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Best Sliding Showers Doors Reviewed for Your Home


Sliding shower doors utilize the space optimally. These enclosures define a separate bath area and make the bathroom look neater. The sliding feature in the door adds space to the area as it neither opens inside nor outside. These doors come in various materials and sizes. The sliding shower doors are easy-to-maintain and can be installed easily. They prevent the entire bathroom area from getting wet and slippery and are therefore good from a safety point of view.

There are numerous varieties of sliding shower doors in the market. Therefore, it is difficult to make the choice of a correct sliding door. To make the selection easy, we have compiled a list of the best sliding shower doors available in the market.


Best Sliding Showers Doors

Aston Langham 56" to 60" x 75" Completely Frameless Frosted Glass Sliding Shower Door, Brushed Stainless Steel Review

aston langham

The Aston SDR978-SS-10 is a 60” frameless sliding-shower door with a four-wheeled roller system for smooth gliding. The glass of the door is ANSI certified 10 mm-clear, tempered-glass. The fittings of the doors are in steel hardware and are perfectly matched to complement the door design. The door dimensions are 58.4-60”×75”. The certified door opening is 26.5”. There are full-length clear seals included to prevent leakage problems. These doors are designed for both left and right-hand installation. There is a round support bar installed to provide toughness and durability to the door. This stainless steel colored glass weighs 255 pounds. It has one handle for maneuvering the sliding operations and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Aston stainless steel sliding door is equipped with the latest features for functionality, design, and durability. The door is designed to complement all background interiors and add value to it. It has a modern look with a flawless stainless steel finish. The stainless steel adds strength to the glass door. The roller system has 4 wheels which facilitate the process of closing and opening without any glitches or squeaking sounds. The door has been well sealed to minimize the risk of water seeping out into the other areas of the bathroom. This way the remaining bathroom area remains dry. The round top bar is given for added support and is stylishly designed for a better door finish.

The handle lever placement could either be left or right, as per the usage. This is a contemporary-style sliding door that should be installed by a professional. It has a 5-year warranty for its parts and it can be availed with the customer service. This door has been designed for maximum functionality and is mounted with the sleek and stylish fittings for a smarter look. It is easy-to-maintain and the ANSI certified glass ensures long-life for the sliding door. The glass of the door is easy-to-clean and provides hassle-free maintenance. It is a one-time buy that ensures value for money.

DreamLine Enigma 68 to 72" Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door, Clear 1/2" Glass Door, Brushed Stainless Steel Finish Review

dreamline enigma

The Dreamline-Enigma is a totally frameless sliding-shower door with “thickness. It is coated with a Dreamline-Exclusive ClearMax-anti-lime coating glass coating. The size of the model is 68 – 72 “W x 79 “ H and the walk-in dimensions are 20-24 inches, the panels are 30” and 14”. The stainless steel bar can be sized up to 4”.

The door has a large assembly wheel for smooth sliding. The handle has a left/right installation provision and there is an anti-splash threshold also provided. This sliding door fitting has to be done on even wall surfaces and the stainless steel is installed on hard surface flooring.

The Dreamline Enigma offers an effortless design of functionality, toughness, and elegance. The ClearMax coating provides protection to the glass against lime depositions. It makes the glass easy-to-clean. Correct measurements of the finished walls should be taken for installation. The installation requires professional expertise. Studs have to be fit in the walls prior to installation.

The tempered glass door is ANSI certified and is resilient and long-lasting. It is also treated with Dreamline’s Clear Glass protective glass coating. The door in spite of being heavy glides seamless without any noise. The assembly wheel is durable and of superior quality that facilitates smooth movements.

The overall dimensions of the sliding shower door are 0.5 x 72 x 79 inches and it weighs 283 pounds. The brushed stainless steel is in superior quality. The product carries a limited five-year warranty by the manufacturer. This item is an alcove style installation which is used for indoor purposes only.

This shower sliding door has a 90-day return policy. The customer service can be reached for any suggestions regarding installation, return, replacement of goods etc. The complementing shower base and back walls are available in matching designs. The customer can purchase the entire set for a coordinated look. The shower base is always slightly bigger (about 2”) to the shower doors. This should be taken into account while making the purchase.

The Dreamline Enigma has and beautiful finish that adds elegance to the bathroom. It is equipped with the best quality fittings which ensure easy maintenance and long life. The door has a perfect fit with proper seals to keep the remaining area of the bathroom dry and neat.

