Best Home Carpet Cleaner: Rug Doctor vs. Bissell vs. Hoover

Best Home Carpet Cleaner: Rug Doctor vs. Bissell vs. Hoover

Carpet cleaning is not everyone’s jam especially if there is a lack of resources. If you have a carpet at home, you will realize how difficult it is to clean them. Thanks to the technology, the problem seems to have resolved in the recent years.

best carpet cleaner

While carpet cleaners are a great help, they can be somewhat troublesome if you aren’t fortunate enough to own an efficient one. Thankfully, there are now some amazing models and designs available on online markets.

To help you with your purchase, we have ten carpet cleaner reviews lined up for you. These are some of the best units you will find on the market right now. The best part is that they are available in different price ranges so you can buy according to your convenience.

While purchasing a carpet cleaner, there are several aspects to look at. Buyers normally consider Size, durability, price, motor specs, weight storage and many other variables. We will see all these major specs in details to help you make a better decision with your purchase. We will also sneak peek into how carpet cleaners can be beneficial for you.

Best Carpet Cleaners

Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe Review

hoover fh50150

When you talk about compact cleaners with all the necessary accessories, this carpet cleaner is one to consider. You can rinse and wash your carpet with utmost comfort thanks to its light weight and compact size. It is an intelligent design to work on different fabrics. Therefore, your carpet won’t suffer from rigorous cleaning. Spill-free tanks ensure that all the dirt is stored and disposed off accordingly. One word for this machine, LIGHT.

Stained and dirty carpets are one of the most unwanted things in a house. This is why we take special care of our carpets. The reason is that carpet cleaning is not that easy especially if we don’t have the right tools for it.

To help resolve the problem, vacuum cleaners were introduced, but they were only limited to dust and dry dirt. With time, carpet cleaners were developed that could clean the toughest, deepest stains of almost any nature. Hoover FH50150 is just another amazing carpet cleaner that can offer you all the functions you look for in a good carpet cleaner.

Product Overview

Hoover FH50150 is a stylish looking carpet cleaner that comes with a wide range of accessories.  Here are some of the main features you will find in this product:

Compact Size and Light Weight

This unit stands just 2 feet tall which speaks much about its compact size. Also, it weighs around 18 pounds which make it easier to store and move around. Comparatively, it is much better than some of the bulkier models which take a whole lot effort in moving.

Smart Tank System

Smart tank system in this model allows you to fill and empty the tanks with ease. They have quite a bit of space ensuring that you don’t have to make frequent trips to the kitchen sink.

Dual Mode Operation

There are two cleaning options i.e. Wash and rinse mode. Select the wash mode first to clean your carpet perfectly and the rinse mode gives a cleaner finish to your carpet. For tougher stains, heated cleaning will do the job.

Dual V Nozzle

Dual V nozzle assures that the surface cleaning is even, and wider area is covered in one attempt. It makes your cleaning time shorter. For better cleaning results, detergent and water are automatically mixed.

Pros and Cons


  • Multiple brushes feature in this cleaner’s Exclusive Spin Scrub technology. It helps you clean equally in all directions.
  • Upholstery hoses allow you to clean stairs and tight corners with a lot more convenience.
  • It has a powerful 10 Amp motor that gives better washing and suction performance.
  • Several accessories accompany the cleaning unit which gives you more cleaning options.
  • Wash rinse options take care of your carpet fabric helping prolong its life.


  • The plastic material tends to break after a while. Hence durability can be somewhat questionable.
  • Leakage may occur after a few washes.

Who Should Buy Hoover FH50150 Deluxe Cleaner?

This cleaner addresses to most of the carpet cleaning needs and is quite efficient. First-time users will have a great experience using this cleaner. Although it works well on most carpets but some fabrics can give it a tough time so you might need a more powerful cleaner. Therefore it is most suitable for softer carpet fabric.


Hoover FH 50150 is a great solution to your carpet cleaning needs. It has all the features you could ask for, and it’s available at highly affordable prices. It is also a perfect gift item so you can present it to your friends and family too.

