Best Water Ionizers in 2021: Aqua vs. Jupiter vs. Alkaviva

Best Water Ionizers in 2021: Aqua vs. Jupiter vs. Alkaviva


What is the Best Water Ionizer? It is a question I hear all the time, but a better question is, “What are the topwater ionizers?”

There are many different water ionizers, each with their good and bad parts. Yet there are a few that stand above the rest because of their value, features, and customer satisfaction.

All of these water ionizers have a large company that supper them, a must for any Best water ionizer.

You can’t go wrong with any of these best water ionizers, but the main difference between them is the price range.

If you are are looking for the best value or you are new to water ionizers, take a look at the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 from Air Water Life ®.

The incredible price, along with the high 11pH and super low -840 ORP anti-oxidant rich (water clusters), makes this ionizer an amazing buy for under $2,800, let alone the $895 sale price. It even has an optional under-counter kit for $75 and a lifetime warranty.

If you have a bigger budget round $3,000 and want an elegant looking ionizer to take a look at the Tyent Rettin Under Counter Extreme 9000T ® for $2,800, it made our list as the best water ionizer.

Yes, this is a big jump in price almost three times our best buy ionizer, but if you have the budget for it, you can’t go wrong.

Finally, we have the ionizer that started it all, the Kangen SD 501 ® water ionizer for $3,800. Yes, this is a high price to pay, and yes, many people do not agree with their marketing strategies, but the ionizer itself is a great unit.

It has household name recognition, quality and uses chemicals to get down to that low 2.5 pH if that is important to you. (Most people do not need the 2.5 pH I will show you why later)

Let’s dive right in and find out why these are the best water ionizer I feel in the market today.

Best Water Ionizer Reviews

Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 - Water Ionizer - Alkaline Water Filtration System Review

aqua ionizer deluxe 7 0

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 is “OUR BEST BUY”. This Water Ionizer is produced by Air Water Life ®, which is the specialty water ionizer division of Real Spirit USA, Inc., which also produces the Advanced Pure Airline of top quality air purification products.

If you only purchase one water ionizer in your life – this is the one.

  • VERY Affordable – Here, the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0™ shines when compared with other water ionizers. You can enjoy a lifetime warranty on a seven plate water ionizer that gets 4.5/5 star reviews on Amazon for less than a thousand bucks. That means it’s extremely affordable to drink pure, alkaline, anti-oxidant rich water whenever you like.
  • Multiple Certifications – The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0™ has earned product assurance certifications such as the RoHS 100% Lead-Free cert., and the Electronic Testing Lab certification (ETL).
  • Great Customer Support – After purchasing one of these water ionizers, I had a question about installation and called their toll-free number. The staff stayed on the line with me until all my questions were answered even if they were dumb questions!

Features and Advantages of the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 To begin with, this unit is very user friendly.

One of our favorite features of the Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 is the Ultra-Responsive Touch Controls, this easy-touch control panel with easy to read and understand text and icon labeled controls makes varying pH levels or altering other water ionizer settings a breeze.

The water ionizer it’s self adjusts the pH range of the water from 4.5 pH to 11.0 pH; and boosts the anti-oxidant potential up to an ORP range +1000mV to -840mV, interactive electrolysis Water Flow Rate with a system animation to indicate when electrolysis is occurring.

The self-cleaning indicator lets you know when the unit enters the self-cleaning mode.

Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer + Dual Water Filter JS205 Review

aqua ionizer deluxe 7 0

This will cover the Jupiter water ionizer review, a “popular” ionizer, with the specifications, the advantages, and disadvantages.

I cut the fat out of this review. I looked at over 25 individual and independent reviews from across the internet as well as my personal experiences for this Jupiter Water Ionizer Review.

Jupiter Water Ionizers offer about five different alkaline water machines. Some units are branded differently but have the same “guts” inside. Their price ranges from the base model around $1,295 to the under-counter option for $2695.00

Jupiter or Melody water ionizers are manufactured by a company called EmcoTech from Korea, but they are distributed by another marketing company, “Ionways.”

“Ionways” is not a water ionizer manufacturer but a US selling company.


  • Moderately Priced
  • Average of five-year Warranty
  • Average pH range
  • Standard Titanium Platinum Coated Plates
  • Solid Plate Design


  • 5 Plate design
  • Chemical Additives to increase pH (Why did they use them? Keep reading)
  • Filter cost- Up to $170 a year
  • Plastics- Unspecified, Unidentified (Are they FDA approved? BPA Free?)
  • Age of the Machine/Design

Alkaviva Authentic Melody Ii Water Ionizer Review

alkaviva authentic melody ii water ionizer

I do like the melody ionizer. It is easy to use and install from a great company.

Yet the machine only has five plates rather than seven plates like many other water ionizers in the same price range. (Some high-quality ionizers even have seven plates for only $900)The Melody Ionizer

Having more plates lets the ionizer naturally achieve a higher pH range as well and the all-important ORP range.

Internet reviews, including Amazon Reviews, are mostly positive for this unit. They like the design and easy to use features of the unit as I do. Yet some people were expecting a higher pH and ORP range from a unit of this price.

People do have different water sources, such as well water, softened water, and RO filtration, which may account for the lack of pH and ORP.

I would suggest a seven plate water ionizer to ensure you get the full ph and ORP ranges no matter what your water source is.


  • Platinum Plates
  • Warranty -Above average five years
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Average Price Value
  • pH options – 4 alkaline and four acidic


  • Only five plates- For this price, I was hoping for seven plates.
  • No Approved Plastics
  • Filters cost $89.95 up to $179.90 for one year.
  • ORP Range

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher Review

In this review, I’ll talk a bit about the EHM Alkaline Water Ionizer, as I found it hard to find one place that looks at all its pros and cons at once.

