What to Look For When Checking Running Watch Reviews Out

What to Look For When Checking Running Watch Reviews Out

Fitness is something that can be fun and beneficial for your health at the same time. There are many gadgets out there to help promote such a healthy lifestyle and fitness trackers are one of those things. There are many different features that come with a variety of models and brands, so it is important to understand what you should be looking for when it comes to your running watches. Here are some key features you should consider.

Battery Life

One of the important features of any tracker or device, in general, is the battery life. You can adjust this to pair with certain apps, programs, and Bluetooth connectivity to help improve the battery life, but most devices will require frequent charging. Different models and brands will offer more or less life per charge, so this is something that you should consider when investing in a fitness tracker.

Heart Rate Monitor

One of the most common features of any fitness tracker out there is the heart rate monitor. This has become a staple with all fitness watches and apps as tracking your heart rate is a way to get a grasp or rough estimate of the number of calories you burn during your workout. This is important for the enthusiasts at Fitbug.com because for many runners, calorie-burning is one of the prime reasons they exercise. Additionally, having a way to track your heart rate is a way to see progress through your exercise journey. This is because as you progress, your comfortable heart rate zone tends to be much lower as your body gets used to the workout intensity. This is a great way to see improvement through your runs and will be one way to help you stay focused.

Distance and GPS Tracking

Another important tracking feature for your fitness tracker is the ability to track your distance traveled. In addition to that, some trackers have the ability to track your running or jogging route. This can be done through the device itself or when pairing with your phone. This is a great way of monitoring your progress and to stay motivated to continue your running. The routes you’ve run and tracked by GPS can be shared with friends or groups and acts as yet another motivator to keep you going.

Bluetooth Notifications

Most runners will jog, run, or exercise on a regular schedule or routine. This is great to train their bodies but sometimes, emergencies or just life, in general, will take you away from a run. With the ability to sync your tracker or watch with your phone for notifications, you can ensure that you do not miss any important calls or messages and can adjust accordingly. This is a great tool for those that are juggling a lot but want to squeeze in a run to still stay active.

Exercise Modes

Many runners are into fitness in a multitude of ways. For those that also go to the gym or subscribe to other workout routines, having multiple exercise modes that can be tracked is a significant feature to have in a watch. For those that swim, some trackers also count laps, and of course, are waterproof to allow you to wear your watch in a pool.

Music Integration

Some people use running to disconnect from the noise around them, but not everyone is this way. For many runners, music plays an important role in keeping them motivated and engaged during their run. For the music lovers out there, the ability to listen to music through a bluetooth connection from their watch or tracker is a huge benefit as it allows you to stay wireless or reduce the devices you use while on your run.

Extras and Bonus Features

Once you have surpassed the core features on your fitness tracker that you need for running, you can consider and look into other features that may be important or beneficial to you. These will vary from person to person, depending on your different needs and desires. For more serious athletes and exercise enthusiasts, you may not need the reminders to move and stay active. However, you may want to look into other features such as water resistance for swimmers, sleep monitoring as that also translates to your energy and health, or even wireless pay for grabbing something quick to eat or drink after a run in order to replenish your nutrients. There are so many features that are available and you just have to find the ones that you want.

Fitness trackers have made many innovations in regards to their technology over the years. This is great for consumers but can also be troublesome for those that don’t understand what they want. Do your research about what you feel you need to track when it comes to running to see if the watch you are looking at incorporates those features.

Last Updated: 29th Dec, 2020


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