Best Shoes for Standing All Day: Buying Guide for Men and Women

Best Shoes for Standing All Day: Buying Guide for Men and Women


There are millions of working individuals who spend quite a lot of time on their feet. It has to be borne in mind that our feet bear a lot of weight and pressure. We rely on the soles of our feet to take the entire weight of our body. Therefore, it is important to spend some time choosing the right shoes. Over the next few lines, we will have a look at a few brands and models of standing shoes to help customers like you have a better understanding of them. It will help you choose the right shoes while keeping in mind the various factors you should consider. Keep reading this post to learn more.

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Best Shoes for Standing: Buyer’s Guide

There’s no question that there are many people who spend a lot of time standing on a daily basis whether it is for work or pleasure. Regardless if you are a sales personnel in Walmart who walks around the store all day, a tourist guide who spends a lot of time walking around and touring people from different parts of the world, a preschool teacher that chases toddlers around all day, or a traveler that prefers to walk around cities, it’s important that your feet have the sufficient amount of protection and comfort they need for you to deliver your work effectively.

A pinch of pain on the body or in the head is enough to make us work slower, but imagine if you are forced to nurse sore feet because of the wrong pair of shoes. When you try to tolerate discomfort on your feet and let it last for an entire day, the soreness can cross overnight, leaving you with painful feet the next day. You cannot afford to hurt your feet especially if your work requires you to stand all day. With this, you need to get yourself a pair of the best shoes for standing all day.

At the end of this buyer’s guide, you will already have a checklist of the things that you need to consider before you get a pair of standing shoes so you can make sure that you are spending your money wisely on a good pair of shoes, which will allow your feet to be walked all day comfortably.

Standing all day and its toll on your health

Pain is uncomfortable. Having some pain in your feet not only weakens you to stand, but it can also reduce your ability to walk around or run when necessary. You would start to feel some discomfort on your feet, and then you would start to limp, and the next thing you know you could barely walk. This becomes uncomfortable for men who are wearing the wrong pair of standing shoes and for women who need to stand on heels all day. More so, having a bad stance can also affect your knees and your muscles. When the pain prolongs, it will start to affect your back and possibly your entire spine.

Over time, your feet could get unwanted yet common feet problems such as calluses, corns, blisters, and bunions. For someone who stands all day for work, it’s hard to leave your feet in discomfort or great pain; thus you really need to invest in a good pair of shoes for standing all day.

What to look for when buying standing shoes

Most of us are iffy about buying a good pair of shoes if it does not look nice. A lot of us tend to be consumed by aesthetics more than a product’s healthful benefits. Before you turn your back from what could have been the best shoes for your feet, think of the benefits – and wonders – that it could do for your and your soles. The following are some things you should consider before getting yourself a pair of shoes for standing all day.

The type of your feet

Before looking into shoe features, know the size of your feet and the specific features you need for a good support. Some people have narrow feet, wide feet, high arches, and low arches. There are different combinations of a foot’s width, length, and kind of arch, and it varies per person.

However, there is an easy way to know what kind of feet you have. Have your foot wet and then step on a piece of paper. Remove your foot and check the prints it leaves. If you see almost a complete footprint on the paper, that means you have a low arch. If you see just a slight print, you have a high arch, and if you see something in between, you have a neutral arch.

Slip resistant soles

A part of a good pair of standing shoes is its ability to have your feet fixed in through slip resistant shoes. If not for comfort, you need a slip resistance feature in your walking pair. This helps you avoid tripping from your own shoes and lets you walk with ease. Having slippery soles can be the cause of injuries, which can best be avoided by having a good pair of shoes for standing and walking.

Non-skid shoes help a lot when you usually walk on slippery floors. With a pair of slip resistant soles, you won’t have to worry about how you walk. Your feet would also be able to move properly.

Heel and arch support

For you to be able to walk all day in your shoes comfortably, you need a good heel and arch support. Some people believe that you should wear shoes with flat soles to maintain your balance. However, you actually need a few heels to get that proper posture while you stand and walk while on duty.

This also depends on what kind of arch you have. If you have a high arch, your feet would naturally require a pair of shoes with a few heels because of its form. You would need some extra padding to help absorb shock since people with high arches tend to absorb shock harder. This is unlike people who have a neutral arch who can easily wear basically any shoes since the form of their feet is tolerant to shock and have the right amount of arch support. On the other hand, people with low arches or flat-footed need a bit of height on their shoes.

