Best Bark Collars for Small and Large Dogs: Dogtra vs. SportDog vs. PetSafe

Best Bark Collars for Small and Large Dogs: Dogtra vs. SportDog vs. PetSafe


The first step to finding an appropriate / the best dog bark control collar is to understand what it is and how it functions. The next is to determine which one functions best for your needs and the value of your hard-earned dollar, which can be best accomplished by reading this article.

Definition and Uses

Bark control collars (also known as bark control or “no-bark” collars) are designed to correct your dog’s barking behavior. They are created to train him/her when it is and is not appropriate behavior. Dog bark collars have evolved somewhat and the responsible companies have used advancements in technology to design collars that may be used as training devices for several types of behaviors.

There are three basic styles of bark control collars. One type uses a spray liquid formula that contains citronella. Canines find this scent extremely annoying and it works fairly well to control most canine’s habit of incessant barking. The second type of bark control collar emits a low-level shock or static that startles the animal. The last style is one that emits a sound only audible to animals.

Detection/Activation Features

When your dog barks it activates the control device on his/her collar. This could be an audible detection and the device emits either a citronella formula spray, a low-level static correction, or high-frequency correction. Some bark control collars are designed with vibration detection and the correction is only activated by the vibration in your dog’s throat when he/she barks. There is a third type that features both audible and vibration detection. Those that offer both types of detection are best. In the case that only one will be chosen, vibration detection is recommended. This eliminates almost all accidental corrections as this collar only emit a correction when your dog barks and not when others do.

Types of Correction

There are generally three basic types of correction for dog bark collars. A citronella bark control collar emits a short, fine mist spray when your canine barks. Most sprays contain a small amount of citronella; however, there are some that contain a certain amount of lemon or eucalyptus. The container that contains the formula is easily refillable.

Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell and they find these two scents extremely offensive. Most dogs will stop barking because they wish to avoid them. The FDA has found no toxicity levels in the amounts of these chemicals that bark control collar manufacturers use. This applies to both animals as well as humans.

Another type of correction to control barking is ultrasonic. This device emits a high-frequency sound only audible to animals, especially canines when your dog barks. This noise cannot be heard by humans and is offensive to dogs. It is an effective deterrent for the barking of most canines. The sound only annoys your dog and is not harmful to his/her health or hearing.

One of the most popular types of bark collars emits a low-level shock or static correction. Many have different levels of correction that increase as your dog continues to bark. Some feature a memory and level setting control as well. With memory control, the device starts emission at the last level that stopped your dog’s barking. The manual setting control is a very effective feature. The pet parent may set the correction device on the level they believe is best for their fur baby. The static emitted is not dangerous and will not harm our baby.

Level Settings

Dog bark control collars have several settings to choose from. You should decide which is best for each of your individual canines. One style has automatic levels from about five to ten. One that has ten levels, for example, will increase in intensity through all ten with each successive bark until he/she stops. Some are designed with memory recording. This means that it will begin emissions on the level that was successful in stopping your dog from barking last.

There are bark control collars available that have an owner’s manual setting. This means dog parents can choose which level they believe is best for their specific animal. Most of these designs also feature options of automatic correction succession, memory setting, or maybe set by pet parents in one collar.

Static, spray and high-frequency versions are all available with these setting options, but it is less common for spray collars to feature level options. It is very important to thoroughly research and understand these features before making a purchase. Be sure to choose the one that is most appropriate for your furry friend’s temperament, health, and intelligence.

Always investigate any safety features. Many types of bark control collars, especially those with static correction, have auto shut off safety features. If your pup continues to bark more than 15 times in 50 to 90 seconds, depending upon that specific collar design, the correction device automatically shuts down for approximately three minutes.

While this is a very reassuring design feature, it is crucial not to leave your animal unsupervised while he/she is wearing the correction device in case of a malfunction.

Power Supply

There are generally three types of power supplies for dog bark control collars. The first two types of correction devices use replaceable batteries. Some use alkaline batteries while others use lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are best between these two because they have a longer life. The third type of power used for these collars is rechargeable batteries.

Of the available three, this is the absolute best choice. There is no need to spend money on or run out for replacements. The charging adapter may simply be plugged into an ordinary household electrical outlet in order to recharge these batteries. Never recharge or replace batteries while your canine is wearing the collar.

Safety and Precautions

Dog bark collars are safe and effective methods for animals that are of appropriate age and in good health. Pet parents know their fur babies and what is best for them. For example, animals that go on hunting trips should wear bark collars that are waterproof.

Many are waterproof as well as water-resistant; however, your animal should always be supervised while wearing the collar. Most all of these types of collars are hand washable, or at least the base collar is, but it must be removed before washing. Make sure all parts have thoroughly dried before reassembling the collar and replacing it around your dog’s neck.

There are a few general precautions that should be kept in mind. Dog bark control collars must never be used on puppies below the age of six months. Puppies are exactly like human babies experimenting and testing new experiences. Using bark control collars on young canines may severely inhibit their learning processes.

Never use bark control collars on dogs that are in poor health, whether physical or psychological. These collars can increase discomfort in aging or debilitated canines. It may also inhibit the healing process of animals that are healing from illness or injury. Bark control collars may cause aggressive dogs to become hostile. They can also increase anxieties in extremely nervous dogs. It is never recommended that this type of collar be used on an abused rescue animal.