Hoover FH50220 Max Extract Review

hoover fh50220

Next, in the line of the best carpet cleaners, we have this compact-sized high-efficiency unit for you. It has got the amazing MaxExtract Technology that can suck up dirty water saving you from laborious cleaning. It also has the smart tank technology that makes transferring of dirt and filling up the tanks with soup and water simple. Accompanied by some amazing accessories, the Hoover Max Extract FH50220 is one home carpet cleaner you would want to have. One word for this machine, SMART.

Product Overview

Here are some of the most important details and features you should know about Hoover Max 60 Pressure Pro.

SmartTanks Technology

Hoover’s very own SmartTanks technology allows you store clean and dirty water separately in larger quantities. It saves you from frequent trips to the kitchen sink for draining. Also, it’s made of durable material, so there are very few chances of leakage and spills.

SpinScrub 60

Hoover Extract 60 has powerful counter-rotating brushes which move at different angles making it possible to clean your carpet at all angles. It also takes care of your carpet fiber helping prolong your carpet life quite a bit.

DualV Nozzle Tech

DualV technology lets the cleaner suck up all the dirty water with great efficiency and speed. Accompanied by quick drying heated cleaning technology that we will discuss next, Hoover Extract 60 makes it possible for you to get done with cleaning in no time.

Heated Cleaning

Hoover Max Extract 60 features a powerful motor that drives in hot air. This helps the cleaner dry up the cleaned area quickly ultimately reducing the cleaning time.

Edge to Edge Cleaning

This cleaner also has pressurized edge to edge cleaners that maintain equal pressure at both sides. It gives the users more uniform and consistent cleaning results.

Pros and Cons


  • It has an auto-conversion tool that allows you to select different modes such as wash, rinse, etc. with your fingertips.
  • Rotating brushes make sure that your carpet is not just cleaned but well-polished too.
  • It weighs nearly 27 pounds, so it is conveniently movable.
  • Accessories such as upholstery tools allow you to clean a variety of objects such as couches, cushions and more.


  • Release tab can snap off after a little time.
  • The tanks are durable, but the same cannot be said about the cleaner itself.

Who Should Buy Hoover Max Extract FH50220?

Since this product is quite versatile in cleaning, customers having different furniture items such as couches, sofas and of course carpets can make the most of it.  Also, if you commonly have a dirty staircase and tough corners to clean, the upholstery tools will be ideal for the cleaning job.


Hoover MaxExtract is the perfect carpet cleaning solution at the smaller and medium scale. It is easily movable; storage is not a problem, so it becomes not only a good home appliance but a great gift item too.

Bissell 86T3/86T3Q Review

bissell 86t3 86t3q

This is an interesting design which cleans both forward and backward at the same time. It will save your time as it cleans and dries at a quick speed. It’s a deep cleaner, so it loosens stains and cleans dirt that settles deep into your carpet. The extra-large brush takes care of your carpet fiber keeping it odor free as well. Design based on the latest industry standards and specifications, Bissell 86T3/86T3Q, is just the right solution to your carpet cleaning needs. One word for this machine, INNOVATIVE.

Product Overview

We will look at some of the top features you will get in this product.

Dirt Lifter Power Brushes

Bissell 86T3 features powerful dirt lifter brushes that rotate and clean out the tiniest of dirt particles from your carpet. Its deep cleaning action goes right to the base of your carpet so that you’re not bothered by the odor of any dirt remains.

Higher Cleaning Efficiency

Comparatively to many other cleaners, Bissell 86T3 is a better cleaner than other professional grade carpet cleaners. You no longer need to rent a cleaner just because it gave better results because the Big Cleaner will do the job for you.


The Big Green Cleaner offers unmatched durability as it is made of high-quality material. It has the anti-tip design that preserves your carpet from damaging while cleaning.

Heavy Duty Performance

You can find some lighter models if you are willing to compromise on cleaning quality. The Big Green Cleaner weighs around 52 pounds and stands nearly 4.5 feet tall. It is because it features professional grade motors that are guaranteed to give the best cleaning results every time.