I tried to combine some of my own personal experiences with the online reviews to get the most unbiased look at the features of this product.

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher uses a 6-stage filter to remove any chlorine, heavy metals, and contaminants from water, while also setting its pH value to a 10 pH, depending on the quality of the source water.

Not just that, but this ionizer will also add minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium minerals, as well as many anti-oxidants. It makes sure the low negative ORP stays balanced around -100 and -200 mv.

The filtration capacity of this water ionizer is 2L. It is shaped in such a way you can keep it where ever you’d like, and it’s easy to store.


  • Quality construction
  • Amazing hydration
  • Makes your immune system stronger and energy levels higher
  • 6-stage filter
  • Adds minerals to the water


  • Expensive
  • Gives a bit higher pH than I’d like
  • The water can take a long time to drain through the filter
  • The pitcher lid is of poor quality

What is Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines?

Simply put, Alkaline Water Machines use Ionization to remove impurities and acid to turn ordinary tap water into extraordinary water to boost your health, wellbeing, and help with weight loss.

There are two types of machines, ones that work via distillation (Very Rare) and more common ones that use a gentle electric current to ionize the water.

As standard, tap water has a pH of 7, this means its base and neither acidic nor alkaline. The health boost that comes from alkaline water is when your body’s natural balance is restored to a slightly elevated pH level. Why is your body so acidic to start with?

Well, western diets, pollution, and environmental effects all cause your body to operate at a more acidic level than it’s used too. Alkaline water is the perfect way to restore that balance and give your body the health kick it needs.

A few years ago, these machines were very expensive and completely out of the price range for most households. Now, prices have decreased as the technology has become more widespread; Alkaline Water Machines are now well within reach for most families.

What about Health Benefits?

There are numerous health benefits to drinking alkaline water regularly.

More Energy

The Ionization treatment allows alkaline water to carry more oxygen than its standard counterpart. This allows more life-giving oxygen to reach body tissues, aiding recovery, repair, and giving you more energy for work, sports, and life.

Making an effort to drink more water, in general, is good too. The average person needs 2 liters of water each day for optimum health. Many alkaline water drinkers cite an overall increase in the water they consume every day – a simple change that makes all the difference.

Losing Weight

Alkaline water allows your body to deliver nutrients and oxygen to organs and body tissues more effectively. This allows you to lose weight more easily, plus you get the added benefit of more energy to give your keep fit and work-out sessions an added boost.

Alkaline water is a good overall measure to take if you’re serious about losing weight, feeling great, and generally making a move towards a future full of health and vitality.

Keeping You More Hydrated

During the Ionization, each water molecule of water is burst into smaller atoms. It’s been said that because alkaline water contains smaller molecules, it can enter the bloodstream far quicker than standard tap / bottled water – allowing you to hydrate much quicker.

This helps with sports, fitness and promotes greater health due to the fact water is so important to your body’s health and wellbeing.

Alkaline Water, The Natural Antioxidant

Amongst many other positives to drinking alkaline water, it’s also a natural anti-oxidant. It helps remove harmful acid within your body and also works to stop the hard caused by free radicals – a major cause of aging.

A glass of alkaline water each day will help with skin aging, digestion, and help to improve your overall appearance and wellbeing. Couple that with extra energy, and weight loss means you’ll feel ten years younger in no time!

Immune System Booster

Ever wanted to give your immune system a boost each winter? Alkaline water is the answer. By working to remove toxins, free radicals, and work towards a balanced pH level throughout your body, alkaline water will help your body ward off infection.

I’m Ready, How Do I Get One?

With many vendors selling alkaline water machines, it’s tough to find the best one for you. Some of the options are difficult to understand, plus the terminology can seem a bit scientific.

If you’re in the market for an alkaline water machine right now, here are some tips for finding the perfect one for you.

Models – Different models have different features, and not all will be suitable for you. Try a handful of different devices out and be prepared to do some online research or talk to a professional to get a good idea of what each model does.

Some suppliers do offer a free test of their machines, and it’s always a great idea to take them up on their offer. Cleaning – Always make sure your chosen machine can be cleaned easily.

Not all models are easy to take apart and clean, something you won’t want to spend too much time on after a busy day.

If you’re stuck, ask the advice of a professional or look at online reviews to see how each model compares for cleaning, ease of use, and maintenance.

Plumbers – If you’re looking to have a system installed, choose a good plumber to do the job. In the UK, look for City and Guild qualification and check your state’s local laws if you live in the United States – different states might have different qualifications.

What to Expect After Buying My Alkaline Water Machine?

Like all positive health measures, it takes a little while for the health benefits to kick in and start impacting your life for the better.

  • 3 Weeks: Your digestion will improve; you might start to feel a little more energetic than usual. This is the detox phase where your body is removing oxidants and gradually balancing its pH. You might notice small health benefits during this phase; this means the alkaline water is working well and restoring your body’s natural balance.
  • 5 Weeks: You’ll feel healthier, having more energy, and you’ll be able to give ore to your keep fit and exercise activities. It’s at this point you might notice a difference in weight loss if you’re actively pursuing a balanced diet and exercise plan.
  • 10 Weeks: You’ll feel great at this point, full of vitality, health, and general wellbeing. Hopefully, your balanced diet and exercise coupled with alkaline water will be yielding massive results. You’ll never go back to ordinary water again!

Last Updated: 30th Jan, 2021


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