Do not use a dog bark control collar on any other species of animal, especially felines. Using this type of collar on your cat may result in extremely undesirable or even violent behavior. It is crucial that you purchase the right size collar for your fuzzy friend. One that does not fit properly may not correct his/her barking. A collar that does not fit correctly is an extremely dangerous hazard to your dog’s health and safety.

Appropriate Sizing

Use a craft or cloth tape measure to determine the size of your dog’s neck. A string may be used instead and the string itself may be measured using a construction measuring tape.

It is important that you add about two inches to this measurement to find the correct collar size. The width is also essential. A one-inch width is recommended for large canines, three-fourths inch for medium dog breeds, and half-inch for smaller breeds.

Ensure that two fingers may be comfortably placed between your dog’s neck and the collar. Any collar should fit snuggly, but leave enough room for your baby to be comfortable. Always replace base collars for dog bark control collars with ones recommended by the manufacturer to ensure the safety of your dog.

Best Bark Collar Reviews

PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar Review

petsafe gentle spray bark collar


  • Features dual detection
  • Sensors indicate if spray or battery is low
  • Includes free refill canister


  • Does not use longer-lasting lithium batteries
  • Citronella is not a deterrent for all dogs

What does the Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar package include

  • Adjustable Dog Bark Collar
  • Refill canister of hypo-allergenic, stain-free Citronella
  • 6-volt battery
  • Vibration and audible sensors
  • Spraying mechanism

How do I refill the spray when the device is low or empty?

I find it is best when refilling the device, to press down firmly to ensure I have a complete seal otherwise some of the spray leaks out. Do not worry, if this happens the first time. It is harmless, stain-free, and hypoallergenic. First, hold the refill container upright and place the nozzle in the access port. Press down tightly and hold it there for approximately 15 seconds. It may be more or less than 15 seconds. When the reservoir fully removes the canister.

How does this Anti-Bark Collar work?

The dual detection mechanism is activated when the dog barks. It is designed with a vibration sensor that detects vibrations in the animal’s throat. It also features an audible sensor which is activated by the sound of the canine’s bark. It emits a short burst that is a fine mist of Citronella scented liquid. All canines have a very acute sense of smell and most of them do not like the scent of Citronella.

Is Citronella dangerous to my fur baby or my family?

The EPA has stated that there is no dangerous level of toxicity within Citronella for humans, canines, or felines. It should always be used as labeled and applied only externally. Citronella should never be consumed.

What if the device sprays my dog in the face?

First, as long as the device is fitted properly around the animal’s neck, it should not spray him/her in the face. I find a couple of trials are best to find the appropriate fit. The spray device may be detached while adjusting the fit. In the case that it sprays the animal in the face, he/she will find it extremely annoying; however, there is not enough Citronella in the formula as to be hazardous to your fur baby.

How effective is the PetSafe Anti-Bark Collar?

I have found that this collar does not work for all dogs. Each has its own personality. It is extremely effective in deterring unwanted barking of most canines. A dog’s sense of smell is about 1,000 times greater than that of humans. This can range up to 10,000 times. They are sensitive to any strong scent.

Will other animals activate the spraying mechanism?

It is not impossible for another dog’s barking to activate the spraying device. The dual detection feature is one of the main reasons I find this particular product useful. While it does detect noise, it must also detect the vibration in the voice box from the canine wearing it before the spray is released. This makes it extremely unlikely that another sound will alert it.

How long must my pet wear the Anti-Bark Collar before he/she learns appropriate barking times?

In my experience, this is another area that greatly depends upon the animal’s personality. Some dogs learn within a day, while others are slightly more stubborn and may be required to wear it for a week or two.

What breed size is this collar appropriate for?

The PetSafe Anti-Bark Collar fits dogs with neck size of up to 20 inches. Dogs with this neck size are generally about 55 to 65 pounds. The collar has an adjustable strap therefore it will fit animals ranging from around 9 to 65 pounds. It may not adjust enough to fit dogs under or over this weight range. I always measure my animal’s neck before purchasing any collar without him/her being present.

Is the PetSafe Bark Collar a waste of money?

The purchase of this device is definitely not a waste of money. As stated, it does not work on all fur babies; however, it is a humane method of conditioning and most animals respond extremely well to it. No article or information will predict whether it will work on a particular dog. I can usually guess which ones it will or will not work for by gaging his/her stubbornness level. As long as he/she is not a donkey hiding in a dog disguise it will be worth the cost.

Can I return this spray collar, if it does not work on my pet?

The Anti-Bark Collar has a one-year non-transferable limited warranty. It is important to register the product on the PetSafe website upon receipt regardless of where it was purchased. Keep all documents and product numbers. Contact the manufacturer directly for returns.

Will this spray collar work on my puppy?

The PetSafe Anti-Bark Collar is only recommended for canines six months and older. Pups are in the process of learning many things in a new world just as human babies do. A puppy may find it confusing if his/her barking is curbed while he/she is actually trying to learn how to bark.

Can I use this collar for my feline?

Using this device on your cat may evoke negative behavior. It is only intended for canines that are at least six months of age.

