8 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers: Latex vs. Memory Foam vs. Buckwheat

8 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers: Latex vs. Memory Foam vs. Buckwheat


As we know that the most important aspect during the night is to be able to sleep peacefully and properly. The reason for this is that sleeping helps in metabolism and helps to relax the mind and body. In order to make sure that our body functions properly we need at least 6-8 hours sleep everyday and any sudden changes in this routine can lead to disastrous results.

best pillows for side sleepers

Now we are also aware that every person has their own specific way of sleeping and sometimes this wrong posture can make your day miserable. In order to sleep well, we are in need of good pillows and this best pillows for side sleepers guide will surely act as competent guide for you to choose the pillow that is just made for you. These pillows are for those sleepers who have problems with the upper vertebrae and crania and hence like to sleep sideways.

Types of Pillows for Side Sleepers

Down and feather: These are the types of pillows which are specifically designed to provide as much support as possible. The part of the pillow which is known as down is responsible for this particular job, whereas the primary job of the feather part is to simply add the springy quotient to the pillow which is known to increase the bouncy factor and is pivotal in providing a sound sleep. The best thing about these pillows is the adjustable support distribution which makes sure that maximum support is given to the sleepers.

Latex: Latex pillows have been one of the top choices when best pillows of side sleepers are to be considered. The reason for this is that latex pillows are known for their flexibility which makes sure that good support is given to the sleepers and cause minimal hindrance. Moreover these pillows can almost make sure that your neck and body are properly aligned when you are in your sleep position. The overall resistance of the pillow is also commendable which makes sure that your head is in the proper position at all times when you sleep.

Memory Foam pillows: This is one of the most popular types of pillows that is available in the market and rightfully so. One of the main reasons for this is that it does keep the support of the body intact even if the sleeper is moving and changing postures. The pillow is specifically designed in such a way that every time the body changes postures, the pillow adapts itself to such changes which is really nice. This particular feature makes this pillow more popular as they know that the pressure exerted on certain parts of the body will be taken care of. One pillow that is really popular among the masses is the S-shaped pillow because it provides extra support to the neck which is essential for sleepers. However, be careful about the heat retention property of these pillows as they can make you sweat more than usual sometimes.

Buckwheat pillow: What makes this pillow stand apart is the material that is made from. Buckwheat is the main ingredient here, to be precise the buckwheat hull. It assures firmness and restricts you from bouncing more than what is needed. They do not store any heat and that is why it is more comfortable for side sleepers. Irrespective of all the traits these pillows can be a little heavier than usual pillows.

How to choose the right pillow?

It is not easy to choose the right pillow and that is why this best pillow for side sleepers will tell you what all you need to check in order to choose the right pillows for you. These are some of the things that you need to take care of when you are buying pillows.

  1. Allergies: It is but natural for you to be allergic to certain things and that is the reason you need to go through the specifications of potential pillows for you so that you can identify if there is any material in the pillow that you are allergic from. It is observed that a minuscule proportion of the buyers have problems with the down and feather pillow. Pillows such are latex pillows and memory foam are pillows which are not known to cause any allergies which can be classified as a major positive hence making them very good options for people with allergies.
  2. Health: Another major thing that plays an important part in decision making is the fact that whether the sleepers have any health issue or not. You have specially designed pillows if you are facing health issues to counteract such problems. Certain health problems that you should take note of are:
    • Pregnancy: if your are choosing them for someone pregnant, then choose pillows that can support the stomach thighs to make the experience more comfortable.
    • Snoring: one advantage of having a pillow is that it actually plays an important part in reducing snoring. This is a sign of unhealthy metabolism and body functions and for this reason, makers have decided to make anti-snore pillows.
    • Blood circulation: if you sleep in the wrong postures then it can affect your blood circulation but this issue can be solved by a good pillow for side sleepers.
  3. Density: density of a pillow is of utmost importance as it is known to be directionally proportional to the amount of support that is received by the thigh and neck. The correct density of these pillows can assure a good downward pressure of the neck which will give it the more natural curve. Remember not to use pillows which are of a very high density as the feeling that you will get from sleeping on them is the same as sleeping a well carved rock which can damage the posture of the neck. As a result not only will you have a bad sleeping experience but also hurt your neck.