Pros and Cons


  • It works on both forward and backward motion, so your cleaning time reduces to half.
  • To save you from frequent trips to the sink for draining, the Big cleaner has large tanks for clean and dirty water.
  • Accessories such as stain tool allow you to reach and clean tough and difficult to remove dirt from tough corners.
  • To relieve you from detergents, Bissell gives you it’s own cleaning formula that accompanies the cleaning unit.


  • Brushes can jam after a few cleaning cycles which is mainly because of the belt issues.
  • The pump can wear out quickly because of heavy duty performance.

Who Should Buy Bissell 86T3/86T3Q?

If you frequently arrange a rented carpet cleaner for high-quality cleaning, the Big Green Carpet Cleaner can be a great option for you. It’s professional grade so the performance can be guaranteed every time. All you need is a bit of more storage space to accommodate this unit better.


Bissell 86T3/86T3Q is one of the most popular appliances from Bissell. It is the heavy duty performance which makes it such a useful home appliance. It will take care your carpet fabric making it look not only clean but as good as new. Buying Big Green Carpet Cleaner from Bissell is a safe bet.

Bissell 3624 Review

bissell 3624

Bissell 3624 is a compact and great looking carpet cleaner designed especially for smaller homes. Its lightweight design allows you to carry and store. Clean the toughest stains from the toughest spots such as stairs, corners, and upholstery. Versatile tools make it easy to clean different types of fibers so you can use it on any carpet type. It is comparatively better than other rug cleaners because of its high power suction technology that will leave no stain uncleaned. One word for this machine, COMPACT.

Product Overview

Having some great features and specifications, Bissell is a portable and high-quality deep cleaner. Here is a look at some of its top features.

Deep Clean Stains

It is never easy to clean dry carpet stains especially if they sit deep. Bissell Spot Clean is designed to deal with such stains with higher efficiency. It can go right down to the base of your carpet without damaging the carpet fiber.

Large Water Tanks

To keep you from rounds to the kitchen sink for draining, this cleaning unit has large storage tanks. It ensures that you have sufficient water for cleaning as well as the dirty sucked up water is stored efficiently.

Portability and Storage

One of the main features of this cleaner is its portability. The machine is a tiny cleaner as compared to other professional cleaners as it stands just above one foot tall. It has remarkably light weight of just 16 pounds making it easy to move around. Therefore, it can be used in tough corners, stairs and even inside your car.

High Power Suction

If you were worried about stubborn stains, the powerful suction from this cleaner would free you from this problem. It has highly efficient motors that can suck up almost any type of dirt and stain.

Pros and Cons


  • Long reach cord up to 22 inches allows you to reach tiny corners with ease.
  • Accessories and tools make it easier for you to clean almost any type of surface with utmost ease.
  • Portable cleaner so you can take it with you everywhere.
  • Compact size and attractive design make it a perfect gift item as well.
  • Ensures that your house is odor free after cleaning to help maintain a pleasant environment.


  • The hose can break after a few uses.
  • Tends to leave some liquid on the ground.

Who Should Buy Bissell 3624 SpotClean Cleaner?

If you like tiny cleaners with high efficiency, this carpet cleaner is just perfect for you. You can clean a variety of surfaces, and the best part is that it can move with you wherever you like. It can take care of your house’s pets mess very well.


Bissell Spot clean has everything you desire to have in a perfect carpet cleaner. It has high-quality motors that perform better suction. Brushes that can reach almost anywhere, and its size is tiny compared to other cleaners. It’s a must buy option if you love portable cleaners.

Bissell 33N8A Spot Bot Hands-free Review

bissell 33n8a

If you’re looking for an automatic carpet cleaner that does the work for you while you just sit around and watch TV, the Bissell Spot Bot is just what you should go for. It features automatic cleaning cycles which you can pre-set and let the machine do the work. It has this amazing Spiral brush technology that gives you 400 cleaning cycles for perfect results. To take care of the environment in your home, Spot Bot’s Microban Antimicrobial Protection fights mold and odor producing bacteria. It’s an intelligent clean bot and the one to look out for. One word for this machine, TECHNOLOGY.

Product Overview

Here are the protruding features of Bissell Spotbot Hands-free Stain Cleaner.

