and other nutrients that are good for your health unlike ready-made yogurt from the shop.

Investing in a yogurt maker is better than buying and spending more on numbers of yogurt’s cups in the groceries. Especially to those who love yogurt but for those who don’t love yogurts this is a great start for you to love this healthy and yummy snack.

How to Make Yogurt With a Yogurt Maker?

Yogurt is probably the only food product that tastes sweet and at the same time keeps you fit as well. The other food products that are sweet make you fat and flabby but not yogurt. It has a great effect on your metabolism and your body’s immunity gets a great deal better if you are a regular yogurt consumer, as it contains good bacteria which add up to your healthy life.

Although, many of us find eating yogurt a rather expensive way to improve our immunity since it gets pretty costly if you buy it for everyday consumption from the market. There is also a chance of the yogurt not having been made from pure resources. Therefore, to keep it economical and pocket-friendly for your budget, it is advisable to get a yogurt maker for your home rather than buy yogurt for your everyday consumption from the market. A yogurt maker is easy to use appliance which runs on electricity and is easy to use for making homemade yogurt.

What You Need for Making Yogurt

  • Milk for making yogurt (any milk works- normal, soy milk, goat milk or almond milk)
  • Something to add flavor to the yogurt- you can use jam, coffee or artificial flavoring agents as well.
  • Good bacteria for culturing the yogurt.
  • To avoid any hassles, you can also use the store brought yogurt for culturing the first time you make yogurt. There would not be any need for bacteria and flavoring then.

How Does It Work?

  • On the off chance that you are making a gallon of yogurt, you require a gallon of milk as well. It is a straightforward and simple calculation. For making six quarts of milk you are going to need approximately six quarts of milk too. This entire milk will make thicker yogurt. You can also utilize half entire milk and half 1% milk on the grounds that it spares a minimal expenditure since we all go by the fact that low-fat milk is less expensive and keeps you fat-free. Despite everything you do and mix to the yogurt, it turns out really thick. Start by heating the milk in a wide-mouthed pot until it comes to 190°. You do not have to stick around as this thing will take quite a while. An entire gallon of milk can take 20-30 minutes to get all warmed up. Do not leave it absolutely ignored either or else it is going to spill all over after overheating which will be immense wreckage. Even if the temperature goes a bit higher, cool it up a little and bring it to 190°. Please note that the temperature plays a very vital role in rendering a good taste to the yogurt.
  • Once you are done heating up the milk up to the required temperature, fill a sink of water with ice cubes. This will increase the speed at the next step which is cooling and culturing.
  • Set a wide-based dish in the sink – one that will hold all your milk and buoy in the water. There are plenty of such utensils available in the market. The milk must chill off to 115°. When you do this in a sink full of ice cubes and cold water it just takes around five petty minutes. On the off chance that you do not utilize a frigid sink, it takes quite a while and you will have to wait for a long time over it.
  • Presently, having reached this step, you require a half a measure of plain yogurt. Please note that you might need to increase the amount of yogurt depending upon the quantity of milk you are using. At that point take out some of the warm milk and whisk it together in the little bowl until it gets frothy. What you are doing is blending the warm milk with the starter which would otherwise have been bacteria and culturing step. A starter is plain yogurt, just simply that. Usually, people use the ‘All Natural Plain Yogurt by DANONE’ for this purpose since it comes cheap and is natural. There are starter packs too available in the market for the people who do not intend to use yogurt for this. After your first time, you can utilize the yogurt you make as a starter. Simply remember how old the yogurt is, on the grounds that as you get to the third or the fourth day, the yogurt you make begins getting runnier and a bit sour too.
  • Having mixed the yogurt in a little amount of milk, you can pour it back into the major milk container and whisk it all together to mix it evenly.
  • Having done that, pour the mixture of milk and yogurt into the containers of the yogurt maker. Your yogurt maker does not need to be of any specific brand as such. Any brand works just fine. However, try to have a bucket that fits in your refrigerator easily.
  • Place these containers with the mixture back into the yogurt maker appliance. Again, the appliance you use does not have to be of a specific brand as long as it is working fine For buying one of the best yogurt makers in the market, you can refer to yogurt maker reviews and buy the appliance accordingly. It is, however, suggestible to buy a two-quart yogurt producer or something like it since it has a good capacity. You can go for the yogurt makers that have the capacity of as much as four quarts per processing. You could likewise get a yogurt producer that gives you an arrangement of little glass jugs, the only difficulty being washing those seven jugs every time. Set your clock for around 10 hours. Although, regular yogurt makers have found that eleven processing hours give your yogurt the taste you like. Meanwhile, do whatever you want to. Simply ensure that the yogurt containers well packed and airtight.

Although it would have been easier for you if you had an electric yogurt maker but they are pretty expensive to be affordable for one and all, therefore, go by this yogurt maker. It just requires manual labor, but you can surely do that.