DreamLine Enigma-X 56-60 in. W x 76 in. H Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door in Brushed Stainless Steel, SHDR-61607610-07 Review

dreamline enigma x

The Enigma-X has a 100 mm ANSI tempered glass. It is a fully-frameless clear glass which gives a spacious look to the-shower area. The Enigma-X is coated with the Dreamline-exclusive-ClearMax anti-lime coating. The door dimensions are 56-60”by 76”. The door walk-in area dimension are 22-26 “and the panel measures 29 1/8 “. The stainless steel bar can be-adjusted to 4 “by trimming the edges. The shower door requires a minimum threshold depth of 2 ”. The anti-splash threshold prevents water from splashing outside.

This shower sliding door has large assembly wheels to ensure trouble-free gliding. The brushed stainless steel door is durable and resilient. The product comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. Professional help is required for installation. The product weighs 190 pounds and is an alcove style installation for indoor purposes. It also comes in a variation of polished stainless steel, in addition to the brushed variety discussed here.

The magnimous steel hardware and sleek glass design is the perfect blend of toughness, class and quality. The glass is 10 mm thick tempered clear glass. The glass is-treated with ClearMax coating and ClearGlass protection for durability and easy maintenance. The ClearMax coating prevents stains and lime patches on the glass. They can be easily wiped clean after every use to avoid stains and maintain the look.

The anti-splash threshold, seals, and the perfectly fit door ensure there is no water leakage to the dry areas. The door slides noiselessly in the panel. Though it is sturdy and heavy the wheels are top-quality to provide a smooth glide.

Note: The Dreamline shower door measurements given, are for completed walls. The Dreamline shower bases and shower back-walls are also available separately. They can be bought together for a complete and finished look. The shower bases should always be purchased 2”larger than the shower doors.

Dreamline continually delivers high-quality products are value prices. They supply all bathroom shower fittings. Their products are durable and come in flawless designs. The Enigma-X is an impressive sliding door which makes the bathroom look expensive and grand. A toll free installation guide is also provided by the company. The customer service is available for assistance to its customers.

DreamLine Infinity-Z 56-60 in. W x 72 in. H Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Door, Clear Glass in Brushed Nickel, SHDR-0960720-04 Review

dreamline infinity z

The Dreamline Infinity-Z comprises of a sliding-door and a-stationary Panel. The door is reversible-for right or left installation depending on the specific usage. The door is 56-60” by 76”. The walk in space is 21 3/8”-25 3/8”. The stationary panel is 27”. A towel bar is provided on the-stationary panel. There are wall profiles-and guide rails given for hassle-free installation. The wall profiles can be adjusted up to 1” per side for out-of-side plumbing. The guide-rails can be sized to 4” for adjustment of width. The 6mm tempered glass is ANSI certified.

The door comes in brushed-nickel finish and chrome finish. The fast release wheels offer smooth and noise proof sliding. The elements are corrosion-proof and do not require high maintenance. The door wheels are of superior quality that provides easy gliding in a heavy door. The measurements are for finished walls and there is a limited five-year warranty. The weight of the shower door is 122 pounds and the overall door dimensions are 0.2×60×72 inches.

The material of the sliding shower-door is in tempered glass and has aluminium elements. It is easy-to-clean and the door fits well into the frame to avoid water spillage in the dry areas. The sliding door keeps the bathroom dry and tidy.

Professional installation is recommended for the shower door. The manufacturer offers a limited warranty on the product. It can be availed from the customer service. The customer service provides assistance for all queries of the customers. All measurements-should be taken on finished walls.

Slimline bases for shower panels are available separately. The bases are always larger than the complementing shower doors. This factor should be taken into account while making any purchase.

The Infinity-Z range of shower sliding doors is made from premium-quality materials and adds sophistication and grace to the surroundings. It uplifts the value of the bathroom and makes it look spacious and neat. The fittings are smart and the product is a one-time buy that will last for many years. It is a value product at a good price. The company provides excellent customer service and responds promptly.

Kohler K-702217-L-NX Fluence 3/8-Inch Thick Glass Bypass Shower Door, Brushed Nickel Review

kohler fluence

The KOHLER K-702207 thick glass shower door with a 3/8 inches premium tempered glass. It has a continuous door panel guide mechanism for a smooth hassle-free sliding activity. The shower door has an out-of-plumb adjustability for fast and easy installation. The CleanCoat glass coating on the door protects it from water patches and allows easy cleaning. The curved-towel bars are provided on the inside and outside.