Review Summary

The PetSafe Gentle Spray Bark Collar is an effective and harmless method for teaching dogs when barking is appropriate and when it is not. It works well on most all dogs and may be adjusted to fit many breed sizes. When I consider the features as well as what is included in the package, it is well worth the investment. It should only be used on canines and never on those who are under six months old.

SportDOG NoBark 10R Collar Review

sportdog nobark 10r collar


  • Features DRYTEK waterproof technology
  • Is submersible up to 25 feet
  • Has 10 levels of correction
  • Uses a long-life rechargeable battery
  • Offers auto shut down safety
  • Uses both audio and vibration detection


  • No serious cons worth mentioning.

What is included in the setup?

  • Black base collar
  • NoBark 10R Collar
  • Charging adapter
  • Operating manual

How does the SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar work?

This bark collar detects both the sound and vibration of your dog’s bark. The noise and vibration activate the control stimulation which is in the form of a mild annoyance. It is not normally activated by another animal and provides a safety auto shut off. The SportDOG collar has 3 separate modes to choose from depending upon your fuzzy buddy’s temperament. The indicator will burn a green light.

The temperament learning mode begins at the lowest level and progressively increases to the next level each time your dog barks within a 30-second time frame. If your canine does not bark again within the 30 seconds, the correction device resumes at the last level of this mode that caused him/her to stop upon the next bark. The indicator will burn a green light.

The progressive mode begins at the lowest level and increases through the levels as well; however, it resumes back at the lowest once again. This is also within 30 seconds and it stops correcting if he/she ceases barking. The indicator will burn both a green and a blue light.

The manual mode allows pet parents to choose the correction level. This mode will cause the device to continue the correction in the chosen level until your animal stops barking. The indicator will burn a blue light and a display will show the number of chosen levels. You should begin this method on the lowest level and progress up through the levels until you find the one that matches your canine’s temperament.

Is this a hazard to my fuzzy buddy?

No. The SportDog collar will not harm your dog. It only emits an annoying static correction even on the highest level. If your dog continues to bark more than 15 times within 80 seconds, the correction device will turn off for 3 minutes automatically. This collar should never be worn by any canine for more than 12 consecutive hours. It should also never be used for ailing; bedridden; aggressive, or extremely nervous dogs.

What do I do when the battery dies?

The battery used by the SprotDOG collar correction device is rechargeable. The recharging adapter is included in the package. The device also features a low battery light indicator. The rechargeable battery should last about 3 to 6 months depending upon your canine’s temperament. The first use may drain the battery much quicker than this. To increase battery life it is recommended that you turn the collar off when it is not being used. To recharge the battery pack:

  • Always remove the collar from your dog before attempting to recharge the battery.
  • Plug the appropriate end of the adapter into a standard household 110-volt outlet.
  • Plug the opposite end into the charging port on the control device.
  • The indicator light will flash a sequence of green, blue, then red to show charging has begun. The light will flash red every 10 seconds until the charging process is complete.
  • Once charging is complete, the device will automatically turn off and the light will flash green every 10 seconds.
  • It generally requires about 4 hours to completely charge the battery.
  • Unplug both ends of the adapter.
  • If the battery pack wears out and/or will no longer charge you should contact the SportDOG Company to purchase an RFA-228 replacement battery kit. Never use any other type of charging kit with this device.

What type of base collar do I need to purchase, if this one should wear out?

If the SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Base Collar should wear out you must contact the SportDOG Company directly for a replacement. You can do this through their official website, by calling the business number, or by mailing them directly through snail mail. The replacement collars are not expensive and the item number to request is RFA-162-1. You should never use any other type of base collar for this bark control collar.

How Do I know this will work on my furry baby?

I will be perfectly honest with you. You cannot be absolutely sure that this collar will work on your dog. Every dog has his/her own temperament and characteristics. This particular bark control device works on most personalities within most breeds. Dogs that are extremely obstinate and stubborn may not be able to learn bark control from it. The SportDOG Company offers a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee for this product. If you are not satisfied with their collar, simply contact them directly for more return information.

Will the SportDOG clear fit my dog?

This control collar is intended for animals that have a 6 to 28-inch neck size. You can use a pliable tape measure such as those used for crafting to measure your dog’s neck. You must add 1 inch to the measurement for small dogs to determine your dog’s collar size. Add 2 inches to it, if your canine is a medium-size breed and 3 if he/she is a large breed.

Can my hunting buddy wear this?

This collar was designed with DRYTEK waterproof technology so it is safe for your dog to wear hunting water fowl or in the rain. The collar is also water submersible for up to 25 feet.

Review Summary

The SportDOG Rechargeable NoBark 10R Bark Control Collar is waterproof as well as extremely comfortable for your dog to wear. It has 3 different correction modes to bark train him/her in a humane and harmless manner. The collar has a 1-year warranty, should it not meet your satisfaction.

PetSafe Elite Little Bark Control Collar Review

petsafe elite bark control collar


  • Uses both vibration and audible detection
  • The collar is adjustable
  • Has correction level memory
  • Nanotechnology is lightweight
  • Has auto-off safety feature
  • Features ten levels of static correction


  • Is not appropriate for over-anxious dogs
  • Dog’s fur may need trimming to fit

What is included in the Bark Collar package?

