Best Karaoke Machine for Kids and Home Use: Akai vs. Singing Machine vs. L P Kids

Best Karaoke Machine for Kids and Home Use: Akai vs. Singing Machine vs. L P Kids


You are sitting in your room, staring at your computer screen and thinking about choosing the best karaoke machine for your home but you are confused about the steps to take to choose the right one. You may know a few things about the equipment but understand what features to look for or which one is important. You may even find it difficult to think of the right budget for one talk less of choosing the one that will fit your budget.

If you have found yourself in any of this situations, you really need some help. In addition, if you are reading this, then you have found one.

In this article, I want to teach you some of the things that will help you clear your mind and go on to select the equipment that is right for your budget, fit your needs, and one that will make you happy. At the end of this article, you should have a general idea what you need to look for in a karaoke machine, where to look for it, and how to get one to your room.

What is a Karaoke Machine?

Karaoke equipment is a simple machine that brings a completely new musical experience – it can allow you to sing into the machine with the lyrics of a song while the artist’s voice is silent. A machine can help to bring friends together, unite families, help you hone your singing skills, and maybe serve as your personal assistance while pursuing your career in music.

Sometimes they are the hardware, other times they are the software. When they are software, they allow you to play a song and sing along with it using a computer system. Moreover, when you they are hardware, they make this simultaneous process possible without a computer.

Most Important Karaoke Machine Features

  • Ease of setup: The first thing to consider before buying your device is to make sure it is portable and easy to setup. Most modern machine comes with a manual that spell out the necessary steps for setting up the machine with ease. While it is true that you will hardly see anyone complaining about complicated setup, I still say the portability and ease of setup be checked before you buy. That is what has kept the complaints from coming in the first place.
  • Built-in Screen: Some have this and some don’t have. Having a built in screen makes the difference between using your equipment as a standalone device and using it with a computer or TV. Most come with 7 inches screen where lyrics are projected for your pleasure.
  • Voice and Sound Controls should be in your device: These controls will allow you to control the tone, pitch, and the echo of the music you are playing. Some machines come with AVC (Auto Voice Control), which takes a singer’s voice, to the forefront by eliminating the lead vocal on the machine. It is a good feature that can help you practice a song that you don’t yet know well.
  • TV connectivity: If you plan to have large karaoke parties, this feature is indispensable. These parties often involve a large crowd that would want to see lyrics as they since along. For this, you can’t depend on your karaoke screen, which might be too small for proper viewing. You may need to hook it to a TV screen, which is bigger for additional clarity.

Review of the 5 Best Karaoke Machines

Singing Machine SML385BTBK Karaoke System Review

singing machine sml385btbk


  • This unit can give you disco light party effects
  • It comes with 2 microphone jacks that has separate volume controls
  • You can easily swap CDs with this machine
  • It has auto-voice controls, echo and balance controls, as well as audio auxiliary input and output
  • It comes with wired microphone and a sampler disc


This unit is capable of providing high quality sound. It also has cords that you can use to connect it to a home stereo for viewing the lyrics on a bigger screen and get better sound.

It can be a great buy for your kids. As far as reviews are concerned, many users have reported that their kids love this equipment especially the light effects on it. In addition, you can adjust the lights so that a child doesn’t get distracted by the lights from the actual song.

Although it is a sturdy machine, it is very light. You can move it around the house with ease. Moreover, the sound is also adjustable and is possible for this unit to provide endless amusement for your family.


When you hook this up to a TV or computer, the lyrics may not show clearly.

Akai KS800-BT Bluetooth Front Load CD&G Karaoke System, Black Review

akai ks800 bt


  • It features a 7″ TFT screen for viewing lyrics
  • It has a built in speaker
  • It has USB playback and record
  • It is a front loader and can play CD+G
  • It comes with a demo disc and one microphone


Akai KS800-BT is made of good quality material and has the capability to work with TV so that you can see the words live and sing along. It can also bring fun and joy to the family since everyone can come together and enjoy the entertainment.

You can go on YouTube and get some music for this device. You can also load your song on a flash drive and plug it to the machine. The music on the thumb drive will be played with ease.