Top Best Pillows Reviews

Natural Talalay Latex Pillow by MALOUF Review

natural talalay latex

The MALOUF Talalay Latex pillow is famous for its environment friendly manufacturing approach as well as the premium quality of latex used during its production. The latex used in this pillow is a by-product of nourishing rubber trees. The milky sap drawn off from these trees is mixed together thoroughly, shaped into a mold and then it is kept at a chilling temperature. Once chilled, the mold is heated to acquire the exceptional consistency, shape and uniformity of the pillow foam. This vigilantly designed pillow brings together the comfort and sustainability of a firm pillow and provides ultimate support to your neck and shoulders. The unique production process of this pillow brings forth high quality latex for the user which has the ability to conform to the body shape rapidly and regain its shape in a swift manner.

Because of its premium features and exquisite design, this pillow has become a best selling bedding product.

Specs and features

Some of its high-level features are:

  1. The pillow has a firm and dense structure, making it highly suitable for back support and side sleepers.
  2. This Latex pillow is manufactured from 100% organic material and no synthetic fibers or additives are added for additional support.
  3. The Zoned technology used in this pillow provides for a firm support and pressure relief points for the head and neck muscles.
  4. The natural production of this pillow prevents the accumulation of mild and dust particles.
  5. A removable cover made from a bamboo blend adds to the softness and comfort.

Benefits and advantages

This Latex pillow is undoubtedly a high-end market product and is exceptionally famous amongst its users. Certainly, this luxurious bedding product has some most highly praised aspects such as:

  • Hypoallergenic: The pillow is made up of all natural ingredients which make it extremely useful for people with allergies and skin sensitivities. The hypoallergenic nature of this pillow prevents the onset of any kind of skin irritations.
  • Temperature Resistance: The pillow is resistant towards rising body temperature during sleeping and retains a comfortable balance of warmth and freshness during your sleep.
  • Resilient Texture: This Latex Zoned pillow has a resilient texture and consistency which retains the form and the shape of the pillow after every use. You will not need to get your pillows fluffed up every now and then.
  • Variety of size and Density: The pillow is available in a variety of sizes and density measures to provide for the varying needs of the people according to their body structure. You can choose between king, queen and standard size, high and low profile and firm or plush density.
  • Ideal for back pain: The firm structure and resilient construction of this pillow makes it ideal for people suffering from back and neck problems. This pillow provides a firm support to your back muscles and prevents the sinking of head and shoulder area into the pillow which in turn exerts extra pressure on the back. Side sleepers can also benefit from this pillow greatly.


This Talalay Latex pillow is undeniably a great bedding product which is luxurious and comfortable yet firm and dense at the same time. You will enjoy the luxury of a relaxed sleep while keeping your body well aligned and firmly protected during your sleep.

Snuggle-Pedic Combination Memory Foam Pillow Review

snuggle pedic combination

The Snuggle-Pedic Combination memory foam pillow  is a well balanced combination of memory foam and CertiPur-U.S foam. The structure of this pillow comprised of small pieced of foam placed together in a strategic manner. These soft and snug fit portions of foam not only make the pillow soft and lighter, but also provides for a sustainable elasticity and flexibility to the pillow. This pillow is resilient in nature and holds back its shape quickly eliminating the need of constant fluffing and shaping of the pillow. Moreover, the soft, fluffed up pieced of the form solves the problem of a heavy and excessively firm memory foam pillow. This combination pillow provides the firmness of memory foam yet keeps it soft and comfy at the same time.

The Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Combination pillow is a celebrated bedding product in the market and has some eminent features which make it stand out and out shine other pillows in the same line.

