What Factors Should Be Considered Before Buying a Lawn Mower?

What Factors Should Be Considered Before Buying a Lawn Mower?

A lawnmower is an essential machine for your home if you have an open yard in front or backside of the house. For that reason, buying a perfect lawn mower will become a significant part of your task. But, do you know which lawn mower is best for your home?

If you have not bought a lawnmower before, you may not be able to find the best lawnmower. Therefore, you should know things to consider when purchasing a lawnmower for your home. The following factors you should consider first:

  1. The type of lawnmower
  2. Engine & performance
  3. Drive & Drive Control
  4. Power source
  5. Air Filtration system
  6. Blade, Brake & Clutch
  7. Wheels & washout fitting

Type of Lawn Mower

While buying a lawnmower, the first and foremost thing will be considering the type of grass cutter. Riding mower, push or walk-behind mower, and electric mower are the primary three categories of mowers available in the market.

For that reason, you could select any of the types of mowers. Riding mowers feel comfortable as you ride over the grass, and it will cut down in small sizes. Push mowers will need your pressure and force for cutting the long lawns but affordable. Electric mowers are pollution-free and quiet to work but have a higher maintenance cost.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric mowers are inexpensive to operate, comparatively easy to maintain, lightweight, quiet, and eco-friendly. There are many electric models available today. A drawback of electric mowers is that sometimes there isn’t sufficient power, and keeping the electrical cord clear can also be a challenge.

Manual Reel Lawn Mowers

Manual reel lawn mowers are the most popular mowers in the market. They are quiet, pollution-free, and perfect for the small-sized lawn. They deliver excellent results and offers a variety of standard features to make mowing the lawn easier. Some features include handle-length settings, pneumatic tires, and blade-height adjustment.

These reel mowers are usually lightweight, which makes them easy to push up or down on the small lawn. Provided the blades are kept sharp, this type of lawnmower will offer a superior cutting performance that is similar to any of the high-end models.

Gas Lawn Mowers

The gas lawn mowers are not much popular, although they have an alternative energy option. They pollute the air as well also cost more to maintain and run.

Riding Lawn Mowers

The riding lawn mowers are developed for large spaces that require a lot of work. They may be electric or gas-powered and comes with a variety of convenient features, such as a zero turning radius, cruise control, and joystick steering.

Most of these riding lawn mowers can tow a cart, which is desirable for mulching, fertilizing, or other similar lawn applications. A good model has enough engine power and strength to accept snow-removal, aeration attachments, and tilling.

Riding lawn mowers make the cleaning process a lot shorter as well as easier. Some of them have a separate trailer in which cut grass is thrown away to avoid it to remain on the ground.

Engine & Performance

Different types of mower offer different kinds of engines, and the performance depends on the engine quality. 140-cc to 190-cc is the typical average engine range for the walk-mowers. However, you can change the engine of your mowers in the future for getting better performance, such as speed work, quiet performance, reduce vibration, and so on.

Drive & Drive Control

Some walk-mowers offer push driving systems, and others come with a separate engine. You will have the driving control on the handle of the mowers.

Riding mower driving control is similar to riding a car, and a brake and a driving wheel to drive. The electric mower has the same kind of drive controlling system to walk-mowers on the handle.

Power Source

You will get two power sources to start cutting grass in your field, i.e., oil and gas. You can prefer to buy an oil or gas task-based lawn mower depending on your choice and easy to fill.

Air Filtration System

An excellent air filtration system is a necessity to get a long time service from a mower. Expensive mowers use large pleated-paper air filters. The air filtration system must be great for dirty and dusty mowing fields. A bad foam moistened air filter can never work well with a lot of leaf mulching yard.

Blade, Brake & Clutch

Some certain mowers allow you to walk away from the mower, although it is running, or you can stop blades from cutting leaves. A right mower has these features in the driving system. However, this type of mower is a little bit expensive, but it is efficient to save things that are on the mower’s path.

Wheels & Washout Fitting

The type of wheels will be different from one mower to another. Tall rear wheels can comfortably ride over a rough surface, and small rear wheels are enough for a small surface. For that reason, select the model of lawn mower depending on the condition of your yard.

These are the critical factor that you should consider when buying a lawnmower for your yard. Do not forget to choose the right brand to buy the best model too. From the above factors, choosing the type of mower is the most significant part of any person.

Last Updated: 5th Jun, 2020


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