The Kohler K 702207 shower door weighs 165 pounds and has dimensions-74 x 4.9 x 40 inches. It has a bronze finish and comes in three varieties- Bright polished silver, brushed nickel, and anodized brushed bronze. The product has a 1-year limited warranty and is an alcove-style installation.

This shower door has a Eurostyle frameless design. It is equipped with a center guide system for quick and smooth installation. The glass frame is tough and resilient. The doors slide noiselessly and smoothly. The railing is in aluminum and can be trimmed for fittings.

The material of the glass is reliable and can be easily cleaned after use. The frame is fit perfectly to prevent-water from seeping into the dry areas and making it wet. The installation instructions are given clearly with the product though professional installation is advised. Customer service is available for assistance in installation, repair, damage, and the return of products.

KOHLER yet again comes up with a long-lasting quality product. The customers are extremely satisfied with their purchase in terms of ease-of-installation, seamless finish, look, hassle-free maintenance, and strength of the glass.

DreamLine Visions 56-60 in. W x 72 in. H Framed Sliding Shower Door in Brushed Nickel, SHDR-1160726-04 Review

dreamline visions

This Shower door from Dreamline Vision has two stationary panels with a center-opening walk-in door. The panels are 56-60” in width and 72” in height. The Anodized wall profiles on the sides provide up to 1” out-of-plumb adjustments. The aluminum-top and bottom guide-rails can be trimmed as much as 4 “for adjusting the size. The door has four panels – Two stationary and two sliding. The ANSI-certified tempered glass is 6mm in thickness.

The stationary panels are 12 “width. The fast release wheels and the aluminum guide rails facilitate easy door gliding and ensure there are no squeaky sounds. All the door fittings given are for complete walls. The door weighs 111 lbs and the overall dimensions are 0.2×60×72 “. The shower door has a brushed nickel finish and it is also available in chrome finish.

The installation instructions are provided with the sealed package. This door is an alcove-style installation and can be used indoors only. It comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and can be availed at the customer service.

The door is beautiful and adds élan to the bathroom interiors. The Dreamline series specializes in designing modern and sleek designs with great functionality. All these features are provided at value prices. Dreamline manufactures shower bases and shower walls complementing the door designs. These shower bases are always bigger than the matching shower doors. This should always be considered while ordering the shower door.

The shower seals are tight and the door is durable. They are tightly sealed to avoid water from splashing in the other areas of the bathroom. The Dreamline technical service is always available for help. The customer can contact them for any assistance regarding the installation, repair, and damage of goods.

DreamLine Aqua Fold 33 1/2 in. W x 72 in. H Frameless Bi-Fold Shower Door in Chrome, SHDR-3634720-01 Review

dreamline aqua fold

The DreamLine Aqua Fold shower has a self-centering pivot that allows sliding in and out of the shower cabin. This door is ideal for small bathrooms where the sliding doors cannot be accommodated. The Bi-fold entry of the door allows for a wider entry. The door folds to one side allowing greater space. The sliding door has a frameless curved glass design in European style. The dimensions of the door are 33.5” width by 72” height. The glass of the door is a 6mm ANSI certified tempered clear glass. The door fitting can be reversed for right-hand or left-hand installation as per the specific layout.

The Dreamline Aquafold glass door comes with a one-year limited warranty. The Anodized aluminum wall profile can be changed to 3/8” for an out-of- plumb adjustment. This modern-style chrome-colored glass door weighs 55 pounds. The door has fittings in aluminum and features a trackless style. The finish of the door handle is in chrome.

These shower doors are installed to maximize the utilization of small spaces. The door can be closed to avoid the rest of the area from getting wet. The glass is easy-to-clean and does not require much maintenance. The shower head should be installed opposite the glass door, in order to reduce the problem of leakage. It should be fixed at the tiled walls, floor or the shower panel on the opposite wall.

The product can be returned within 90 days of the purchase. It should be intact and unused. The shower sliding door is easy to install, has a sleek finish and has a long life. The customer service is prompt and they provide all assistance in the case of the installation, damage, repair, and the replacement of the product.

Bottom Line

Shower sliding doors provide design and functionality. They keep the bathroom dry and give a classy touch to the interiors. There are numerous designs available. The user has to weigh the pros and cons before deciding the best piece. All these shower doors are high-quality products and are fairly priced. These designs are not only great to look they are extremely durable and long-lasting. All the above listed manufacturers are reputed companies that provide top-quality world-class products to its customers.

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