Best Double Shower Heads Reviewed Ana Bath vs Waterpik

Best Double Shower Heads Reviewed: Ana Bath vs. Waterpik


Who would not relish a nice and hot soothing shower? A shower is an absolute necessity whether someone takes it in the morning for getting cleaned up or when you want to relax yourself before heading to a bed at night. In fact, showering is an uplifting experience that can only be enjoyed with a picture-perfect shower head. A lousy shower head incorporated in any bathroom will definitely make your showering mere chore instead of a pleasurable moment. If you are tired of the traditional shower where you have to adjust yourself left and right, move back and front so that you can get your entire body wet, it is right time for you to replace your ordinary shower with a high-end double shower head.

Double shower heads are also known as dual shower heads. These innovative shower heads are designed so intricately that all your nerves will feel awaken and get you ready for a thrilling day ahead. If you have been taking your morning shower for granted all these years, a pioneering double shower head-will give you an amazing and unforgettable experience. Best double-shower heads is a flawless way of customizing your showering.

These double shower heads will not only make your shower more enjoyable but they will also provide enhanced cleaning power. They have inventive features and remarkable settings to make every single minute you spend in your bathroom outstanding. Basically, these dual shower-heads are a powerful combination of two separate shower heads. They offer more surface coverage for making it easier to thoroughly clean your body and hair in the shower. The excellent design of this shower-head will keep you warm and relaxed from head to toe. Latest dual shower-heads are seamless for replacing your old shower head and the monotonous bathing experience too.

Whether you are looking for a fixed dual shower head or dual shower head with handheld shower, you will love the practicability that they provide. In a fixed shower head, two heads are mounted on a single stand either in a side by side or top of the other configurations. You can adjust each head at an angle that suits you the most. In the double-shower head with handheld shower, one of the shower heads is fixed whereas the other one is easily removable off the wall. This configuration is convenient for allowing heightened accessibility to rinse your body and hair more nicely.

We have compiled an outstanding and honest review of the best double-shower-heads for you. This round up will help you in deciding the picture-perfect shower head for your bathroom. We have taken care of all the basic features and settings in our reviews so that you can get thorough and detailed information of the product you are looking for. After reading the reviews, you will be more capable of making a wise choice for your home. There are various options in the latest double shower heads for you to pick from.


Best Double Shower Heads

Ana Bath Spot Resist Brushed Nickel Anti-Clog High Pressure 5 Inch LARGE SPRAY 5 Function BRASS CONNECTOR Dual Combo Shower with 5 Ft Stainless Steel Hose SS5450CBN Review

ana bath ss5450cbn

With this Ana Bath Handheld Shower, you will have a completely refreshing and soothing showering package that too at an affordable price. A very convenient handheld configuration featured in this shower-head is amazing for anyone who considers showering more than a daily chore. It has one fixed shower head and the other handheld shower which allows enhanced user-friendliness. The augmented adjustability of this dual shower head is very impressive for allowing the convenience of taking individual shower head to any direction you want separately. You can also use one head at a time by changing the direction of the flow to only one head.

When you are using one shower head at a time, the pressure with which shower falls also increases. It gives you a more comprehensive showering experience. If you want to enjoy a luxurious shower for relaxing your tired body, you can double the water output and use both the heads at once. This system of double shower-head comes with a stainless steel hose of 60 inches. This hose is comparatively longer than an ordinary handheld shower which you may have had at home before. The small showers are very inconvenient and troublesome when it comes to storing the whole hose.

The hose provided with this shower is extremely durable and flexible which can be coiled effortlessly and hung over the heads. This will eliminate the chance of hose getting into the way. A very high-quality ABS plastic is used in the construction of these shower-heads which keep it well-structured even after a continuous hard use. Both the heads have donned a stylish and modern design so that when you install them in your bathroom, they complement the existing hardware flawlessly. The ergonomic design is also exceptionally good in its gripping.

Waterpik TRS-523-553 PowerSpray+ Dual Shower Head with 5 Spray Settings, Chrome Review

waterpik trs 523 553

The unusual and smart engineering incorporated in the artsy design of this shower head allows the rotator to switch out of remarkable smooth chrome. You can effortlessly switch between a handheld and a fixed shower head for making the apparatus more functional. The same switch which is used for choosing the head makes it easy to use both the shower-heads at a time. So, you can impressively use both the heads at once for more efficient bath. The water-pressure is optimum and perfect for people who want to make most of their showering.

It has a 5 feet long hose for easy access to the body and hair while rinsing. However, if you install this shower at a great height for some tall family member, the hose may seem difficult to reach far away distances. You will love both the stationary shower head and the one which is movable depending on the various purposes you use them for. It has an innovative massage feature and variable spray settings for every mood. It is extremely easy to install and will not take more than few minutes. The construction of the apparatus is solid for heavy-duty use and long life.

Even when the specifications clearly mention that both the shower heads can be used together, several people found it difficult. This could be because of the lack of knowledge about the product. The same switch used for swapping the heads allows you to set the equipment for using both the heads at once. When compared to-other products available in the market, this double shower head is very reasonably priced. Its anti-clog nozzles are easy to clean and remain hygienic for long and safe use. Overall, the shower head seems picture-perfect for someone who is budget constraint.