Hands Free Operation

No longer do you need to direct the cleaner where to clean and where not to. Get rid of the toughest stain by just selecting the stain or spot mode and select a cleaning cycle. The rest is up to the cleaner, and you can get yourself busy with some other work.

Advanced Deep Reach Technology

Spotbot is equipped with OXYgen Boost Carpet stain remover that guarantees deep cleaning. IT takes care of your carpet fiber prolonging both life and good looks of your carpet. Particularly for pet stains, this cleaner is ideal because of its deep cleaning action.

Spotbot Odor Fighter

The cleaning formula especially targets unpleasant odors from pets. It’s both clean and hygienic and ensures that your guests have a good time at your house. It also features Microban technology that eliminates any chances of mold, mildew and bacteria growth.

Spiral Brushing Action

This technology gives 400 cleaning cycles. It ensures that your carpets, sofa or even your car interior are cleaned perfectly. Spiral brushes clean away all the dirt and dust from the depths of your carpet.

Pros and Cons


  • Handsfree technology keeps you from directing and redirecting your cleaner all the time. Hence it saves a lot of time and effort.
  • Smart Stain system automatically selects the amount of cleaning solution according to the stain type.
  • Cleaner hose allows you get into tough and deeper corners without much of a hassle.
  • Small size and weight of just 18 pounds let you store the cleaner easily after work.
  • Has an 8-inch cleaning radius, so it finishes the cleaning job in quick time.


  • The unit can leak from the bottom after a few uses.

Who Should Buy This Product?

Well, anyone can buy this product as it can perform all the jobs you require in a cleaner. However, ladies who have a lot of housework can make the best of this cleaner. Turn it on and continue with your work, the cleaner does the job for you. Also, if you have a lot of pets, it’s a must buy option.


If you love automatic cleaners, go for this Spotbot Handsfree cleaner because it’s simple, cute looking and affordable automatic cleaner. Clean the toughest spots and stains in rather unusual locations with utmost ease.

Hoover F5914900 Steam Vac Review

hoover f5914900

Steam Vac F5914900 is a powerful steam cleaner. Pour in some hot tap water and cleaning solution and watch it do the rest. Designed in adherence to industry standards, this carpet cleaner directly won’t cost you much on maintenance and repair because it is belt free and made from tough, solid material. The 12A motor provides powerful cleaning action, so the brushes go deeper and clean farther down. If you like heavy and powerful units, Hoover Steam Vac is definitely the one for you. One word for this machine, POWER.

Product Overview

Hoover SteamVac is a special cleaner and here are some its top features.

Intelligent Cleaning with Multiple Speed Options

To better take care of your carpet fiber, Hoover SteamVac has three different speed options. Operate at high speed or slow it down for more delicate fibers. It gives your carpet a fresher look and prolongs its life.

SpinScrub Action

The SpinScrub technology features multidirectional rotating brushes. Heated cleaning ensures that the toughest stains are removed as these brushes gently clean off the surfaces. The cleaner sucks up all the dirty water in no time thanks to its powerful 12 Ampere motor. Five different brushes enable you to clean almost any type of flooring including concrete.

Spacious Dual Tanks

Dual tanks allow you to store clean and dirty water separately. More space means you can store a greater amount of water at a time keeping you from frequent trips to the kitchen for filling and draining.

Power Hand tool

To clean your car seats and more complicated areas, the SpinScrub powered hand tool becomes a great help. Clean tough and strong stains from difficult to reach spots through this lightweight hand tool.

Pros and Cons


  • There are no belts in the design keeping you from frequent breakages and keeping you from repair and maintenance charges.
  • Get extra cleaning bursts through the Clean Surge technology.
  • Different brush types let you replace them every once in a while helping prolong the life of these brushes.
  • Accessories and long upholstery nozzle let you reach tough corners with ease.


  • Stops working if the seals are not properly aligned.
  • Power cords aren’t too long, so you have to either use an extension cable of frequently change the power sockets.
  • Suction may not start in the first attempt sometimes.

Who Should Buy Hoover F5914900 SteamVac?

If you like compact and lightweight designs, this cleaner is a great option. It weighs just 20 pounds so it is easily portable, and storage is also not an issue. Also if you have a lot of fiber surfaces such as carpet on stairs and even car covers, you will enjoy cleaning with this unit.


