3 Best Water Coolers for the Money Reviewed: Coleman vs. AO

3 Best Water Coolers for the Money Reviewed: Coleman vs. AO


Water coolers are one of the coolest tools in the market that helps you keep your drinks cool, which in turn will keep you cool in the scorching heat of summer. Coolers can also be termed as mini-fridges, but are obviously technologically not as advanced as the mini-fridges. They do a great job when it comes to their responsibilities of keeping the cans and the bottles cool and insulating the heat and preventing them from getting inside. In this article, we will talk about the nuances of choosing the best cooler for the money and will also take a look at the top 3 coolers that money can buy for you.

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Things to consider before buying the best cooler for the money

  • Space Requirement: The most important aspect that should be clarified is the space requirement. The measure of the machine should be picked according to the space you have. You need to analyze the space that you already have and the space that you are willing to spare for the new cooler. There are different versions of the cooler which can be classified according to the sizes. Choose the color which you deem necessary, and the machine will be a good fit, quite literary, to your room or the place where you intend to keep it.
  • Door Option: The door option is a fancy option that you can either discard or keep, depending on your preferences. The door looks a little fancy and will give the appearance like a mini-refrigerator, given the type of use that you intend to buy it for. However, your job can easily be done by the simple, yet efficient coolers which do not require the application of a door, but a simple zip. So it is up to you, what you intend to use it for and how much you plan to buy it for.
  • The material of Coolers: The material of the beverage coolers is another important issue that needs serious addressing. Stainless steel beverage coolers are always preferred to other coolers of different materials. This is because that stainless steel is completely rust-free and is extremely handy while preserving the chilliness of the drinks and the cans. Also known for its ability to insulate the heat, the stainless steel is your best bet when it will come to long trips, where you will need to store the drinks away for more extended periods of time. So, think twice before you invest in a cooler whose material is anything else other than the stainless steel.
  • Maintenance: The maintenance is the last thing that needs to be addressed in terms of effectiveness and the amount of effort that you put in it. The maintenance is also an issue that one can turn down quickly because a beverage cooler needs to maintain and circulate the temperature inside. Without proper maintenance, the cooler is as useless a hot cold-drink. Get yourself a cooler that you can easily be dismantled and then re-install, whose parts are dishwasher-proof and which is also easy when it comes to reassembling. If you are going for simple coolers with no fancy technology, ensure that maintaining them is no hectic thing as found in many of the best coolers for the money.

How to choose the Best cooler for the Money

The best cooler for the money is not a difficult choice if you know what exactly you are looking for and what purposes it will serve you. Read on to get a comprehensive guide in case you are wondering how to choose one.

  • Choosing the Design: The design is entirely dependent upon the user because it can be of varied nature. With more and more designs coming up in the market, it becomes a difficult task for any individual to choose what exactly they want. So, selecting the design has to be done by the people who will be using them. If you are inclined to buy a design which is compact but will be able to grab a few eyeballs as well, you can easily choose a fancy design. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that will be simple, yet efficient and will suit your purpose, you can choose from a range of coolers with bag-like designs that are extremely useful when it comes to cooling as well.
  • Temperature and Levels: Levels are something that is equally important as maintaining cold temperatures inside the cooler. Levels will be convenient when you will use the tool for different purposes. If you are willing to store cans and bottles differently, the levels will be your best option. Depending on your budget, you will be able to choose from a wide range of levels, which can substantially help you in choosing and differentiating the different kinds of drinks. If you are taking your kids out for a picnic along with other elderly members, you would want to store the kids’ drinks and your drinks separately so that it is beneficial for both the parties. Also, when you take coolers which have different levels for storing the drinks, you might also get the added benefit of cooling them at various temperatures, thanks to the dedicated technology used. You can deep freeze one level and moderately freeze another, depending on the type of drinks and your choice, of course.
  • Storage and Price: The storage space will be somewhat directly proportional to the cost of the cooler, and it will be completely dependent on the users’ arrangement about how big a cooler they intend to take. Also, the price will be dependent on the type of features that you wish to incorporate. If you are inclined towards buying a cooler with advanced technological features, you will need to spend more, but if you’re looking for something simple, you can easily get a perfect cooler without spending fortunes on it.

Top 3 Best Cooler for the Money

Having discussed all that you need to know about how you can be sure of choosing the best cooler for the money, it is the time that we take a deep look into 3 of the best coolers that are currently available in the market. So, think and choose wisely before you invest in one.

Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler Review

coleman steel belted

They have been on par with the open air BBQs and high-class barbecue parties. For super cold soft drinks and brew, Coleman remains one of the best producers of coolers. After quite a long time since their early coolers, Coleman presented the refreshed steel fridge. This is why the Coleman 54-Quart Cooler with Steel Belt remains outstanding amongst other merchants on the competition. It has a beautifully created design with an all-steel base with the top being secured with arranged hued plastic.

The Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler has 85-can stacking limit. Composed with robust stainless steel handle shaped-cans effortlessly and is very dependable during transportation, thanks to the secured base with a strong steel lock, rustproof pivots, with the addition of strong screws, making the Coleman Cooler very solid. You’ll never need to stress over the formation of an oxide since this current cooler’s pivots, and also, the screws have been composed of the best steel. The top-notch handles guarantee easy portability, especially when you have to carry the completely stacked cooler. It comes with a safe release passage that traps the unit and in the meantime enables you to discharge the liquid without having to move it. The Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Cooler is perfect for open-air exercises, family excursions, and outdoor trips. Taking all things together, it has 51.1 liter or 54 quarts adapt limit coming at 24.5 (L) x 16.75 (W) x 16.23 (H) inches measurements at 20 pounds and 4-ounces weight.