Specs and features

  1. The snuggle-pedic pillow rapidly conforms to the shape of your head and neck and provides support in accordance to the orthopedically sensitive areas of your body.
  2. The pillow is hypoallergenic and comes with dust mite resistant properties which keep it safe and protected in all kinds of environments.
  3. The tiny pieces of foam are placed together in a planned manner to ensure air circulation throughout the pillow. This keeps the pillow cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  4. Manufactured in USA, this pillow is an eco-friendly, CertiPur-U.S. certified foam which comes with a free 90-day trial and a warranty of 20 years.

Benefits and advantages

This memory foam pillow is an ultimate composition of soft and fluffy foam pieced which exhibit the properties of memory foam and is flexible and elastic at the same time. Some of its distinguished benefits and advantages include:

  • Supports multiple sleeping positions: The Snuggle-Pedic combination pillow support all kinds of sleeping positions and patterns. It keeps your body firmly aligned and acts as a great support for side, stomach or back sleepers. This pillow can be used safely during pregnancy as well and provides for the added sustainability and comfort.
  • Supports Bed-Sitting: The soft and flexible structure of the pillow allows you to use it as a back support while sitting on your bed or sofa. The pillow will conform to your sitting position without being too firm to hold out your back and make it uncomfortable while sitting.
  • Vacuum Sealed Packaging: The pillow comes in a safe and protected packaging to prevent any damage during the delivery. It comes off quickly and your pillow is fluffed up and ready to use in no time.


  1. The pillow is not well sewed and washing it in the machine can cause the stitches to open up and tear apart.
  2. Some side sleepers find it too thick and bulky and you may have to sleep on a side edge to avoid the extra height in the center.


Nonetheless, this memory foam pillow is a perfect combination of memory foam firmness and density along with the softness and flexibility of a comfy pillow. It will give you an extravagant sleeping experience and improve your sleeping patterns greatly.

Buckwheat Pillow by ComfyComfy Review

comfycomfy buckwheat pillow

Comfort is the top most priority when you are looking for a pillow. And if a pillow gives you a perfect support  to your neck  and the head, no matter in which posture or position you want to keep your head. There has been numerous products that are available out there in the market, for people having  different needs and requirements. Buckwheat filled pillows are also some of the most popular forms of pillows that are well known to provide comfort, well balanced support and beneficial features to the users.

Here we have selected the Buckwheat pillow that has been manufactured by Comfy Comfy, named Buckwheat pillow-comfy sleep.

Specs and features

  • The pillow is available in 4 sizes : 15 × 21, 15 × 23, 15 × 26, 20 × 26
  • Pillow weight varies with size from 4lbs to 8 lbs depending upon the size you select
  • It also comes with a 1 lbs extra buckwheat for your convenience.
  • It has a soft, USA made cover sewn with German thread
  • Free of chemicals and odors

Benefits and advantages

  • All natural, organic material: The pillow has been filled with all natural material that is the Buckwheat hull. That’s why it is totally suitable for everyone and can be used with sensitivity issues. There is no chemical used in the pillow that makes it completely safe for the users.
  • Sweat free and odor free: The buckwheat inside provides an airy filling that never makes you feel sweaty while sleeping on it. The filing gives enough space to let the air pass across it and that makes the pillow stay cool and dry and gives a fresh feel.
  • High quality cover: The cover has been manufactured in USA using cotton twill that is durable and provides a soft cover for your pillow.
  • Customizable: It comes with a 1 lbs extra buckwheat for the user.So, you can adjust the volume of the filling according to your needs. There is a non visible zipper on one side that can be used to pull out or pour in some extra buckwheat.
  • Stable support: The pillow gives a stable support and you can easily adjust the support posture and remain easy for as long as you want to stay there and sleep comfortably. You can easily adjust the filling according to your desired posture and it will give you a stable support where needed. The pillow can also be used as an anchor below another pillow and it would not get slipped.
  • Long-lasting service: The pillow is a long lasting product and would not lose its characteristics.


Some issues that should be kept in mind:

  • The pillow is not fluffy and soft enough like other fluffy pillows with other fillings inside.
  • It would be slightly heavier and may or may not be able to put between your knees while sleeping, as it would not feel comfortable that way.