Speakman VS-123011 Chelsea Anystream Shower Combination with Slide Bar, 2.5 GPM, Polished Chrome Review

speakman vs 123011

To enjoy a rejuvenating bath, this Speakman shower head will install at any height so that you can use it while sitting or standing, either way which suits you. This is an attractive and modern showering system which has innovatively combined 10 total jets. These jets are super versatile for full-body sprays. The unit has an excellent quality and fits effectively so that there are no leaks. The regular fixed shower head features an interesting diverter valve for enhanced accessibility. You would love the flow and ease of adjustability that is required of an outstanding shower experience.

The valve is smooth in its operation to switch between the heads for customizing your bathing. Both the shower heads are well-made and very durable in their construction. Whether it is a soft shower or a harder stream, you can adjust the spray settings according to your predilections. The classy look and modern design also add an eye-catching element in the aesthetics of your bathroom. Its extra-long hose is immaculate for any lady who prefers to sit while shampooing her long hair. The built quality is superb and the unit is extremely versatile for efficient use.

This is also a massage hand shower for more relaxed and calming shower. You can easily hang the handheld shower-head in a separately provided grab bar. The face plates incorporated into the shower head allow a 360 degrees spray. Each shower piece is immensely effective in offering a 2.5 gpm flow control. The handheld shower head is flexible enough to allow you intricate movements like when you want to angle it up and down, left and right and can also be raised and lowered accordingly. This is a nice and affordable double shower head for anyone who is eyeing to replace his old and traditional shower head for a change.

First Mate Double Shower Head System, Brushed Nickel by Zoe Manufacturing Review

zoe first mate

Not everyone is a great fan of intricacy, some of us love having simple yet elegant things around us. So, if you are among those people who keep simplicity as their top priority, this amazing double shower head by Zoe First-Mate is a nice option for you. The functionality of this shower system is completely satisfying for great showering. This is a fixed shower head that is robustly built and features a simple yet utilitarian design. The side by side configuration of double-shower heads mounted on a single pivot provides large body coverage.

The shower arm where both these heads are attached comes separately and is very easy to install. The swivel ball joints are amalgamated into the unit which makes them extremely smooth in their operation. You can adjust them to your most preferred angle for enjoying your shower. Highly impressive four different spray settings are easily offered by this apparatus. Whether you love a soft spray or a more pressurized stream on your body, the variable settings of this bathing unit are very efficient. The overall functionality of your bathroom will improve when you install this striking bath piece.

The price at which this shower unit comes is very light on your pocket and fits the needs of budget constraint consumer. However, the shower arm is not included in the package and has to be bought separately. You cannot turn the direction of the flow to any one head and have to use both of them together. But you will love the feeling of light rain on your body that this shower offers. Unlike your old shower head which used to plunge a pound of water on you, this shower-head is different and remarkable.

Ana Bath Anti-Clog Wide 5 Inch 5 Function Handheld Shower and Showerhead Combo Shower System with 5 Foot Hose w/ Brass Connector Chrome Plated Finish SS5450CCP Review

ana bath ss5450ccp

This fantastic shower head from Ana Bath is simply gorgeous in both its look and utility. It will completely renew your showering experience whilst also saving gallons of water. The saving shower technology incorporated in this bathing equipment is very effective in saving huge water bills. It is one-of the easiest ways to upgrade the overall functionality of your bathroom without much ado. It has a ground-breaking handheld shower head which allows you to have variable spray settings like massage, bubbling and saturating. The flow rate of water in both the shower heads is great and provides enhanced water pressure.

The shower head and handheld shower both are efficiently functional. An impressively long stainless steel shower hose of 60 inches is very flexible for allowing the ease of access. You can blend both the showers or switch either of them according to your requirement. The installation of the unit is also easy and can be done by any do-it-yourselfer. A good intensity water spray will give you a nice and light feeling of rain. The unit is great for money and looks attractive too. The mounting bar of the handheld showerhead is able to swivel and can be changed to a preferred angle.

The unit is flawless and works efficiently for a fairly long time. Although some consumers complained about the problem of looseness in the swivel joint, it can be easily overcome with the use of screws. When you have one fixed and one handheld shower-head, you will love the great flexibility in your bath daily. This product is highly recommended if you are replacing your regular shower with the latest double shower heads.

Bottom Line

Taking a shower would have never been so relaxing before in the absence of double shower-heads. These amazing bath systems installed in the bathroom have remarkably made showering more than a simple cleaning procedure. It has allowed more indulgence and pleasure while showering. Bearing the utility of these shower-heads in modern bathrooms, we have thoroughly reviewed some of the best double-shower-heads available in the market. These showerheads are vigilantly hand-picked for easing your burden of searching through numerous products. We hope our honest reviews will help you cherry-pick the best-dual shower head for you and your bathroom.

Last Updated: 12th Dec, 2020


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