Best Acrylic Bathtub Reviews on the Market

Best Acrylic Bathtub Reviews on the Market


In this growing whirlpool of bathtub market, acrylic bathtubs undeniably deserve the huge popularity that they are being given. The thermal-formed, gleaming and cast acrylic bathtubs are naturally lustrous like a sparkling glass. The high-quality acrylic construction makes these tubs non-fading and non-staining which is the most remarkable feature of these bathtubs. They are given a non-porous finish which makes it extremely easy to clean this equipment whilst ensuring a warm touch as well. Even when they are lightweight in their built, the sturdiness and strength is lesser to none.

Acrylic bathtubs are liable to be crafted smartly and beatifically that too at an affordable price. You will love their creative designing available in various shapes and sizes to fit any predilection that you may have in mind while purchasing the tub for your bathroom. However, the softness of the material can cause some scratches on the tub while you enjoy a bath wearing your spurs or golf shoes. But it is not a condition to fret over unnecessarily because an inexpensive fine grit wet or dry sandpaper will simply remove the scratch as if it were never there.

We all love the glossiness and brilliance of these acrylic bathtubs and would never want it to fade. So, you can quickly restore that shine by nicely buffing the surface with your hand or using either toothpaste or baking soda. One of the most advantageous facts about acrylic is its immunity to almost all the chemicals as you know of. Any non-abrasive cleaner will keep your acrylic bathtub new for years to come. All these remarkable features have made this type of bathtub immensely popular amongst homeowners. These bathtubs are comparatively cheaper to other types of bathtubs and are available in several innovative designs.

So, whether you are looking for a luxurious high-end acrylic bathtub or something within your constraint budget, we have rounded up all the great choices for you here. These genuine reviews will surely help you choose a tub that is picture-perfect for you and your family. From freestanding tubs to wall fixing, we have both options compiled up for easing your burden of finding any of them. Freestanding acrylic bathtubs are more expensive as when compared to others but their durability and hard-weariness will make every penny worth spending.

Most of these acrylic bathtubs come with a one or two years warranty from the manufacturer to give you a much wanted peace of mind. We have brought together all the models that are currently the most popular choices in an attempt to narrow down the vastness of the available options. The list below comprises of only the top-quality and sturdily built acrylic bathtubs. Our experts have gone all-out to present honest acrylic bathtub reviews to help you in picking the best product for you.


Best Acrylic Bathtub Reviews

KOHLER K-1123-LA-0 Archer Bathtub Review

kohler archer

To allow you the indulgence and joy of deep soaking, this Kohler K1123RA0 Archer 5’ Bathtub features a comfort depth design. You can safely enter and exit the bath because of its low step-over height which has remarkably made to and from effortless. This lower entrance is specifically designed with the ease of user in mind. The water depth level inside the tub is retained similar to that of a standard bathtub. You will experience nice bathing with warm water completely relieving your body from all the stress and strain accumulated throughout the long tiring day.

Being a part of the archer, this amazing bathtub will flawlessly compliment any décor that you have in your bathroom. Transitional aesthetic suite of this archer is highly efficient in boosting the overall look of your interiors. Made from premium acrylic, this tub is elegant, flex resistant and highly sturdy which makes the equipment durable. The tub also boasts slip-resistant base which makes sure that you do not fall accidentally while stepping in and out. The curved base and beveled edges are very impressive in offering a sophisticated look to this apparatus. In-built armrests and unwavering lumbar support are effectually integrated in the design so as to make your bath time more comfortable and enjoyable.

Apart from providing relaxing bath, the tub is also outstanding when it comes to match the aesthetics of your bathroom. The universal white color will meet any expectation that you have for your much-wanted piece of bath according to your modern bathroom design. The installation of this tub requires an alcove with three sides where it sits by the book. An overflow assembly and standard one year warranty make this product worth the money. The warranty covers the tub from the very date when it is installed to a complete year henceforth.

Kardiel HB-BT-PARVA-59-RO HelixBath Parva Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub, 59", Whiterectangle Overflow Review

kardiel helixbath parva

This awe-inspiring sophisticated design of HelixBath Parva Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub 59” is picture-perfect for bathing purists. Well-conceived curves and lines with an absolutely uncomplicated scheme are sure to grab anyone’s attention that may be looking for an incredible acrylic bathtub. This well-made soaking tub has donned an ergonomic design for allowing a comfortable spa experience at the convenience of your home. Its smooth and completely non-porous sanitary grade acrylic surface is easy to clean and remains shiny forever. This high-grade acrylic is heavy-duty and heat retentive to ensure longevity. The structural integrity of the bathtub is retained with a stainless steel 1 inch T frames.