Toe box

A good pair of shoes for standing and walking allows you stand and walk comfortably while still allowing your feet to breathe. A good way to tell if you’re wearing the right shoes is to try and move your toes. See if you have enough room at the tip of your shoes or what is called the toe box. You can’t find a pair of shoes that has too much room in the toe box or you will jeopardize your comfort. Wearing shoes that are too big might cause you some accidents. Stick with a good pair that allows your feet enough movement, as well as comfort.

Sufficient padding

Keep in mind that if you stand for a good few hours per day. It is best to find a pair of shoes that have enough padding on the soles to protect your feet. You need sufficient cushion on the soles of your feet so you can walk with ease and balance yourself easily.

A major takeaway from this buyer’s guide is to never dismiss comfort when it comes to choosing your shoes. Your shoes should provide you with both comfort and mobility.

Before looking for a pair of shoes for your work, you should know the kind of feet you have. You should know your feet’s arch level where so you can tell which kind of shoes you need. We want to avoid accidents and injuries so slip resistance shoes help in keeping you stand in place. Heel and arch support should also be considered so your feet won’t easily hurt especially if you’re standing all day. You need to make sure that your feet fit snuggly in your shoes by allowing sufficient space in your toe. Lastly, you need to protect your soles from discomfort by choosing a pair of shoes that has enough sole padding. All these would surely make the best shoes for standing all day.

Best Standing Shoes For Women

Alegria Women’s Alli Professional Flat Review

Standing all day can be a real problem if it is the number one requirement in your work. You need to endure many hours of being on your feet and walking around. However, you can combat this by wearing the Alegria Women’s Alli Professional Flat. This product review aims to examine the benefits of wearing these Alegria shoes so you can decide if these are the shoes you need. Keep reading this Alegria Women’s Alli Professional Flat Review for more helpful information.

alegria womens alli professional flat

Product Description

The Alegria Women’s Alli Professional Flat shoes are made and imported from California or North Carolina, USA. Each pair is made of a leather material with rubber soles. Its heels measure 1.75 inches in estimate while its platform measures 1 inch in an estimate. The Alegria shoes have patented removable insole with memory foam, cork, and suede top. Each pair is slip resistant, which makes them highly recommended for women who work in spaces with slippery surfaces.

Features and Benefits

The Alegria Women’s Alli Professional Flat shoes are made of the premium leather upper with a stitch design and dual buckles at the vamp to add appeal to each pair. The simple leather interior keeps the shoes from being moist to make it a comfortable everyday wear. The footbed has a combination of cork, memory foam, and leather-covered latex. The footbed also adjusts to the natural contours of the foot, which gives the feet comfort even after a long day of walking and standing. It can also be removed to make a custom orthotics.

The nonslip PU outsole is designed to reduce pressure on the heels and the central metatarsal. Meanwhile, the bottom sole is flat to provide more stability. The rocker outsole allows you walk with a natural rocking motion, which can result in less tired feet at the end of the day.

Pros and Cons

According to online reviews, many women have already tried and tested a pair of the Alegria Alli Professional Flat. They can prove that they are effective in keeping their feet from being sore after a long day of standing and walking. Women recommend that you go to a physical store to try their shoes, as they come in smaller sizes.

Buying online is a bit risky and fussy since you might have to return your shoes in exchange for a bigger pair. The shoes can also use a bit more space on the front. Some customers have experienced having numb toes at the end of the day. This is because the roof of the shoes would put pressure on the top of their feet. These cons aside, women have grown fond of the Alegria Professional Flat shoes. They say that it is a comfortable pair to walk around in, and they also look good. You can buy a pair for work and another for going out.


You can be sure that a pair of shoes from the Alegria line would provide you ample comfort for standing and walking all day. These shoes are designed to be durable in the workplace. There are different designs to choose from, and you can view them when you click here. Make sure that you get one shoe size bigger if you are buying online for a better fit.

Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On Review

Wearing a stylish pair of shoes but putting your feet’s comfort at risk can affect your performance at work. When you have to stand all day, you should choose a pair of standing shoes that provide excellent comfort and durability.

alegria womens debra slip on

The Alegria Debra Slip-On is a popular choice among nurses because of its clog style. Nurses save lives. However, they would not be able to perform their duties well if their feet are aching and they cannot even last half a day of walking around and tending to their patients. The Alegria Debra Slip-On is highly recommended for nurses who are looking for comfortable clogs to wear at work. Thus, this product review aims to help consumers examine the shoes’ features and benefits, as well as the pros and cons, to see if a pair is fitting for their lifestyle. Keep reading this Alegria Women’s Debra Slip-On Review for more information.