  • Adjustable nylon is a woven collar
  • Static control device
  • RFA-188 3v Lithium battery
  • Instruction manual

Can I replace the original nylon collar with any collar?

No. You must contact the PetSafe Company or visit the website to purchase a replacement collar specifically designed for the Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar. The reasons are twofold. One is for the safety of your beloved pet. The other is that altering a product in a way that does not comply with company rules is nearly the number one reason companies rejecting returns.

Can you put how it works into layman’s terms?

The device detects vibration and sound when your dog barks. It then emits a static correction much like a mild tingling sensation. The unit begins with the mildest setting and increases through the ten levels until the animal stops barking. It also has a wonderful safety feature to protect your fuzzy critter. If the dog should continue to bark more than fifteen times within eighty seconds, the unit automatically turns itself off the three minutes.

Will the Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar hurt my fuzzy baby?

No. This device emits only a mild tingling sensation that is not harmful to any living creature. It also features the auto shut-off mentioned above. The unit detects how many times the animal barks within the time frame. If the dog exceeds fifteen times in one minute and twenty seconds it shuts down for three minutes. Be sure not to use this collar for more than twelve hours during any one day.

How do I know if the Elite Bark Collar will work on my pet?

This device works on most canines; however, dogs have personalities just as humans do. If the dog is exceptionally stubborn, like a few of mine, it may take longer or it may not work at all. Most dogs are receptive to static correction and learn very quickly when it is alright to bark. Extremely obedient animals learn within one or two barks. Those who are a little more obstinate may require a week or two to learn. This collar is not recommended for dogs that are extremely anxious. I would never use this collar on a rescue animal from an abusive home.

Why does this collar not fit?

  • If your dog is very fuzzy or has extremely thick fur, you may need to trim the animal’s neck fur. Do not shave the fur, simply trim it down.
  • The first step is to ensure the device is off.
  • A coin may be used to turn the dial to the off position. There are visible arrows to point that on and off.
  • Let your dog stand in a comfortable stance.
  • You want to place the contact points in the middle under your dog’s neck.
  • Be sure the collar fits snugly but does not constrict his/her ability to breathe. Insert a single finger under the contact points to check how snugly the collar fits.
  • Allow your animal to sport the collar for a couple of minutes.
  • Use a pen or pencil to mark the area to be trimmed off of the collar.
  • Remove it, trim it, and use heat to seal the frayed edges.
  • Remember to use a coin to put the device back in the on position before affixing it to your dog’s neck.

Can I use this collar on a six-week-old puppy?

No. This collar was designed to be used on animals who are at least six months old. Using the unit on a younger dog may inhibit his/her learning development.

Is the Elite Little Dog Collar available in other colors?

This particular collar is only available in black at this time. If you are like me and want your best friend to accessorize, keep checking the PetSafe Company website. You never know when additional colors will become available.

Will this unit work on my noisy cat?

The Elite Little Dog Bark Collar was designed only for canines who are above the age of six months. It is not recommended for any other type of animal.

Can I send this collar back, if I am not satisfied?

The SafePet Elite Little Dog Bark Control Collar has a limited one year warranty. It is crucial that this product is registered at the SafePet website upon receipt in case it must be returned. It may be returned within a thirty-day time frame if you are unsatisfied for any reason. When you register the collar keep all of the documentation for future reference.

Is the battery rechargeable or replaceable?

The battery is not rechargeable; however, it is replaceable. There is no true method of determining how long a battery will last with each individual dog. The length greatly depends on the dog’s receptiveness to the correction. If he/she barks constantly in the beginning, you may have to replace the battery a few times. The PetSafe Company offers replacement batteries including economy packs that I have found can save money in the long run.

Important Note

Never attempt to install a battery while your dog is wearing the collar.

Review Summary

The Elite Little Dog Bar Control Collar is a safe method of training small to medium breed dogs on barking behavior. It fits animals with a neck size up to sixteen inches weighing less than 55 pounds. The designers used nanotechnology to create this static control collar so it is light and comfortable for your dog.

Petsafe Big Dog Bark Control Collar Review

petsafe big dog bark control collar


  • Ten levels of correction
  • Patented Perfect Bark Dual Detection
  • Three correction mode options
  • Works on large breeds forty pounds and up


  • Will not fit small or toy breeds

What does the package contain?

  • Base strap
  • Conditioning device
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charger
  • Owner’s instruction booklet

How will this collar condition my big dog?

This Big Dog Collar features the PetSafe Patented Perfect Bark Dual Detection. It is activated through the vibration of your dog’s barking as well as sound. I like this feature because it means no other barking is able to activate my animal’s collar, which eliminates a great deal of confusion on the part of my dog. When the collar’s conditioning device senses both of these alerts it emits a static correction to teach the dog this is not an appropriate time to bark. The PetSafe Big Dog Collar provides three modes to choose from.

Which correction mode is best for my animal?

The temperament learning mode begins correction on the lowest level and increases through the ten levels of correction until your dog stops barking. The device records the levels necessary to stop his/her barking. When he/she barks again it begins on the last level which caused the animal to stop. As your dog learns the appropriate time and reduces his/her barking, the device also reduces the level of correction automatically.