Hoover SteamVac is a perfect option to replace your rental carpet cleaners. Equipped with the most advanced cleaning technologies, SteamVac makes cleaning simple, efficient and time saving. Since it is such a help, you can gift it to your loved ones who have recently moved into a new house.

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Review

rug doctor mighty pro x3

This one is an attractive design with vibrant colors so it will look good in your home. However, it has more than just looks which make it a great buying option. Clean your upholstery, staircase, and floor with ease thanks to some great tools that come in the package. It has this unique Urine Eliminator Trigger spray to tackle the accidental bloopers by your pets. Hand held tools allow you to clean almost any corner and tiny space. One word for this machine, MULTI-PURPOSE.

Product Overview

Here are some of the specs and features that you should know about.

Urine Eliminator

Having pets and carpets in the same house is nothing short of chaos. Carpet cleaning becomes a lot more challenging in such cases. Rug Doctor takes care of the situation very well. It has a urine eliminator spray feature that cleans off any remains of urine while also maintaining a hygienic environment inside your house.

Hand Held Tool

Rug Doctor has a hand held cleaning tool. You can clean small spaces such as area under the tables, car seats, etc. with a lot more ease. The Upholstery tool also allows you to clean stairs and higher spots.

Pet Formula Cleaner

The pet formula cleaner accompanies the cleaning unit. It saves you from buying any other cleaning detergents. This formula is specially designed to maintain a pleasant, odor free and hygienic environment inside your house.

Wide Area Cleaning

This cleaning unit has a wide base cleaning wider areas in one go. This enables you to clean more area in one cycle. Therefore, it saves your time without and cleans efficiently, thanks to its powerful motors.

Pros and Cons


  • Spacious tanks help you store a larger amount of water in one go. It reduces your draining and filling cycles ultimately cutting down your cleaning time.
  • Powerful motors ensure that the cleaner does its job efficiently.
  • Urine eliminator keeps the unwanted odor away from your house. Therefore, it’s a healthy cleaner.
  • Deep cleaning action guarantees that the toughest stains and spots are cleaned. It maintains the fiber quality to prolong your carpet’s life.


  • It is a little too heavy unit. The weight is around 50 pounds, so it is not the best option when it comes to portability.

Who Should Buy Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3?

Although it is a great commercial grade unit but the buyers can be segmented according to what they seek. If it is just carpet cleaning, then this product is good enough, but if you also want it to clean your car seats, staircases, and smaller areas, it can be difficult to move such heavy machinery around the house.


Rug Doctor is a quality cleaner that can replace any commercial grade cleaners in your house. Its high-quality cleaning action removes tough stains and spots with ease. It has everything you look for in a carpet cleaner. The only limitation is its weight, and as long as you can compromise on that, there’s nothing that stops you from buying this carpet cleaner.

J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer Review

j 2000 jiffy garment steamer

This is the cutest design in our list of best home carpet cleaning machines. It’s simple and elegant while it can perform the toughest cleaning and steaming operations you can ever ask for. It has a plastic body which encloses a powerful solid brass heating element. It can heat through the toughest stains and spots with ease providing a fresher look to the fabric. Unlike other cleaners, it’s fairly lightweight and easy to store. Give steam time up to 1.5 hours. Since it looks nice, it’s also a perfect gift item you can give to your friends. One word for this machine, MODERN.

Garment steamers are such a helpful tool. Unlike electric irons, they do not require you to place a garment neatly on flat top to remove wrinkles; you can do it simply as your clothes hang. Garment steamers are very suitable for quick wrinkle removal and steam cleaning of clothes.

They make things easier and efficient so that your clothes look good as new all the time. Jiffy Steamer has been a popular manufacturer and today we will look into a product from them. J-2000 Garment Steamer from Jiffy Steamer that you would love to have in your house.

Product Overview

This product has some really cool features and here are some of the best ones.

Light Weight

This garment steamer is a really light weight product. It weighs just 14 pounds making it easy to move around the house. The base is just 18 inches wide which makes it easy to store as well. It also looks quite stylish with its 5.5 ft hose that rests over a stand. It adds to the elegant looks of this steamer.