It can be installed with ease. In addition, and can produce exceptional sound when it is hooked to a TV.


It is a bit expensive considering the fact that majority will buy it for a child. Another complaint is that the display is low quality and response rate is too slow.

L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand Review

l p kids karaoke machine with 2 microphones and adjustable stand


  • Stand measurements: 18.5 inches – 40 inches when extended
  • Comes with an optional handle for speaker carrying
  • Includes an AUX cable for music streaming
  • Two pedals that enable dancing tunes
  • Works on 4 AA batteries (included)


  • The L P Kids Karaoke Machine has one of the best sound qualities for prerecorded music when it comes to kids' karaoke machines.
  • Removable microphones are a great touch, as your kid can have play performances all across the room.
  • As there are two microphones, it can enable a fun time during kids' birthdays or child parties. The adjustable stand also means your child won’t overgrow it in quite some time.


Despite the pre-recorded music being played in great quality, the sound input isn’t great. Your mouth has to be very near the microphone. Otherwise, the sound will be distorted.

Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 Home Karaoke System Review

memorex mks ss2


  • It comes with a stand to connect and hold all your media devices
  • You can easily download free karaoke songs to play on it
  • It has additional microphone jack
  • It brings out enhanced voice controls
  • It has an amplified speaker at the base


This is an ideal tool for family parties and entertainment. It can connect to any MP3 player and after connecting it, you can start singing along with custom songs. You can also connect it to a guitar or keyboard for additional musical options.

It has an instrument input that is compatible with most of the musical instruments like your Smartphone, MP3 players, etc.

It features an AVC (Auto Voice Controls) for amplifying your vocals for achieving the right ration between your voice and music

It can give you a full karaoke experience with the combination of microphone and stereo speaker.


One of the major issues with this unit is that it may break down after a few months of usage.

HIKEP Portable Karaoke Machine for Kids & Adults Review

hikep portable karaoke machine for kids adults


  • Comes with an FM radio
  • Built-in 4.2 Bluetooth
  • You can connect it to AUX and TF/USB input
  • HD stereo sound quality
  • Built-in high efficiency Li-ion 3200mAh rechargeable battery


  • The stereo sound quality makes the bass sound nicer than on most other similarly priced products. It has a stronger, more balanced sound.
  • The battery can last up to six hours of playtime, which is probably more than you’ll need for an entire evening.
  • You’ll get everything you need with this purchase. There is no need to buy any additional parts or products to ensure it’s working at a maximum capacity.


  • Many online reviews mentioned that a short is quite common with the microphones. Also, you can’t connect the machine to most TV devices.

Benefits of Karaoke Machines

  • It can help you make some savings: Since this machine can be used for any occasion and celebration, you can always reduce the cost that comes with these events. It is a lifetime investment.
  • Stay at home and savor the experience you could get from the bar: Instead of going to the bar, you and your friends can stay at home fire up your machine and enjoy the same experience you can get from the bar at the comfort of your home. In addition, you will save transport costs. In addition, whenever your family has an event, this equipment can add fun to it.
  • It can help you to hone your talents: Like the old adage, practice makes perfect, getting this equipment can be a worthy investment towards your career aspirations. The machine can stand with you while you are still an amateur singer and continue to stay with you as you improve and master the essential skills.

Limitations of Karaoke Machines

  • The costs involve making a karaoke system work for you: Your investment doesn’t stop with the purchase of your machine. You also have to make investment on the music to play with it. This is usually gotten from CDG (Compact Disc plus Graphics) and their price could be as much as $50. You can also download music dedicated to karaoke with each track costing $1. Getting some of this can quickly add up.
  • You have to learn many terminologies and be familiar with the accessories of a karaoke system before you can enjoy it: In addition, you may have to buy some things like amplifier, microphone, mixer, etc., if they don’t come with your purchase.
  • Kids can become addicted to it: While your kids may give you excuses that they are practicing with it to improve their singing talents, it might lead to addiction at the end of the day.


Karaoke devices can bring a different kind of entertainment to you and your family. However, you have to select the right one before you can enjoy that benefit. I hope you have learned the information you need to choose the best for your home.

Last Updated: 27th Dec, 2020


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