The progressive correction mode also begins on the lowest setting of correction and increases with each additional bark. The difference in this mode is that this increase is for barks within thirty seconds. If your pup does not bark for thirty seconds, the correction device is automatically reset back to the lowest level. I find my dogs have responded to this mode more than the other two; however, all animals are different and pet parents know them best.

The user-selected correction mode is the third mode. This mode allows you to choose the correction mode manually. It is strongly recommended to start with the collar on the lowest setting and progress to higher levels as you deem necessary.

Safety note: Regardless of which correction mode the collar is set on it features an auto shut down. If your dog barks fifteen consecutive times within one minute and twenty seconds the correction mechanism automatically turns off for three full minutes.

How do I manually change the correction mode on the Big Dog Rechargeable Bark Collar?

Your dog’s collar has one button that allows you to turn it off, turn it on, or set the correction mode. It also features a number and light indicator showing when it is on as well as which mode it is currently set to.

In order to change the actual correction mode, Press and hold for about five seconds. This will cause the mode to advance and the display will indicate which mode it has been set to. Continuous compression will cause the mode to again advance and be displayed. When you find the desired mode, release the button. In five seconds the chosen mode will be activated. The display indicators are as follows.

Temperament learning mode: A green light appears above the battery life indicator.

Progressive correction mode: Both green and a blue light appear above the battery life indicator.

User-selected mode: A blue light will appear above the battery life display. There will be a number beside the blue light. This number indicates the level of correction the device is currently set on.

Will my furry baby feel any pain?

No. This device does not cause pain nor is it harmful any in the way. It is one of the most humane methods available on the market today. The static emissions your dog feels are mild static tingling. As mentioned above, the device also features an auto shut off after fifteen consecutive barks to protect your dog.

Is it appropriate for my three-month-old Toy Chihuahua?

No. This collar should never be used on a dog unless he/she is over the age of six months. It is recommended for animals who are 40 pounds and above with neck size of approximately twenty-eight inches. You should never even consider using it on a dog who is less than eight pounds for safety reasons.

What should I do when the base collar begins to wear?

Replacements are offered through the PetSafe Company website. You should not use any other style base collar from any outside source. I have found that the replacement collars offered by the PetSafe Company are reasonably priced.

Does PetSafe guarantee this collar will work on my dog?

No collar offered by any company is guaranteed to work one every dog. I find that there are dogs who are simply too stubborn for this method while most are actually very responsive. The collar is warrantied. It is has a one year warranty on labor and a lifetime warranty on parts. Ensure you visit the company website to register your new bark collar in case you must return it.

How is the battery recharged?

  1. Raise the rubber cover over the charging jack.
  2. Connect the charging cable to this jack.
  3. Plug the opposite end into a standard electrical outlet.
  4. The light will flash green at ten-second intervals to indicate the device is fully charged.

Note: Never charge the correction device while it is still affixed to your dog.

Review Summary

The Big Dog Rechargeable Collar is a completely safe method of controlling your dog’s barking. It is rechargeable which saves money on battery supplies. It features an auto shut off to ensure the safety of your furry baby. The collar is comfortable for large breeds with neck sizes of 28 inches and is waterproof.

PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar Review

petsafe pbc 102 bark collar


  • Features auto shut off pet safety mechanism
  • Has a vibration sensor and is only triggered by the wearer
  • Provides low battery alert
  • Provides dual correction


  • Base collar may need to be periodically replaced
  • May not be best for very clumsy or active animals

What PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar package includes?

  • Static correction device
  • Base Collar
  • Static correction device
  • PetSafe RFA-67 lithium battery
  • Instruction manual

What do I do if the base collar wears out?

In my experience, one of the only significant drawbacks of this collar is that the base wears out quickly with certain animals. The company offers a replacement that is inexpensive. It is important to only use PetSafe replacement base collars for this device. Never use another type or brand as this may cause the correction trigger to malfunction.

How will this collar control my dog’s barking?

When the dog barks the vibration triggers the static correction device. The device features contact points through which the static is emitted. It begins on the lowest setting and progresses through the six levels. The mechanism only does this within thirty seconds of a previous bark. It resets itself to the lowest level if this amount of time has passed since the last bark. The device also emits a beeping noise with each static emission. If the animal barks more than fifteen times in under a minute, the machine automatically shuts down for three minutes.

Is this device dangerous or inhumane?

The PetSafe Bark Control Collar only emits an extremely tingling sensation that is in no way harmful to animals. I find testing the device on myself before fitting my dog lends me peace of mind. The collar may be slid across a surface that is slightly rough. This will activate it and pet parents can feel what the dog will feel after each bark. I also repeated this process to test each of the six levels as well as the auto shut off safety feature.

Is this collar an effective method of deterring my pup from excessive or unwarranted barking?

No product can truthfully claim that it is effective for all animals. I try to gauge each dog by characteristics to determine if a particular will be effective or not. It does seem to be effective on most dogs; however, there are always exceptions. Canines often bark out of nervousness therefore this product is probably not a good choice for an anxious animal. The device can be triggered by the actions of extremely clumsy or overly active dogs. This is another case in which this product is not appropriate. It will not actually harm the animal physically in any case. It may evoke more anxiety if the dog continues to bark excessively or is constantly running into things.

How long will it take my pup to learn when it is okay to bark?