Quick Heat Up

Fill the steamer with water. The water takes just two minutes to heat up. One filling gives up to an hour and a half of steam, so it’s actually quite efficient. It has a plastic steam head 6 inches long that can withstand a great amount of heat, so the product durability is not a big issue.

High Power Heating Element

For highly effective cleaning, J-2000 has a 1300 Watt brass heating element. It gives better cleaning results and works very well on tough fabrics such as curtains and carpets etc. Therefore, you can even use it as a carpet cleaner if needed. It gently cleanses the fabric helping prolong its life.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick heat up time lets you clean and steam your clothes, curtains, etc. in rapid time.
  • It consumes just 1300 Watts, so it’s quite efficient when it comes to power consumption. Other models can consume more at times.
  • Beneath the unit, you will find roll casters enabling it to move swiftly. Hence you can take the unit anywhere you want.


  • Tends to spit water which may not be suitable for some cloth types.
  • The water tank is not the best quality plastic so it may break after a while.

Who Should Use J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer?

Customers who don’t have a liking for irons can make the most of this cleaner. It is a good substitute for iron and makes it a lot easier because of no requirement to set up the clothes first. If you get too many wrinkles on your clothes, this is a great product to help you.


Jiffy J-2000 has all that you could possibly ask for in a steamer. It has seriously good efficiency, and it works on a variety of cloth. Also, it looks compact and stylish which also makes it a great gift item. It is suitable for almost all users willing to relieve themselves from a heavy workout.

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister System Review

mcculloch mc385 deluxe

For high-pressure cleaning and effective results, this cleaner is highly recommended. It can generate up to 4 bar of pressure that cleans away the toughest stains with utmost ease and efficiency. Its large storage tank keeps you from frequent trips to the sink giving you a quicker cleaning time. Having some amazing multi-functional accessories, it can completely revolutionize your carpet cleaning experience. In addition to your carpet, it can scrub and clean different materials such as metal, concrete, etc. One word for this machine, STRENGTH.

Product Overview

It’s a powerful steam cleaner having some great functions and features. Here is a quick look at some of them.

High Pressure

Pressure cleaning with steam is all about high pressure. MC1385 can reach pressure up to 4 bar which is approximately 57 PSI. Therefore, such high-pressure steam can clean the most stubborn stains and spots that require rigorous rubbing and scratching otherwise. Also, such high pressure ensures that the environment is hygienic as it cleans away most bacteria and germs.

Dirty Floor Cleaning

You can clean wood, concrete, tiles through this steam cleaner with ease. It has sealed mops that help build high-pressure steam and takes out tough greasy and dry dirt that accumulates in the between the tiles. It does it on your own, all you require is someone to hold the unit while operating.

Variable Steam

Not all surfaces need equal pressure steam. Some delicate ones can be cleaned at a lower pressure too. Therefore, this steam cleaner has a variable steam option allowing you to set the pressure as per your need. It particularly works well for more delicate surfaces such as glass and plastic.

Accessories and Attachments

Accessories such as brushes, cord wraps, and squeegee attachments accompany this cleaning unit. Therefore it makes almost any type of cleaning simple and convenient.

Pros and Cons


  • High capacity tank prevents you from making frequent filling trips. It can store up to 64 ounces of water.
  • Two hours of steam time.
  • Handle and cord wraps make it easier to move the unit around.
  • High pressure lets you clean agents such as grease and oils.


  • Can break quite quickly if not handled carefully.
  • There is no water level indicator, so you don’t know when it is about to end.
  • On/Off switch tends to jam after a while.

Who Should Buy McCulloch MC1385?

If you love barbecues but hate to do the cleaning afterward, if you have to clean your garage frequently or if it’s just that you want high-quality pressure cleaning, this product is an ideal option for you.