Product Description

The Alegria Debra Slip-On is made of leather to make a sturdy material. It has a synthetic sole that makes walking and standing all day bearable. Its heels measure 1.5 inches in an estimate and have a platform that is approximately one inch. Each pair features a contrast stitching on the edges, a foam footbed, and elastic goring that makes it easy to wear on and take off.

Alegria’s Slip-On shoes undergo lab rating to make sure they are durable even on the most slippery floors. These shoes come in different styles and colors, so nurses and other health care professionals that have the similar work demands can find a design that best suits their personality, within or outside the workplace.

Features and Benefits

The Alegria Debra Slip-Ons are in European sizes so they can be available for most consumers even from across the globe. They are made of quality leather, which is stain proof, while the soles are hand-made to ensure durability. Each pair shows a contrast stitching that adds to the appeal of the shoes. These clogs are easier to wear than other standing shoes because of the elastic sides that make them flexible and adaptable to feet width.

Alegria shoes’ footbed provide comfort to the feet by having an extra cushion that enables longer standing and walking. The shoes are also lightweight, so you would not have to drag your feet while at work. It makes walking around easier and more comfortable. The removable cushioned latex and cork footbed also allow women to make the shoes better fitted. For women who prefer to have a lesser cushion on their feet, they can easily remove the pads. This is suggested for women who have normal foot arches and do not need much cushion in their footwear.

Pros and Cons

The Alegria Debra Slip-Ons are lightweight, comfortable, and safe to wear for the workplace. This particular shoe line provides plenty of designs and colors to choose from. As with comfort, you can definitely trust this brand. It allows nurses and other women who have the same nature of the job to stand and walk all day without getting achy feet by the end of the day. You can wear these shoes for work, for errands, or for pleasure.

On the downside, some women shared their experiences with the Alegria Debra Slip-Ons and recalled how they needed to break the shoes in. Like other shoes, these slip-ons are a bit stiff when you use it the first time. After some days of usage, you will find that they start to adjust to your feet’s size. It is recommended for you to have a size chart before buying these shoes as they come in European sizes. Some women get confused when buying shoes that do not come in U.S. sizes. The Debra Slip-Ons is pricier than other shoes; however, this is what you give in exchange for quality and comfort.


Many women have claimed their fondness towards their pair of Alegria Debra Slip-Ons. They are comfortable to wear and provide sufficient cushion for standing and walking all day. You would be able to see a woman’s personality based on the design and color she chooses from the wide array of choices the Alegria brand provides. For a pair of shoes that is a tad pricier than others, the Alegria Debra Slip-Ons are worth a try. You can click this link to see the different shoe patterns and colors.

Clarks Women's CloudSteppers Sillian Paz Slip-On Loafer Review

clarks womens cloudsteppers sillian paz slip on loafer

Many working people hate laces and would prefer to just slip on their shoes and be good to go. Sillian Paz slip-on shoes offer their buyers just that: Decent working shoes that don't require being laced every morning. They are lightweight and comfortable, made for everyday use. If you are a woman who's job requires her to stand on her feet most of the time, then this might be an adequate shoe model for you.

Product Description

These shoes are designed to be soft and comfortable, 'as if you're stepping on clouds.' Their outsole is made of lightweight EVA foam, enabling great comfort and durability. The same material is used for the midsole, as well, which is additionally enhanced with a 3mm EVA filler. The upper part is stretchy, and it features 4mm of foam sock liner, as well as a 5mm removable memory foam layer. The rest of the shoes is made out of breathable synthetic material. At the same time, the 12mm thick cushioning provides just enough cushioning every woman needs.

Features and Benefits

The thickness of the cushioning really makes these shoes one of the more comfortable models on the market. The EVA foam material is very durable, and it's more elastic than the standard rubber most models have. Also, it has excellent traction, no matter if you're walking on dry or wet surfaces. This makes them less slippery than most other shoes. You can wear them for over eight hours without feeling any discomfort.

Also, as these shoes don't have laces, you can just put them on your feet and go on with your day. Their upper part is very stretchy, but it provides just the right amount of strength for them to be durable and do a good job supporting your ankles. The memory foam footbed is removable so that you can use it according to your preferences.

