3 Best Air Rifles for Small Game and Hunting: Gamo vs. Crosman

3 Best Air Rifles for Small Game and Hunting: Gamo vs. Crosman


Hunting is one of the very few unique and interesting activities that have been in motion for many years now. Right from the Stone Age until this day, a lot of people still indulge in hunting. One of the common equipment used in hunting is an air rifle. If you are someone who wishes to indulge in such an activity and do not know where to start, here are a few helpful tips to get the right kind of hunting tool for yourself.

Air rifles are not new to the market, they have been in existence for many years, they have catered to a large group of hunters, and others interested in owning such a gun. These rifles have evolved over the years, starting from basic kinds to the top quality product. Some people are under the wrong impression that air rifles are limited in design and kind. This page presents detailed information on air rifles, stating its kinds, specific information about them and highlighting a few best designs currently available in the market. For a newbie, look out for this space and you will know which of the kind suits your requirements the most.

Types of Air Rifles

When you look for air rifles, you will find plenty of options in the market. However, it is wise to know all about air rifles, starting from its different types. When you understand the different types, you can differentiate them according to your preference and choosing the one kind gets easier.

There are primarily three types of Air Rifles, the CO2, Pump, Gas Ram and lastly the Spring. Below mentioned will be information on each one of them, allowing you to understand what each one does so that you can narrow down your search to the right type. It is always better to go with a type in mind, so that the process of picking the right rifle gets easier.


Let us begin with the first type, the CO2 is also known as the compressed gas rifles. One of the best things about this type of rifle is that you do not have pump the rifle after every shot. Once you release the shot, you are ready to go ahead and shoot again without having to prep the rifle. This is significantly easy to use and many opt for such a rifle over the other contemporaries especially for this particular feature.

As far as the number of shots is concerned, you can get approximately 50 shots with a 12-gram cartridge rifle. Certainly, it will vary based on what kind of rifle you opt for under this category. Another benefit of choosing this rifle is that the shooting process is very simple, it is only a matter of pulling the trigger and the shot is out. Definitely, the trigger is very smooth and easy to use, more like what you get automatic or semi-automatic options.

When you compare CO2 with the other types, this one may lack a bit on the power side. Overall, this is a good option for all those who wish to go in for a cheaper bid, where they do not have to spend a lot of money.


Spring is another type of air rifle, and the mechanics of this type differs from that of the others. In this type of rifle, you will notice that the spring works as a wonder tool allowing compressing the air in a chamber. When you look for spring rifles, you will come across different and popular designs under this category like the break barrel, side lever or the under lever. It would not be wrong to suggest that this is one of the popular options in the market.

If you opt for this type of rifle, surely you will get the benefit of power while using the spring rifle. It is relatively powerful than the other types and surely offers a very gratifying experience. Its power source and easy to use methodology is its unique selling point. All you need to do is cock the gun and you get the highest velocity shot.

Many people like to go with the spring type because of the feasibility it offers. Besides this, you will also notice young kids trying to learn the art of shooting and hunting, this type is definitely a good start for them. The only problem some of them may face is in terms of the cock pulling which can depend on the flexibility of the spring, this is where an adult supervision can make a great deal of difference.


The pump type, also known as the pneumatic air rifles works differently, there is a lever known as the pumping lever, when you press it, the air is sent into a chamber and the shot is released. You have do it manually, allowing the pump it at least 5 times before the shot out. If you are looking at shooting pellets or even bb’s, then this is a suitable option for you.

One of the things that attracts people towards this type of rifle is the fact that it is a very inexpensive option. If you are a beginner and wish to try your hands on something that is not an expensive option and would help you decide if you wish to learn shooting or not, then this is the right choice. Besides this, another advantage you can gain from this type of rifle is to help you play around with the FPS(Feet per Second). If you wish to go in for less FPS, then this rifle will let you do so. Usually if someone wishes to scare animals or injure them, then you need to shoot at slower FPS, and using this rifle, you can do so.

The only concern associated with this type of rifle could be in terms of pumping before every single shot. It could get a bit cumbersome and irritating, even tedious at times. Besides this, there is nothing wrong about this type of rifle.

Gas Ram

Last but not the least, another popular type of air rifle is the Gas Ram type, also known as Gas Piston. These are quite similar to that of the spring type where you need to cock the gun and then go for the kill. There is a basic difference between the two, in this type per se, you cock the rifle and the compressed air is filled in a tube. As and when you cock the rifle, you will be using the same compressed air all over again. It is vital to note that the compressed air stays not just for one shooting session but for many years in a row. It is amongst the popular choices as it is indeed a very smooth firearm and many rely heavily on it as compared to the other options.

Though all the types of air rifles are good in their own aspect, it is only a matter of personal choice. You can choose a type that you are most comfortable using it.


Best Air Rifles in the Market

If you need help in knowing the current best air rifles in the market, this section will give you all the details. Here are a few of the finest in the offering, ones that are mostly purchased and highly recommended by its users. Surely when you get to know about these types, you will find the right kind of air rifle suiting your needs, requirements and personality.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo is one of the renowned companies known to come with the finest range of air rifles. This silent cat rifle also comes as a very good product, definitely worth buying. It produces accuracy and precision in the shots, something which every rifle user or hunter is looking for in their rifles. The design also includes a 4×32 scope, which makes your shooting experience a lot more interesting and fun. The all over black leather stock is definitely helpful in generating a good grip and enhances the durability factor as well.


  • Comes in a great looking design
  • Leather based stock
  • Impressive velocity
  • One-year warranty
  • 177 caliber

Final Verdict

Consumers believe this rifle to be very light and extremely accurate. All those looking for small hunting sprees and pest control, they have loved their experience with it.

Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel

Crosman is one of America’s finest companies offering air rifles, guns and associated supplies. Speaking of this Benjamin Trail, it has a very neat finish, one that appeals to you the moment you lay your eyes on it. Comes with hardwood stock, which is perfect for all kinds of users, its length is about 49 inches and it weighs about 8.5lbs., which is around the common figures existing in most of the rifles.Last but not the least; the almost 4 mm optic will enhance your overall hunting experience.


  • Ideal for everyone interested in using an air rifle
  • Excellent design
  • Comes with a hardwood stock
  • Shooting can go up to 1100 FPS
  • Small hunting and pest control can be easily achieved with this rifle
  • Ideal length and weight

Final Verdict

This is indeed a five star product; almost all buyers have given it a good rating. It is a very powerful rifle and with the scope, it does wonders to your adventures. Your money will be well spent if you decide to go ahead with this product.

Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle

This rifle is also comes from the Crosman family, which clearly states that this is one of the best brands you can vouch for. This rifle can shoot up to 950 FPS, if you think this is not as good as the others, well, it is a matter of personal preference if you wish to go in for a 1000 FPS rifle or not. You will find great precision and accuracy in the shooting, if you are specifically looking for a rifle for small hunting sprees, then this is indeed the most ideal of all.


  • Great design
  • Offers an excellent grip
  • Easy to use
  • 32 mm scope for precision and accurate shooting
  • Suitable for small sized hunting sprees and pest control

Final Verdict

Consumers love every bit of this rifle, for it offers the much-needed accuracy. The reviews clearly suggest how much popularity this rifle has garnered.


Air rifles come in various forms and have different features that cater to different needs and hunting requirements. You should be aware about all the important aspects for choosing the best air rifle for your use. In case you are a starter and have never bought an air rifle, then you should be very careful in making your decision to purchase an air rifle.

Last Updated: 12th Dec, 2020


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