MC1385 from McCulloch is just the right pressure cleaning option for home use. It can generate high pressure enough to take down the toughest stains and dirt. It works on almost all types of surfaces making it a versatile cleaning option. Be it you dirty windows, wooden flooring or your barbecue grills, it will clean them all.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner Review

rug doctor deep

Last in our list is the Rug Doctor Deep carpet cleaner. It features new Super Boost Spray function that works best on highly stained and soiled spots. It has a comparatively better suction system that cleans through deep stains while keeping your carpet fiber from damaging. Dual Cross Deep brushes clean in all directions without having to move the unit. Available in attractive colors, Rug Doctor can be a great gift to your friends and family. One word for this machine, EFFICIENT.

Product Overview

Rug doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner has some great features. Here are some of them:

More Suction

Rug doctor is known to give 75% more suction as compared to other commercial cleaners around in the market. Therefore, its deep cleaning action is a lot more powerful and efficient. Thanks to its 12-inch suction nozzle, it gets down right to the base of your carpet removing all the dirt and stubborn stains with ease.

Dual Cross Action Brushes

The dual cross action brushes to ensure that the fiber of your carpet is taken care of too. It gently scrubs and washes the fibers helping prolong their life. Ultimately, it makes your carpet look a lot cleaner than before.

Maneuverable and Portable

To make it a convenient usage option, the cleaner is equipped with two transparent tanks. It may seem normal, but as you see the dirt being extracted and accumulated in the tanks, it gives you a satisfying feeling. The openings have been made larger to fill easily and remove water. Foldable handles make it easy to store the product, especially in tighter space.

Super Boost Spray Function

Depending on how tough a stain or a spot might be, you can set the cleaning level as you require. With Super Boost Spray function, you can address to different natures of stains.

Pros and Cons


  • Industrial grade cleaning lets you replace expensive rental carpet cleaners.
  • Easy mobilization allows you to clean almost every part of your house with ease.
  • Built in soap measurement lets you keep a track of the performance and efficiency of the cleaner.


  • Assembly of the product is questionable, and there are chances of breaking.
  • Water doesn’t come out immediately upon pressing the button. Soapy water tends to block water passage.

Who Should Buy Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner?

This product is for everyone looking for a portable and easy to use carpet cleaner. It can clean in smaller places and has a reasonable length cord so you won’t have to move around changing sockets all the time. All those looking for a deep cleaner can make the most of this product.


Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner is one of the reliable carpet cleaning options around. It has been trusted for years and won’t let you down this time too. High-quality features also make it a great item that you can gift to your friends and family.

Benefits of Best Home Carpet Cleaners

Having seen some of the carpet cleaner reviews that we piled up for you, it is the time we discuss a little bit about what are the key benefits you can get from the best carpet cleaning machine. We’re sure you will be switching to a carpet cleaner after reading this part.

Simple Operation

Carpet cleaners are highly advanced these days. All they require is a touch and are fairly light weight. It makes your cleaning a lot easier. All you have to do is just press some buttons and watch your carpet get cleaned right before your eyes. You can even do other house stuff at the same time.

Time Saving

With a carpet cleaner, you get done with the stains in just a few minutes. Wash, rinse and dry your carpet without having to move it an inch. With larger storage tanks and wider cleaning actions, you will be done with your cleaning in just a few minutes.

High-Quality Performance

Carpet cleaning is a real trouble if you don’t have the proper equipment. Vacuum cleaners work well, but they only clean out dust and dirt. With a carpet cleaner at service, you will no longer require stuffing your carpet in the car and take it to the dry cleaners. It gives you a lot of ease and comfort.

High Efficiency

Best home carpet cleaners have high efficiency, so they give you a great return on your investment. They will last for years. They are also quite simple to move, and it is easy to store them. Therefore, it is quite a safe bet purchasing a carpet cleaner for your home. Also, it is a perfect gift item for your close ones.

Final Conclusion

Having seen some of the best carpet cleaning machines, it is the time you make up your mind which one you should buy out of the ten we have mentioned here. There is a lot of versatility in features and specifications, so it is a lot easier for you to choose according to your requirement. As we leave you, we suggest you consider factors such as durability, motor power, cleaning technology, size and weight, availability of accessories, etc. Having a narrowed down search will help you make a better decision for your carpet cleaner purchase. It’s time you bring home this amazing machine to take care of all the mess.

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