Pros and Cons

As with every other shoes, these have their pros and cons. All customer reviews state that these are indeed very lightweight shoes that you can wear throughout the day. They are breathable, so you likely won't experience any problems with sweaty feet. Their cushioning adds to comfort levels, and as they are very flexible and supportive, you can also use them as walking shoes. A simple design makes them easy to blend in with everyday clothing, so they aren't necessarily used just as working shoes.

The biggest complaint is due to their narrow design. If you have a bit wider feet, you may want to consider buying one number bigger than you usually would. Also, they aren't the best for people who tend to roll their ankles, which is a common issue with most slip-on shoes.


Overall, Sillian Paz slip-on shoes are rather good shoes if you are required to stand on your feet the entire day. They are long-lasting and flexible, and they won't feel heavy on your legs. Their pretty design makes them good for both walking and wearing on work. However, if you have wide feet, you might want to consider some other, differently-shaped model.

Best Standing Shoes For Men

Skechers for Work Men's Elston Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Shoe Review

sketchers rockland lace up

Shoes make a great statement piece for your entire ensemble. Moreover, they make great protective armors for your feet when your job requires you to be up on your feet most of the time. When you need a good pair of standing shoes, you cannot buy just any pair that you see online or in a brick-and-mortar store. You need to be smart with your footwear if you want to get the most out of your money and allow your feet to walk comfortably, even after spending a day of standing. Keep reading this Sketchers for Work Men's Elston Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Shoe Review for more useful information.

Product Description

Skechers Elston Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Shoes is a casual footwear that is suitable to be worn at work. It is systematic in a way that it is a classic nine-to-five pair that goes beyond your typical impression. This pair features a smooth leather upper, classic lace-up styling, and sleek overlays for the fashionable individuals. It has a cushioned insole with a contour that is comfortable to wear. Its slip-resistant rubber sole provides ample support to your soles while allowing you to be up on your feet all day.

Skechers Elston Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Shoe shows a classy pair made of leather with rubber soles, ample heels, removable cushioned insole, black laces, and a slip-resistant outsole with an excellent grip on the floor. It is a stylish pair that looks and performs great. It is functional and fashionable as it prevents slip accidents and keeps your style on point.

Features and Benefits

Skechers for Work Men's Elston Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Shoes is a favorite in the market. Many men have purchased a pair or two and have sworn that the shoes are perfect for casual wear, for going out, for work, for travel, and even for just running errands. It is a classic pair of powerful features that will surely give your feet the comfort, support, and style that they deserve. Its black leather material makes it easily likable among chaps who prefer to keep it classic. It has subtle details on the outer skin, which gives it enough style.

Standing all day can be a real pain on the feet, but with this pair, standing for hours does not feel much like a chore. The slip-resistant rubber soles provide a steady balance on the feet that makes it tolerable to be up on your feet whether you are standing all day for work or doing a lot of walking for leisure. It prevents accidents, especially on slippery floors. It also has cushioned insoles that give you maximum comfort, so you do not have to go home with aching feet or swollen ankles.


Plenty of consumers like that Skechers Elston Relaxed Shoe are not only stylish and comfortable, but they also last a long time. You do not have to buy another pair during the first year of usage since it is very sturdy. It is made of strong materials, is well constructed, and can stand different work environments. You can wear these shoes whether you are working in the kitchen, in a store, or in a dusty place that is prone to pollution and dirt.

The non-slip treads pattern works extremely well on wet or greasy quarry tile or concrete. The soles perform a great job preventing moisture and grease from getting underneath and creating bubbles, cracking, or peeling. The leather has good quality and easily adjusts to the form of your feet. The shoes are sewn with great quality, and the laces are thick and sturdy. Consumers’ overall ranking of the shoes’ performance is as follows: comfort, fashion, durability, attractiveness, and light weightiness.


Some consumers claimed that their pair wore out quickly, although this is a small percentage compared to those said otherwise. Some said that the shoes have poor quality regarding performance and that it was difficult to break in. A few declared their discomfort in wearing the shoes.


Skechers Elston Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Shoe is a great pair for standing all day and working in workplaces with slippery grounds. It is also a stylish pair that you can wear on a day out while still being comfortable. Its durability lasts up to a year, which proves to be easy in the pocket, yet is a real investment.

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe Review

The KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe is a good choice for individuals who spend a lot of their time standing. It is an easy slip-on pair that is absent of any lacing, adjusting, and fixing. This simple pair may look plain and average, but it provides comfort and durability. It is also perfect for work or leisurely walks.

keen utility mens ptc slip on

It has a medial side gore that addresses fit and comfort effectively. Its foot bed is made of memory foam that allows your feet to adjust accordingly whether you have narrow or wide feet. The simple slip on design makes it an easy pair to wear outdoors. Its midsole features a compression-molded EVA while its outsole is non-skid and can stand even the most slippery floors. The best aspect of the KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe is it meets the Materials Mark II Non-Slip Testing Standards and the American Society for Testing.