How to Make Natural Yogurt by Yourself

For a healthy living and positive thinking, it is important to keep a check on what you consume. Health, as we know has two basic components- the proper functioning of our body and the consumption of good food. However, most of the food products that we consume today are impure. The vegetables and fruits are infected with pesticide and insecticide chemicals, the wheat and rice we eat has a chemical in the form of fertilizers. Processed food is the most harmful one. Even the healthy stuff that we buy from the market has some artificial products added to them to enhance their taste and texture. Take yogurt, for instance, we eat yogurt believing that it will have a good effect on our health but in reality, even yogurt has added preservatives and chemicals.

Almost ninety percent of our food products are impure. Therefore, it is advisable to make and grow your own food using nature-friendly and organic methods for it. For instance, you can always make your own yogurt if you are an ardent yogurt eater. Natural or organic yogurt has many more health benefits than other yogurt makers.

What Exactly Is Natural Yogurt?

Natural yogurt or organic yogurt is the kind of yogurt that is a hundred percent chemical-free. All it contains is naturally grown and naturally cooked food. There is no market bought culture added in it or anything that is market brought.

You Are Going To Need

  • Milk – if you want one quart of yogurt, you need to have one quart of milk for it.
  • Thermometer- Temperature is an important part of the procedure.
  • A bucket like a container for refrigerating it.
  • A big spoonful of yogurt.

Steps to Follow

  1. The most vital thing that is going to be your requirement for making yogurt is an effective technology to keep it warm. For the span of the few minutes to hours, you have to keep the milk hotter than ninety-five and colder than a hundred and eighteen and it does not happen easily. Clearly the most straightforward approach and technology to do it is to just buy a yogurt maker. There are numerous types, designs, and varieties available. Some have a collection of little mugs for the processing, others have one expansive and wide-mouthed holder. At the point when these sorts of buys are not in the financial backing, different tactics are utilized.
  2. One is to utilize the warmth from the electric boilers. Another is to fill a cooler with boiling hot water and put an artisan jug of yogurt into that cooler. On the off chance that the water cools too early basically keep changing it with boiling point water once more. Some have an intricate strategy for utilizing their slow cooker and turning it now and again on a higher heat level, as expected to keep their milk in the right temperature range. A yogurt maker is the best way to get going, though. It is a one-time investment and will probably last longer than your lifetime, be assured of that.
  3. Once you have maintained the desired temperature, make an ice bucket prepared for cooling the milk.
  4. Take a wide-based container that has a wide base and can be afloat in the water. Put it in the ice bath you prepared and let it cool. The ice bath makes it less time consuming to cool down. Otherwise, it could have easily taken several hours.
  5. Next, the large spoonful of yogurt shall be taken in a jar that you are going to use for making the yogurt and refrigerating it. Take about 1/4th cup of the cooling milk and stir it with almost half serving of yogurt. Wisk it until it is uniformly distributed. Now after you have mixed it well and evenly, add the remaining milk in the bucket too and mix it all evenly again. Once it is uniformly mixed and the froth starts showing out, it is good to go.
  6. Now, if you want a flavor to be added in this you can add whatever homemade natural flavors you have available. For example, coffee granules, jam of different fruits or even the squashed fruits themselves can be added. They would not have any effect on the processing of the naturally made yogurt. In case you want sweetness, add a few sugar granules too. Keep it as per your taste. That is the best advantage of making homemade yogurt organically.
  7. Having added all that you wanted to, it is now time to start the process. Mix up all the ingredients well again and tighten the lid of the bucket in which you are making the yogurt. Make sure to close it tightly so that it does not keep leaking after the storage. Please do ensure that the bucket is airtight as well.
  8. Wrap this bucket or jar in a thick piece of cloth, something like a towel or an AC Blanket would work wonderfully fine. Wrap it up properly without exposing any of its surfaces. Now put it in a closed space. Putting it in an oven is an ideal place. You can out under the clothes in your closet too. Having done that, leave it undisturbed for the next twenty-four hours straight. Do not shake it or move the jar. No shuffling around it should happen.
  9. After twenty-four straight hours, when you open the jar you will have a freshly prepared, naturally made, the home served yogurt. The texture might be a wee bit thinner than what you experience in the yogurt you buy from the market as this one is naturally made. But the taste remains all the same delicious.


Buying a yogurt maker will require a lot of consideration such as the efficacy, performance, requirements, cost and the size of the container that will hold the capacity of your needs. These are what you should remember about buying. You wouldn’t want to spend a lot in an expensive maker that offers and performs the same as inexpensive ones. Having a yogurt maker is a great investment because of the benefits it could provide you and your family. You wouldn’t have to spend time and money on the groceries to buy the ready-to-eat yogurts. Hope after reading this buying guide you will find the best yogurt maker for your budget.

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