The glossy and well-polished appearance of the bathtub comes from its brilliant white and high gloss 3M finish. This coating is colorfast and fade resistant which lasts for years without ever showing age and wear. It is a freestanding bathtub which is extremely quick and easy installation. With six adjustable foot pads, the tub can also be setup on uneven surfaces as well. This solid and one piece construction of the tub is a sure-shot guarantee of the durability and leak free apparatus. The tub is a true definition of beauty and smart engineering.

There is a toe tap drain stopper that is unwaveringly plated with high-grade chrome for making sure that it remains abrasion-free for several years. The shiny white rectangular design of this tub is so good-looking and attractive that it will enhance the exquisiteness and magnificence of your bathroom. The design is flawless for any modern interior that you have at your place. A long five year warranty on this product is another attention-grabbing aspect of this amazing acrylic bathtub. You will love the overall practicability of this freestanding tub because of its super functionality and innovativeness.

Ove Decors Rachel 70 Freestanding Bathtub in Glossy, Contemporary Soaking Tub with Chrome Pop Up Drain and Waste Overflow Review

ove decors rachel

This striking Ove Rachel 70-inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub is all set to create an eye-catching focal point in your bathroom. This modern bathtub has a sleek and defined design so as to complement the décor of your lavatory. It is intently devised with an outstanding flair which allows a spacious look to your bathroom. Fabricated from durable acrylic, the tub is further reinforced with fiberglass which has allowed more long-lasting finish and strength to this apparatus. The gloss and coating applied on this equipment is very sturdy and will never fade or stain.

The process of installation for this bathtub is very convenient and easy which also includes the waste and overflow assembly. The seamless drain is integrated at the lower end for enhanced suitability. It will undoubtedly add a beautiful element to your bathroom remodeling. The installation however seems little complicated and thus hiring a professional to do so would be actually helpful. This large tub will not only look good in your bathroom but it will also provide enough space for you to completely submerge yourself in the realm of water. The tub does not have wall faucets and therefore it needs a floor standing tub fillers.

The tub looks gorgeous but if you are quite tall, you may have problem extending your legs completely. This tub is not appropriate for someone who is extraordinarily tall. Overall, this premium quality and well-polished bathtub is robustly built which is easy to clean and does not require any abrasive chemical. The curves and lines are all extremely good and provide a seamless look according to the scheme of your bathroom.

AKDY F277 Bathroom White Color Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub Review

akdy f277

If you are planning a home renovation and want to add unique and smart element to your bathroom, then this stunning AKDY F277 Freestanding is a great option for you. Its striking design is all set to make you a star among your friends and guests. Being a part of the serenity collection, this oval-shaped bath has a remarkable white finish. To avoid any unfriendly scratches or blemishes, the tub carries a durable white coating throughout the body. Unlike other tubs which are simply painted on the end, this amazing bathtub features a high-quality built for years to come.

The hygiene of the user is considered the most important aspect in the construction of this tub. It has a non-porous surface which is easily cleaned and stays sanitized. Thus, this tub is effectively sanitary and antibacterial. The cleaning of the tub does not require any harsh chemicals like your previous bathtubs. You can maintain the brightness and glossiness of this tub efficiently without much ado. You can level the tub properly because of its adjustable feet and freestanding configuration. So, even if you have a larger bathroom, this bathtub will so beautifully sit in its interior that the aesthetics will be boosted proficiently. This tub does not have to be nestled beside a wall or have to be adjusted in an alcove.

The unusual and exceptionally good bee design of this apparatus is impressively large and properly deep so that it can accommodate one or two people at a time. When you are in the mood to enjoy your soak for a relatively longer time, you can stay relaxed because of its depth. This is the perfect way of adding a wow factor to your bathroom while also providing a highly practicable tub for your bathing requirements.