Concluding our talk about this buckwheat pillow, we can say that it’s a great pillow that provides extraordinary support while sleeping on one side or straight on your back. It remains cool and dry no matter how long it has been used and is a long lasting companion. For those who need a supportive, organic, non chemical, sturdy and easy to maintain pillow, then it would be the right choice.

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

sleep better iso cool

Iso-Cool is a registered trademark and ensures the customers to provide high quality memory foam products in the market. This Sleep better Iso-cool pillow is one of the beloved products manufactures specially for side sleepers and is equally comfortable for normal sleeping posture. It has unique features enabled to cater all the comfort needs of a side sleeper to support the head and the neck curve in an easy way to avoid neck and muscle issues.

Features and specs

  • Available in contour, standard, gusseted side sleeper versions.
  • Have a 100% cotton cover with 300 thread count.
  • Quality memory foam filling for adaptive temperature adjustment using PCM.
  • Specially designed for side sleepers.

Benefits and advantages

Out of many advantages and benefits here are some of the most important advantages you should consider:

  • High quality material inside: The pillow is manufactured by using high quality material, that is visco-elastic memory foam to provide maximum comfort. The pillow has been manufactured in USA according to the highest standards.
  • Adaptive temperature adjustment ability: For the best sleeping experience the pillow comes with the highest number of PCM beads that provide the adaptability of the pillow according to the temperature of the body. It feels cool when your body has high amount of heat and feel warm when your body has a slightly lower temperature. So, that the person using the pillow can stay asleep without feeling too hot or cold.
  • Soft cotton cover: The pillow comes with a 100% cotton cover that is completely hypoallergenic and makes it suitable for sensitive people also. It has a 300 TC for a soft plushy feel. The soft cotton cover also makes it safe from dust.
  • Soft and comfortable: The pillow feel soft and comfortable due to the presence of high quality memory foam inside and a high amount of PCM to give a comfortable feel to the user.
  • Easy to maintain: The pillow is very easy to maintain and can retain its shape and features for a long period of time.


Some of the commonly reported disadvantages are:

  • There is a slight odor coming out when you buy a new pillow. But that smell is temporary and can fade away with time.
  • The pillow may come as a thin solid form and it would take some time to gain its actual fluff and soft feel.


Concluding our review, we can say that this is a quality pillow that exhibits all benefits of a memory foam pillow along with the specialized structure and size specially designed for the side sleepers. It is able enough to give sufficient support to the neck and the head area without suppressing the shoulders as well, ensuring that the user will sleep comfortably and easily. It also helps the user to avoid sweating when used for a prolonged period of time and would help the user to avoid developing sweat odor or moisture. Hence, anyone can use it to have a sound and comfy sleep.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Coop Home Goods Review

coop home goods shredded memory foam

The Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Coop is a perfect combination of the firmness and density offered by memory foam and the suppleness and flexibility of a down’s pillow. Most commonly, a down’s pillow or a memory foam pillow does not fit the user needs in an adequate manner.

A down’s pillow is usually too soft and plushy to support the head and neck muscles properly while a memory foam pillow is too firm and lacks flexibility apart from the heat buildup issue. This pillow is a well balanced creation and carries the features of both types of pillows. The shredded memory foam technology features greater flexibility and elasticity allowing the pillow to adjust according to the needs of the sleeper.

Specs and features

The pillow offers many different features and usability incentives some of which are mentioned below:

  • The pillow has a soft and plushy bamboo cover which is 60% polyester and 40% Bamboo thread.
  • The pillow has hypoallergenic and dust mite resistance capabilities
  • This visco-elastic memory foam pillow is fully customizable according to usage needs and you can mold it to support all sleep positions.
  • The pillow is manufactured in USA and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Benefits and advantages

The pillow is used widely and has a great feedback from users all over the world. Its flexibility and customizable features make it a well celebrated bedding item. The most commended facts about this pillow are:

  • Adjustable Thickness: The thickness of the pillow is adjustable according to your sleeping style and preferred sleeping height while ensuring adequate support and comfort. You can easily move the internal foam pieces of the pillow on the sides or towards the center to decrease or increase the height respectively.
  • Protective Packing: The pillow comes in a well protected vacuum packing and is easy to open and assemble. When you open the bag, the pillow wrapped in a tight roll, expands slowly and fills up to a full dense, soft and firm pillow.
  • Machine Washable: The pillow can be washed easily in the washing machine and dryer with a mild detergent. After a proper wash and dry cycle, the pillow will gradually return to its previous shape, on its own.
  • Temperature control: The structure and design of the pillow allow for adequate ventilation and prevents the temperature build up due to heat absorbed from the human body. The pillow will remain cool in summers and warm in waters without raising the temperature too much.
  • Easy to carry around: The pillow can be folded and squeezed to fit in a small bag and carry it around while traveling. The compression does not damage the pillow structure and it regains its shape as soon as you take out the pillow and let it fluff up again.


Some of the considerable drawbacks of this pillow are:

  • It has an awful smell which takes a few days to go away. You might have to wash the pillow if the smell in unbearable for you.
  • The sides can cover up your face if you are sleeping with your head in the center.


This pillow is an ideal blend of a memory foam and down’s features to provide the user the fluff and cool sleep throughout the night. It supports the head and neck muscles and keeps the body well-aligned in all sleeping postures hence reduces the sleep stress and body aches after a full night’s sleep. It provides a comfortable yet sturdy sleep support the muscles in a balanced way. You should try it if you need a perfectly filled and structured pillow.

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Good Life Essentials Review

good life shredded memory foam

Shredded memory foam pillows are famous for their elasticity, flexibility, and softness along with the firm density that supports your head, neck and shoulder muscles in the most comfortable manner. This pillow by good life essentials offers only the best features of a memory foam pillow and down’s pillow and provides the comfort and support all night long to allow for a good night, deep sleep. Manufactured with shredded memory foam, this pillow places your head in a firm position and ensures a well-aligned sleeping posture which prevents sleepless nights and frequent tossing and turning in the bed all night long.

Specs and features

Owing to its blended features and soft yet firm structure, this pillow is a big hit in the market. It offers some exceptional features such as:

  • The shredded structure of the memory foam allows for proper ventilation and circulation of air through foam clusters
  • The pillow cover and the foam are manufactured and assembled in USA while the memory foam used for the pillow is the Certi-Per US certified foam.
  • People suffering from skin allergies can use this pillow with 100% confidence as the pillow features hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant capabilities.
  • The pillow comes with a bamboo cover which is 50% Bamboo and 50% polyester
  • The pillow comes with a 5-year warranty period and agreeable return and replace policies.

Benefits and advantages

The shredded memory foam by Good life essentials is a highly accredited, quality pillow product and works greatly to satisfy the sleepers by ensuring a good night, restful sleep. Some of its most applauded characteristics are:

  • Easy Maintenance: The pillow has simple and easy maintenance requirements. It fluffs up on its own when the pressure is released and can be washed easily in a machine. You can use a machine dryer as well to dry out the pillow before putting it out in the air.
  • Supports Multiple Sleeping Positions: The pillow has the ability to adapt quickly to the pressure and sleeping posture of the sleeper and provides equal support to stomach, back and side sleepers. It places your head in a well rested position in all sleeping postures and reduces body aches and tiredness through the night.
  • Comfortable Sleep: The bamboo cover and the shredded structure of the memory foam ensure a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep through the night. The clusters of the memory foam are movable and adjustable and allows for adequate ventilation to prevent heating up of the pillow during summers.


Although the pillow is used widely and has earned a lot of acknowledgement all over the world, there are some drawbacks as well. Some of the considerable shortcomings of this pillow are:

  • The bamboo cover cannot be removed for washing and cleaning purposes so you will have to wash the full pillow in case of a spill on the cover.
  • The pillow might be a little heavy and big for some people, but as you get used to it you may find comfort as well.