This is another element that determined by the dog and his/her character. It may take less than a day if the animal is generally receptive and obedient. It may take a bit longer if he/she is stubborn or has a lower than average IQ. Yes, animals have IQs, but that is another discussion. In some rare cases, it may not work at all.

What breed size does the Basic Bark Control Collar fit?

The recommendations for this collar state that it fits breeds that are eight pounds or larger. The collar is adjustable, but will not fit a breed below eight pounds and will therefore not function properly. It is important to ensure that the collar is properly fitted to the animal’s neck. The contacts must touch the skin in order for the dog to feel the static correction. If it does not make this connection, it will not be effective.

How do I fit this collar to my dog’s neck?

  1. Remove the battery before fitting this collar to your dog’s neck.
  2. Ensure the animal is standing in a comfortable position.
  3. Place the collar high on the animal’s neck in close proximity of his/her ears.
  4. Make sure the contact points are centered under the pup’s neck and touching the skin.
  5. With extremely fuzzy babies, I find it necessary to trim the fur to ensure skin contact.
  6. Test the snugness by placing a finger between the animal’s neck and the contact point. The collar should fit well, but not constrict.
  7. It is best to treat the collar like a pair of shoes. Let him/her walk around wearing it for a bit. Use a pen to mark the spot to trim. Use a flame to seal the fray. Replace the battery and place it around the dog’s neck.

Can I use the PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar on my new puppy?

This collar should never be used on a canine under the age of six months. Puppies are learning and exploring all sorts of new territory. Using this collar on him/her may inhibit proper education and psychological growth.

Can I use this collar on my kitty?

No. This device was designed for canine breeds six months or older only. Using this PetSafe collar on a kitty cat may result in extremely illicit behavior from your furry friend.

Does this PetSafe product have a warranty?

If you are not satisfied with this collar, it may be returned within thirty days for a full refund. It is important to register this collar with the PetSafe website as soon as you get it.

Review Summary

The PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar is an effective and efficient method to train dogs not to bark at inappropriate times. It uses static shock; is waterproof; has an adjustable strap, and inexpensive replacement batteries are readily available. This is a great furry baby investment that should be considered. It is not appropriate for use on cats or puppies under six months of age.

DT Systems 2090 Ultra Min-e No Bark Trainer Review

dt systems 2090 ultra min e no bark trainer


  • Is waterproof
  • Possesses eight correction levels
  • Features memory data system
  • One of the smallest in its class


  • Should not be used while pet parents are absent
  • May not be used on canines with physical or mental health disorders
  • May not work on all breeds

What will I receive in the package?

  • Base collar
  • Correction apparatus
  • 6-volt battery
  • Instruction booklet

Will the Ultra Min-e No Bark Trainer Collar fit my tiny dog?

The base collar is adjustable and will fit most breeds. This specifically includes dogs who have a neck size of 6 ½ inches up to 24 inches and weigh from 3 pounds to 40 pounds. I like to measure my dog or simply take her with me when I purchase anything she will be wearing. Measure your dog’s neck with a craft measuring tape and a simple home scale may be used to weigh him/her. Step onto the scale without your dog and take note of your weight. Pick up your dog, if possible, and again take note of the weight. Subtract your weight from the combined weight to figure your dog’s weight. If picking your animal up is not possible, ask your vet to weigh him/her or the last weight in his/her medical file.

Can you explain how this Trainer Collar works?

The mechanism emits a mild stimulation when the dog barks. This emission only lasts for half of a second. There is also a three-second delay between corrections for the animal’s safety. The device possesses a data memory feature. This electronically remembers the level of the last emission and when the dog barks again it starts the correction at this level. You can adjust the correction level to begin where you feel is appropriate as well.

Will this harm my fuzzy critter?

None of the levels of stimulation correction are harmful. The first level feels much like a tickle and each succession is only slightly higher. I find what I read and facts sometimes differ in life therefore I tested this collar on myself. Rubbing the device across a roughened surface should activate the correction. This will let you know what your furry baby will feel. Try all of the levels. This collar must never be used on an ill animal.

Does the Ultra Min-e No Bark Trainer Collar always work?

No two methods will necessarily work on every single dog. Each dog is an individual possessing his/her own personality. It has worked on some of my most stubborn animals. There are cases in which an extremely obstinate dog will not respond to this method; however, this is rare. This collar should not be used for dogs with mental disorders such as anxiety. It may well exacerbate the dog’s anxiousness.

Will my furry baby have to wear this more than a day or two?

Most breeds will respond quickly to this correction. An extremely responsive canine may learn after just a couple of barks. It may take more bull-headed dogs a week or two to get the hang on it. There are also rare cases in which this particular method will not work at all.

What exactly is data memory?

  1. The Ultra Min-e No Bark Trainer Collar features a microprocessor which stores data, or information. For example, it records which level last stopped the animal’s barking. If the dog stopped barking at level two, the next time he/she barks the emission level will start back on level two when he/she barks again. You are capable of setting the intensity level yourself.
  2. Make sure the device is on.
  3. Use a magnet, like the one in the collar, to change the level.
  4. Use a steady slow motion to pass the magnet across the little letter ‘m’.
  5. A series of quick light flashes and beeps will be emitted from the unit. Four beeps indicate that the unit is currently on the fourth level of intensity.
  6. If you wish it to be set at level five, repeat this process until you hear five beeps.
  7. This is the level at which the device will begin correction the next time your dog barks.