The Steel belted cooler is a stylish and a satisfying-to-look-at cooler. It’s perfect for gatherings and social occasions irrespective of the place where you want to celebrate. It’s not very cumbersome to use or carry the cooler, and most importantly, it won’t use up every last area of the space. You’ll never regret about picking the Coleman 54 quart cooler. Coleman Steel Coolers were initially produced in 1954, aging back its 60-years in this business. The steel belted cooler is the American outdoor’s great addition to their kit. Outdoors and picnics may not be as fun without the Coleman coolers on the storage compartment.

Moreover, this cooler is added with most recent highlights and developments to keep ice up to 3 days even in high temperatures. Its construction makes the Coleman 54 Quart cooler basically indestructible whether you sit on its cover get together or take it through tough terrain or situations in long street voyages, sailing or any sort of open-air movement, thus making it one of the best coolers for money.

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely tough frame with a rigid base that handles all the cans easily.
  • Extremely affordable, thus making the cooler extremely versatile in its approach.
  • Easily portable, making it idle for picnics, excursions and family gatherings.


  • Not suitable for a weekend trip, since ice lasts only 3 days.

AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler with High-Density Insulation Review

ao coolers canvas

One thing that all AO coolers do great is exceeded expectations in their capacity to be actually carried around. Since they are made of lightweight materials and are also very adaptable, they can be advantageously transported by pretty much anyone. They are frequently utilized for cookout trips or to prepare a lunch for the ballgame, and the bigger sizes can even be utilized for a short end of the week journey. There are a lot of individuals who do not bother with the additional long-haul cooling abilities of the massive plastic coolers available and simply require a simple cooler like this to get their things cool for a day.

Almost all AO coolers have many conveying handles, which implies that they are a breeze to transport. You can regularly look over an overhead conveying handle or the bigger shoulder lash. Also, since they are made of such lightweight composition, you don’t need to stress over, notwithstanding when they are full. Additionally, you don’t need to fear the hard plastic striking against your side or your knees while conveying, which can be a typical disturbance while bearing a cooler. The texture utilized is delicate and considerably more shin and arm-accommodating, which makes it easier to grip. AO Coolers have many styling decisions which mean that regardless of what kind of design or color you are into, they likely have an outline that fits your desires or color choice.

Many individuals also view them as incredibly smooth as they don’t have a cluster of side pockets and refrain from overdoing the designs and spilling the center look. There are even extraordinary texture surfaces so a dark carbon arrangement will appear to be unique than a dark vinyl arrangement. Huge numbers of these look very cool and would go well in a business setting as well. AO thinks outside the box and offers an entirely pleasant assortment of sizes, going from small sacks as far as possible up to coolers that can fit up to 48 jars, which is a lot for any given occasion!

This implies regardless of what your requirements are there is likely a size that will work for you. And all sizes stick to a similar general plan and approach that AO has remained by for a long span of time. Most of the capacity will originate from the essential protected stockpiling area of the coolers, which are inside and well protected from the outside warmth, thus making AO an extremely funky and a cool cooler.

Pros and Cons


  • A wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs with varieties of colors that suit your purpose.
  • Simple design and easy to port from places.
  • High-density insulation for protecting the cans from catching the heat from outside.


  • The price is not justified especially with the lack of additional technological features.

AO Coolers Water Resistant Vinyl Soft Cooler with High-Density Insulation Review

ao coolers vinyl

AO Coolers have actually been the coolest of all the coolers when it comes to design, and given the type of simple, yet effective design that AO has incorporated in it, it is astonishing to see them functioning very efficiently. Even after having a single core design with nothing fancy to invest the money, the range of shapes, sizes and designs are available in large numbers. Contrary to the previous product, this is sturdier cooler, giving the entire design a professional look to it, and giving a hard coating that can be used even in the most difficult of terrains and situations. The main addition to these AO coolers in the vinyl that is hardly a part of the coolers by AO.

Because of the simple designs and different range of colors, the idea to give this a whole new makeover is something that has been appreciated by a lot of buyers. The bonus resulted in vinyl, which is available in 3 major color variations- white, blue and black.

As already mentioned these give the coolers a professional look and is ideal for any professional gatherings or meetings where you will need the application of a cooler to store away or to chill your drinks. The 120-degree weather is a critically acclaimed addition to the coolers, which implies that this cooler is capable of storing away your drinks and keeping them cool in the most intense of heat or of course, in normal heat, or any other given temperature for that matter.

It is also guaranteed that you can store the cans and keep them chilled for up to 24 hours, without compromising with the minimal of the chilliness. The best part lies here that even being a simple design with no fancy technologies to go with it, this cooler does its job extremely efficiently even with the simplest of additions. The biggest positive about it is the type of material with which it is made and that, in no way, is compromised upon which also a reason why the price is a bit higher as compared to all the features offered. Ranging from a different can capacity from 12 to 48 cans, you will not be able to feel the difference while carrying or porting the cooler from one place to another even with the whole stack in your bag. This is solely because of the dedicated and the durable side handles that have been beautifully and tactfully incorporated to save energy and effort while carrying the maximum weight of the cans easily.

Pros and Cons


  • Removable shoulder strap and other handles for easy cleaning.
  • Simple and effective design to maximize the chilliness of the drinks inside.
  • Doubles the insulation, thanks to its design.


  • Can incorporate more features to make this cooler standout amongst its competitors.

Final Words

This is all that you need to before you invest in getting yourself a cooler. Having discussed all the nuances of it, choose wisely based on the things that you deem necessary for yourself.

Last Updated: 12th Dec, 2020


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