Good Life Essentials are famous for their products and services and this shredded memory foam pillow is no different. It guarantees comfort, ease and satisfaction of the sleeper while maintaining its fluff and shape all along. You will have to give a little bit of time for it to let it fluff up completely so that it gives you the exact level of comfort you need. Also, don’t be annoyed by the smell of the memory foam as it would fade away within a few days. All in all, if you look at the benefits and comfort it provides, you will get an impeccable quality.

Original Waterbase Pillow by Mediflow Review

mediflow original waterbase

The Waterbase pillow by Mediflow is an exceedingly supple and adaptable pillow which adjusts easily to all comfort levels for all kinds of sleepers. Made up of a thin water base and polyester fiber, this pillow provides maximum comfort and a firm structure to support the head and neck weight in an adequate manner. The pillow has been clinically tested against five different standards of comfortable sleep and has proven to be the best pillow for each category. Usually polyester filled pillows render the problem of being flattened out during the night due to constant pressure, but this Waterbase pillow provides constant support and comfort all through the night, particularly because of the thin water layer at the bottom.

Specs and features

The pillow features assorted attributes and traits which makes it distinct amongst many other pillows and has been declared the best clinically proven pillow.

  • The pillow is made up of 100% cotton material and is manufactured in USA.
  • Adjustable support, according to soft, medium or firm echelon.
  • The waterbase allows for quick adjustment and adaptability according to head movement.
  • Outer cover is 100% cotton while the top inner layer is soft polyester fiber.
  • The pillow is hypoallergenic and preventive towards skin allergies.
  • Tolerant towards machine wash and dry cycle.

Benefits and advantages

The waterbase pillow is a widely used and accepted pillow amongst all kinds of sleepers owing to its extreme comfort and support competence. Its flexible structure and design is the key attribute which has earned it the credit of a best clinically proven pillow and made it stand out amongst all the other pillows. Some of its most appreciated aspects are:

  • Usage Flexibility: The pillow can be used easily for all kinds of sleeping postures and heights. The firmness and softness of the pillow can be adjusted by adding or removing the water base at the bottom of the pillow. This allows to adjust the support to soft, medium or firm level according to the preferences of the sleeper.
  • Prevents sleep interruptions: Unlike many other pillows, this pillow retains its firm structure and elasticity through the night and eliminates the need of re-fluffing and constant stuffing of the pillow during the sleep. It ensures consistent sleeping patterns without any interruptions and disturbance.
  • Reduces Neck Pain: The pillow reduces neck pain and strains to a great extent. Its firm yet soft polyester structure accompanied with a water base provides ideal support to the neck muscles and eases the pain helping you to wake up all fresh and dandy for the day.
  • Machine Wash Endurance: The pillow can be washed easily in a machine and bears the dry cycle of the dryer as well, making the maintenance and upholding of the pillow all the more simple, quick and easy.


Apart from all the great features and attributes of this waterbase pillow, there are a few limitations to it as well.

  • There is a strong plastic odor when you open up the pillow initially, however it goes away on its own in a weeks time.
  • The pillow is heavier than usual pillows due to water weight.
  • It cannot be used for a sit up position in bed.
  • The waterbase gives an effect of sleeping on a water bed and it might take some time to get used to the watery texture of the pillow.


Nonetheless, the Mediflow waterbase pillow is a great bedding item which gives you a sound and comfortable sleep, reduces interruptions and eases all kinds of body pains while adding luxury and lavishness to your bedroom.

Beyond Down Gel Fiber Pillow Review

beyond down gel fiber

This gel fiber pillow is designed particularly for side sleepers and provides ultimate support and firmness to the sleeper while ensuring perfect neck and spine alignment during side sleeping. The pillow is filled with micro – denier gel, which gives it a plushy and compact formation which allows for a well rested and uninterrupted sleep and helps you wake up with a fresh and pain free body.