What if my dog’s base collar is frayed?

The base collar is replaceable. It is recommended to only use a base collar replacement from the D.T. Systems Company. These are available on their website. In my experience, a company will not accept a return, if the product has been altered against its regulations. This and your dog’s safety are two very important reasons to follow these instructions. Replacement nodes for the device as well as batteries may also be found on the official website.

Can I return the Ultra Min-e No Bark Trainer Collar?

The first thing I did when I received my collar was visit the D.T. Systems website to register it. There is a specific webpage with details of how to do this on the website located under support called product registration. This is accomplished through email and it is important to provide all of the required information. Print your email response from this and then file the original receipt with it in a safe location. This collar has a one year warranty. Any malfunction due to the manufacturer’s processing is repaired or replaced for free. The shipping to the repair tech is not covered.

How soon can I begin this type of training?

This collar may be used on canines that have reached at least six months of age. It should never be used on puppies under six months old.

Review Summary

The Ultra Min-e No Bark Trainer Collar is extremely lightweight and compact as well as versatile. It will fit animals who have a 6 ½ inch to 24-inch neck and weigh from 3 pounds to 40 pounds. It uses harmless and mild stimulation to gently condition your dog to appropriate barking occasions.

Dogtra YS500 No Bark Dog Collar Review

dogtra ys500 no bark dog collar


  • Is completely waterproof
  • Fits breeds twenty pounds and up
  • Has two-second delay safety feature
  • A self-test tool is provided


  • Should never be used on sick canines
  • Should not be used on dogs below six months or twelve pounds

What is inside the box?

  • Base dog collar
  • Bark control device
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charging cable
  • Owner’s manual

How do I know this product is safe?

  • The Dogtra YS500 Water Proof No Bark Collar is a safe and humane means of training your dog. It utilizes a mild electronic stimulation when your dog begins to bark. The collar features a manual dial so you can decide which of the seven intensity levels is best for your furry critter. You can test the collar on yourself. I believe this is the best method of knowing exactly what my dog will experience and whether I feel it is suitable. Do not use this collar on your dog for more than eight hours each day.
  • Be sure the Yapper Stopper is set to the “on” position. Affix the test tool to the sensor on the collar and use your fingernail or other object to run across the rough surface of the test tool.
  • A light will turn on. You should then again perform the above operations.

How do I know which level the device is set on?

  • First, the highest setting is seven while the lowest is one.
  • These numbers are clearly marked on the device.
  • You can use your fingernail to turn the dial to the desired level. If you are like me and have no fingernails, you can use a coin instead.

Will the Yapper Stopper zap my dog if another dog is barking

Zap is a harsh word to describe what your dog experiences. The conditioning is only a mild tingling sensation. The collar will only be activated by your dog’s bark. It detects vibrations from his bark alone. I have found that the vibration detection does not activate with low level noises. If your baby whines or whimpers, he/she should not receive correction.

Can I wash the collar when it becomes muddy?

  • Yes, the collar is washable; however, this must be accomplished by hand.
  • Be sure to tighten the battery cap before you wash this collar.
  • Mild detergent is suitable for washing this collar.
  • Thoroughly dry the collar after you have washed it and before placing it around your dog’s neck again.
  • Remove the collar from your dog’s neck before washing it or your pet.

What do I do to recharge the battery?

  • Remove the collar from your dog’s neck. Never charge this collar while he/she is wearing it.
  • Connect the charging cable to the jack located on the device.
  • Plug the opposite end into a standard household outlet that is 110 volts.
  • It will take about ten hours for the battery to be completely recharged.
  • It is recommended that this be done every fifteen days or so, especially during heavy usage.
  • Never expose the device to water during recharging.
  • If this apparatus is left plugged in and charging for four days or more, it may damage it beyond repair.

How do I know I have affixed it around my dog’s neck correctly?

  • Allow your fuzzy baby to get into a comfortable standing position.
  • Ensure that the contact points are positioned correctly and come in contact with his/her skin.
  • Affix the collar and then place a finger under the base. The collar should fit snuggly; however, there should be room for your animal to breathe comfortably.
  • Never use this collar with any other collars affixed around your dog’s neck. The Dogtra YS500 The No Bark Collar should never be used in combination with a leash.
  • It is recommended that you visually check your dog’s skin every few hours while he/she wears this collar. Each time you check his/her neck, reposition the collar so that the contact points are touching a different area of skin. This should prevent any irritation or discomfort to your pup.

What dog size is this collar intended for?

This collar is intended for medium to large canine breeds who are twenty pounds are more. It is not recommended that you use it on your dog, if he/she is less than twelve pounds or below six months old.

Can I train my cat with this collar?

This collar is intended for use on canines only. It is surprising to me how many individuals ask if it may be used on felines. It is strongly recommended to never use this device on any feline. This could produce extremely negative and undesirable behavior.

Is the Yapper Stopper appropriate for my rescue dog?

This greatly depends upon his/her disposition. If your dog has been completely rehabilitated, he/should be fine and the collar should work well. If your animal has been abused and is therefore extremely nervous, the Dogtra Collar may not be appropriate. Gentle care must be taken with rescue animals and you know your baby best.