Features and Benefits

The PTC Slip-On Work Shoe is made of leather. It has rubber soles that make walking easy and comfortable. It is slip-resistant, so it is best when used in environments with slippery floors. This is beneficial for workers who are always on the move but still want to be comfortable while doing their errands. Its insoles allow your feet to take their natural form, so you do not have to break into the pair and wait for days or weeks until your feet gets adjusted to the shoes.

Its easy slip-on design makes it very wearable especially when you are in a rush, and you do not have time to choose or fuss with your shoes. It makes work enjoyable and convenient, knowing that you have a sturdy pair of shoes that support your feet wherever you go. It also avoids sore ankles at the end of a long day because of its KEEN.Cush PU and memory foam footbed.


Based on similar reviews, previous buyers of the KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe praise its durability. Some customers could attest that their pair lasted for years, which is a big help on the budget. This is especially if you are not keen on your shoes and you only want to buy a comfortable pair. With its non-slip feature, you would not have to worry about having slip accidents in your workplace. The insoles are also very comfortable and do not wear down quickly even if you wear it a couple of times a week. To sum, the KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe is known for its comfortability and lasting power.


The KEEN PTC Slip-On Work Shoe has simple and plain features. It is hard to look for something to dislike about it. If there were a con on this pair, it would just be the lack of design on the shoes’ surface. For some buyers, their shoes only lasted for several months. Since the shoes are also skid-free, the soles tend to collect debris, but which is nothing that you should be that worried about.


The KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Slip-On Work Shoe is a great pair of working shoes. It is non-slippery and provides comfort and durability. One pair can last you a long time so you can consider it as an investment. It is a simple pair of black leather shoes that would suit men who prefer comfortable and stress-free shoes. This pair presents no hassle or meticulous patterns.

Skechers Men's Cessnock Food Service Shoe Review

skechers mens cessnock food service shoe

Comfortable shoes are essential if your job requires you to stand all day. This includes professions such as cooks, bartenders, and waiters. Sore feet can be battled with good shoes, such as Skechers' Cessnok work shoes specifically made for people working in the kitchen. If you are a food professional looking for a fine pair of shoes, you should check them out.

Product Description

Skechers' shoes are imported to the USA from factories in China and Vietnam. They are stylish-looking and feature a sporty design. They are made from breathable mesh and feature a rubber sole. They have a memory foam insole and are designed to be slip-resistant. This is another reason why they are great for work in the kitchen, as you won't have to worry about falling on slippery tiles.

Features and Benefits

The slip-resistance feature of Skechers' Cessnok work shoes is one of the most significant benefits these shoes have. The outsoles have extra traction, and many volunteers tested them both on an oil slick and wet surfaces to ensure they remain stable. The insoles are made of memory foam, making them rather comfortable. You can wear them throughout the entire day without feeling any pain or discomfort.

The shoes come in five colors and range in sizes from 7 to 16. The measures include half sides, as well as a wide fit. They are reasonably accurate in size, so you can easily estimate which ones will fit you. The breathable mesh helps you reduce sweat, and it's another reason you can wear them throughout the day.

Pros and Cons

As these shoes aren't the newest Skecher's addition, many people have already tested them out and ensured themselves in the pros and cons of these shoes. All of them agree that these shoes are one of the most comfortable working shoes out there. They can hold up for a very long time, and they won't fall apart as easily as most other models. At the same time, they aren't as slippery as regular shoes, and their design is very pretty. They don't look like regular work shoes, but rather shoes for every day.

However, they aren't free of some downsides, as well. Most people reported that their shoelaces stretched out rather quickly, which prevented them from tightening the shoes completely. Consequently, the shoes became more slippery and unstable, just like any other loose shoe would. Some buyers also complained about their insole not being durable, so all of this should be kept in mind before making a purchase.


Skechers' Cessnok are pretty good working shoes overall. They aren't slippery, they are very comfortable, and they are designed for people working all day in the kitchen. At the same time, their excellent design allows you to wear them outside of your working area without being too noticeable or ugly. Quite the opposite, they can even be rather stylish. There are some issues with the shoelaces, though, so make sure you have a spare one nearby.

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