Features and specs

Some considerable features of this pillow are:

  • The pillow is Manufactured in USA and imported.
  • Pillow cover is made up of 100% cotton material with a 300 Thread Count.
  • It comes with Double Corded Gusset edges for a complete pillow frame.
  • The pillow is composed of premium quality micro denier gel fiber.
  • It is hypoallergenic and machine washable.

Benefits and advantages

The Beyond Down Gel Fiber pillow offers unique advantages for all types of sleepers and specifically assists side sleepers for a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience.

  • Gusseted Edges: The pillow has intricately stitched 4.5 inches wide gusseted edges along the four sides of the pillow and creates a firm pillow frame that will protect the pillow from flattening during the sleep while keeping the head and shoulder in an aligned position.
  • Thickness: The pillow is thicker than normal pillows, but the gel fiber allows for flexibility and pliability making the pillow adjustable according to the pressure exerted. The thickness of the pillow is particularly useful for protecting nerves and muscle spasms around head and neck.
  • Proper Ventilation: The gel fiber of the pillow allows for thorough ventilation and air circulation during the sleep and prevents the increase of temperature due to heat absorption from the sleeper’s body. Air flow also prevents moisture absorption and bacterial fostering.
  • A Soft exterior: The pillow has a soft and plushy feel exterior that gives extra comfort and luxury to the user. It would not let you feel sweaty or lumpy while sleeping on it and you can use it for a prolonged time without any issues during sleep. It is capable of retaining its characteristics and form for a long period of time.
  • Well structured and suited for side sleepers: The pillow has got a very suitable design for those who want to sleep on one side of the pillow. It has a great design that supports the neck areas well as the head region in a well balanced way so that the user will not feel any pressure on the neck joint and the vertebra. Such characteristics enhance the sleeping comfort and the user can enjoy a comfortable sleep for as long as he wants to take some rest.


A few drawbacks of this pillow are:

  • According to some users the pillow is not very durable and may lose its texture after using it for a few months. But it should be noticed that the durability also gets compromised if the pillow has not been maintained properly.
  • The pillow is big in its size and the gusseted edges make it look like a brick which is not very appealing to the sight. But if you are okay with its appearance and focus on its utility, it is a great one for you.


The Beyond Down Gel Fiber Pillow is undoubtedly a great bedding accessory and works impressively to support the head region, the neck and also shoulder of the side sleepers, apart from accommodating other sleeping positions as well. It is soft and comfy and has the ability to move and adjust with your head movement to ensure a stress free, long and peaceful sleep.

Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow Review

The Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillow is a high-quality pillow designed with Utopia's new-age technologies. This South Australian brand always does its best to provide you with a quality good night's sleep. These pillows are tailored using a 96 GSM fiber shell, which gives you a double needled corded edge and a high thread count. This means you'll have not just superior comfort levels but increased durability. These pillows can look brand new for months, even years. This is a rarity among pillows that tend to fall apart after just a few weeks. They are also a great choice if you share a bed with a partner, as this pillow will allow you to stay comfortable even while cuddling.

Its quality design has made this pillow on top of the list for many people picky about their sleeping quality.

Specs and features

  1. It comes in the packaging of two, so you immediately have a pillow for both you and your partner.
  2. It comes in two sizes; the queen size measures 18 x 26 inches, while the king size measures 18 x 36 inches.
  3. Stuffed with a 750/950 GSM poly fiber filling that gives you extra comfort no matter the sleeping position.
  4. Tailored with a 96 GSM fiber shell with a double needled corded edge and a high thread count for supreme durability.

Benefits and advantages

These pillows by Utopia are high-quality products, and numerous good reviews confirm that. This product has many advantages over other similarly priced pillows. These advantages include:

  • Unique design: These pillows don't just feel unique; they look unique, as well. They are white in color, with a bright blue stripe that makes them stand out from the rest. You might even desire to use them without any sheets.
  • Durability: Forget about pillows that don't last long enough. These pillows can last for ages. Their supreme design enables them to withstand many damages that other pillows can't. They won't sag over time, and they will remain fluffy for years.
  • Superior Comfort: Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillows are one of the most comfortable pillows you can find. No matter if you are a light or a heavy sleeper, you will wake up feeling well-rested.
  • Safe to Use: The entire pillow is made out of safe fabrics that are free from any harmful substances. This means you don't have to worry about it causing irritations, rashes, or worsening your acne.
  • Moldable: The pillow is easily moldable so that you can use it for other body parts, such as between the legs, stomach, back, and others. It will offer support no matter the position. This makes it great for many different purposes.