Does the Yapper Stopper have a warranty?

This collar has a one-year limited warranty. Be sure to retain the receipt upon your purchase and contact the Dogtra Company, if the device should break down or malfunction.

Review Summary

The Dogtra YS500 Water Proof No Bark Collar is a wonderful method to teach your dog about barking etiquette. It has a one-year limited warranty should anything go wrong and includes both a rechargeable battery and recharging cable. The Yapper Stopper features vibration detection and fits most breeds that weigh twenty pounds or more.

Dogtra YS300 Rechargeable Waterproof Compact No Bark Collar Review

dogtra ys300 rechargeable waterproof compact no bark collar


  • Uses two-hour rapid charge lithium polymer batteries
  • Has voice recognition
  • Fits canines as small as ten pounds
  • Offers a test mode


  • Cannot be used on debilitated dogs
  • Cannot be used on dogs under six months of age

What are the contents of the package?

  • No bark collar and strap
  • Lithium polymer battery charger
  • Dummy contact points made of plastic
  • Owner’s instruction manual

How will this condition my dog?

The Dogtra No Bark Dog Collar features a filtering micro processing sound analysis technology. When your doggie barks the sound of only his/her bark alerts the correction device. It first emits a warning vibration before emitting a low-level stimulation correction. It has a safety mechanism that ensures it will not emit another correction for fifteen seconds.

Is this hazardous to my dog?

This device is not harmful to any living being. It emits only low-level stimulation correction that feels much like a tingling sensation. As a safety precaution, this collar should not be worn for more than eight consecutive hours. It should also be turned off while you are playing with him/her or are to be away. It may be best to actually remove the collar, if you will not be in the animal’s presence for a long period of time.

Is this collar guaranteed to train my dog

Quite honestly, there is no guarantee for any method. Some dogs are extremely receptive to conditioning while others can be very obstinate. If your little doggie is very receptive to training, then the Dogtra No Bark Dog Collar will most likely work. Some animals within one species and breed are more intelligent than others within the same category. I have found all of my fur babies to be much like human children who just never grow up. Some have been exceptionally intelligent, while others have had to try harder than others to learn.

What do I do when the battery is low?

  • The batteries used with this collar are rechargeable lithium polymer batteries.
  • Remove the collar from around your dog’s neck. There is a charging receptacle on the back of the No Bark Collar. Open this and connect the Charger to it. Plug the other end of the charger into a standard 120-volt electrical outlet. The indicator light will remain red while the device is charging. When charging is complete the light will turn green.
  • The Lithium polymer battery takes approximately two to three hours to fully charge.
  • Never use any other type of charger with this device. This is to prevent irreversible damage to the control mechanism.

Important Note: I believe this is common sense; however, it should be presented. Never, under any circumstances, charge this collar while your dog is wearing it. This has the potential for great harm to your pup through electrocution.

What are the plastic dummy contact points for?

The surgical stainless steel points are for the purpose of gently conditioning your dog when and when not to bark. This does not usually take that long; however, some animals require reminding from time to time. You can replace the steel contact points with the plastic dummy points when he/she seems to have learned the appropriate times to bark. If he/she has a small lapse, simply switch back to the stainless steel contact points for a short period of time as a gentle reminder. The plastic points may also be used for the test mode so you do not electrically stimulate yourself. I do not feel this is necessary as I want to know exactly what my fuzzy baby is in for and I tested it on myself.

Can I decrease the intensity of the stimulation level?

The device has an on/off and intensity dial. Turn the dial to the intensity level that you believe is adequate. On every level a vibration is directly followed by a mild stimulation. The control stimulation levels are from two through seven. “P” is for the pager mode and “T” is for test mode. The device only vibrates when set to these indicators.

It is recommended to begin training your doggie on the lowest level of intensity. This will help you determine the level he/she will best respond to. This collar is not intended for punishment. It is supposed to offer gentle stimulation and guidance.

What if the collar startles my dog?

If your dog is afraid when he/she is stimulated the first few times, remove the collar from his/her neck and calm him/her. You could also simply turn the device off for a bit. Wait a few hours or perhaps a day before trying again. Try setting the correction level to a lower intensity for the next trial period. If you fur baby is extremely nervous, this collar may not be appropriate. Again the intention is gentle correction, not punishment.

What if my dog’s collar malfunctions or does not work?

If the device fails, try to determine the cause first. Ensure that the stainless steel contact points are in place and it is fully charged. If the collar still seems to be broken contact the Dogtra Company through the official website or the customer service phone number. The collar has a one-year comprehensive warranty.

Note: Never use this device on puppies under six months old or under ten pounds.

Review Summary

The Dogtra YS300 Rechargeable Waterproof Compact No Bark Collar is a gentle and effective method of controlling your dog’s persistent barking. It is waterproof and uses rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. The collar provides six levels of control intensity as well as dummy contact points once your animal has been trained. It is intended only for canines who are over ten pounds and six months of age.


Dog bark control collars are safe and effective when they are used under appropriate conditions. Barking can be a nuisance to families and neighbors. These collars are an inexpensive and humane measure of correcting that behavior. The most important element when considering the purchase of a bark control collar is who your dog is. You know what will work best for your fur baby.

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