American Standard 2422V002.011 Evolution Deep Soak Bathing Pool, 5-Feet by 32-Inch, Arctic White Review

american standard evolution

With this amazing American Standard Deep Soak Bathing Pool, you will relish an all new height of elegance and luxury. Its spacious interior is sufficient enough to ensure that you are not contorting or adjusting your body in an attempt to immerse yourself thoroughly. Its comfortable depth is remarkable for completely sinking you beneath the water level. Strong acrylic construction with fiberglass reinforcement has effectively made this bathtub sturdy and durable. The enhanced robustness of the tub is enough to bear heavy weights without any structural twisting. You can completely rely on the apparatus for experiencing a warm and relaxing bath.

Dual-molded armrests are integrated to the sides in the design of this tub for adding comfort and support. Its unique shape is immensely efficient in allowing the user to sit without having to unnecessarily cramp his body. The design is very impressive because its contours accommodate your arms and legs all very naturally. This tub is also versatile because it comes with a pre-leveled bottom and an astounding option of under-mounting it whenever the need arises. It has made the installation super flexible and easy too.

You will have to order the deep soak max drain along with this tub. It is because the drain is featured deeper as when compared to the regular drains and that extra drain would be used with this tub for enhanced functionality. The neutral glossy white color and simple yet urbane design has made this tub worth every bathroom. Whatever decorum you may have at your home at present, this refined bathtub will seamlessly match with it. It will also heighten the overall décor for better obviously. It is available in four classy color options to further narrow your choice and for bringing more versatility to the user.

KOHLER K-1150-LA-0 Bancroft 5-Foot Bath with Left-Hand Drain Review

kohler bancroft

The Kohler K1150LA0 Bancroft Bath is an end to the vigilant search of all those homeowners who have been struggling to find a picture-perfect bathtub according to their predilection. This classic tub will complement any scheme that you may have in your bathroom. The simple and stylish look of this tub is great for all those who want to bring the luxury of the home décor as seen in 1900’s to this modern world. An innovative lip is integrated at the back of the tub which meets to the tiles when the tub is installed. It is highly effective in eliminating the possibility of your wall damage.

The incorporated lip prevents the seepage of moisture and keeps the wall dry and well-structured. The tub sits in an alcove and the installation process is also very simple and takes quite less time for the entire procedure. The installation process is kept simple because of the flange design of the tile. You can complement this remarkable bathtub with your high-end furniture placed in your bathroom or can buy an altogether new range for completely changing the aesthetics. The comfort of this tub is enhanced by a nicely molded lumbar support integrated in the design of this tub.

Depending on the model, the tub has either a right or left-hand drain. This drainage more significantly depends upon the layout of the plumbing in your bathroom. You must check your plumbing system before buying. A non-slip textured surface of the bath tub is highly crucial for the safety of the user. It makes sure that you step in and out of the tub without facing any unexpected fall. It will effortlessly install into an alcove with a three sided walls for maximum safety.

AKDY 67" Bathroom Smooth Glossy Acrylic White Color Freestanding Bathtub w/Overflow Review

akdy bathroom smooth

If you have decided this AKDY F210 Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub for your home, then you do not have to look back. It is a great option and a masterpiece to match to the every prerequisites of the user. This work of art is not only beautiful in construction but highly practicable as well because of its great utility. The contemporary design of the bath is impeccable when it comes to offer a deep and relaxing soak to you. It will perfectly fit into any bathroom with modern design. Solid construction and high-grade acrylic has imparted resilience to this tub for withstanding wear and age.

A handheld shower and brass faucet that come along with this apparatus have added immense value to the product. A tub is installed in no time owing to its drain and overflow. This easy to clean acrylic bathtub is environment-friendly and antibacterial for hygienic use. Slip-resistant floor is safe for steady stepping to and from. It effectually retains the warmness of water for a relatively longer time.

Now, you can enjoy the soothing and relaxing lukewarm water for as long as you want without having to fret over a loss of warmth quickly. The tub is also covered with a one year warranty from the manufacturer so that if anyhow some issues occurred to the tub within this period, you can resolve them efficiently. The gloss and shine of this tub will keep the aesthetics of your home eye-catching for years.

Bottom Line

Modern homes call for high-end and beatifically crafted bathtubs in their exquisite bathrooms. Bearing the significance of this need in mind, acrylic bathtubs are sturdily built for providing durable and affordable bath equipment to every homeowner. In this post, we have compiled acrylic bathtubs review for giving you a common podium where you can find the best tub for your bathroom. These bathtubs are cherry-picked from renowned brands that are the most trusted for introducing only high-quality apparatuses. We have gone above and beyond to round up these acrylic bathtub reviews so that you can have access to the best and top-rated products available in the market at present.

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