This Utopia Gusseted pillow offers a perfect combination of support and comfort. It is durable thanks to its robust construction, and it will stay with you for years to come. It is an excellent choice if you are a side sleeper who shares their bed with a partner, as the pillow is very comfortable even during cuddling.

Meoflaw Luxury Hotel Gel Pillow Review

The Meoflaw Luxury Hotel Gel Pillow is designed to feel new and soft after every night. It is filled with soft poly gel fibers that will bounce back no matter how much you use them. You'll feel like you're sleeping on brand new pillows months after making a purchase. Thanks to its 60% 2.5D and 40% 7D high-quality microfiber, it's durable, allowing for no-shift construction. These fibers are so thin they are thinner than silk while being very strong. They are resistant to wrinkles and most stains while remaining breathable and soft. This makes them effortless to clean. Also, microfibers allow these pillows to provide you with just enough support, no matter the sleeping position. They are so flexible they can rebound from vacuum packaging in around five seconds.

These pillows are designed for side sleepers, but you can use them in any sleeping position. This made them one of the customer-favorites.

Specs and features

  1. This Meoflaw pillow is a luxury choice, and it has many features that make it obvious why this is the case. These features include:
  2. It comes in three sizes: Standard, Queen, and King. The measurements are, respectably, 20 x 26 inches, 20 x 29 inches, and 20 x 36 inches.
  3. It is constructed with a 60% 2.5D high-quality fiber and 40% 7D high-quality fiber. This makes the product extremely thin yet strong and durable at the same time. It is softer than any natural fiber, even silk.
  4. The product is manufactured with a double sided ultrasonic three-dimensional embossing on both sides. This gives it a pretty design.
  5. The product comes with a 365 nights trial. In other words, if you dislike it, you can return it.

Benefits and advantages

The Meoflaw Luxury Hotel Gel Pillow is a high-end product with many benefits, such as:

  • Easy to clean: The product, although soft, is entirely machine-washable. This means the cleaning process is effortless.
  • Supports all sleeping positions: This pillow is very supportive, so you don't have to use it just for your head. In fact, you can use it for your legs, back, or any other part of the body you feel could use additional support.
  • Fluffy all night long: The pillow is filled with poly gel fiber. This luxurious filling allows it to rebound from vacuum packaging in just five seconds. It'll always feel new and equally comfortable as the first day.
  • Comfortable: This pillow is comfortable enough to allow you to have a good night's sleep while also being supportive enough to ensure you don't end up with neck or back pain. This is great for people troubled by back stiffness.
  • Adequate size: The pillow comes in three sizes, so you can pick the one that suits your needs the best. The biggest one is large enough that you won't need more than two for a king-sized bed.


Overall, this gel fiber pillow is excellent for side sleepers who want to have a luxurious sleeping experience. It will help you get relief from back pain and enable you a whole night of quality sleep.

Final Conclusion

From this best pillow for side sleepers guide we can safely say that you have got some idea about these side sleeper pillows. We have made sure that you get a comprehensive idea about all the pillows that are available in the market and hence, decided to provide our readers with the top ten pillow reviews. You have also come across the various types of pillows that are available in the market which include memory foam, buckwheat, latex and more. Moreover, choosing the right pillow for you is not an easy task and that is why you must be privy to the information that can influence your decision. For this purpose, you must know what to look for in any pillow for side sleepers and therefore, we have given you the points that you should see without fail. We hope that this guide has made the search for your favorite pillow a lot easier.

Last Updated: 26th Dec, 2020


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