Beginner Tips for Buying Golf Equipment

Beginner Tips for Buying Golf Equipment

Have you decided that this is the year you are going to take up golf? Do you want to see what all the fuss is about for yourself and give this iconic game a try? Golf can be an excellent sport for people to learn at any age, as it is not only fabulous physical exercise but also great mental exercise, as there is plenty to strategize about during your game, making sure you make all the right shots.

So, while the game itself may be enticing, investing in golf equipment as a beginner can be downright overwhelming. There are just so many items to choose from, and it can be difficult to figure out what you need, versus what you can do without in the beginning. So, here are some simple tips that you can follow.

Your First Set of Clubs - An Essential to Everyone's Game

The most important equipment you will need to invest in is your first set of clubs. Did you know that the quality, style, and even type of clubs you pick will help to determine how successful you are in the game? It’s important that you really do your research and pick the right ones for you. Remember, these may not be ideal a few years from now as your game improves, but you need to focus on the right now.

Before even heading to the store to check out the options, see if you can borrow clubs from friends who are golfers, get their input at the driving range, and don't be afraid to speak to the pros at the course pro shop. You want to gather as much information as possible. Swinging around a club in the store is entirely different than how it will feel and perform on the driving range, or the golf course itself.

Get Yourself a Golf Simulator

Now, because you probably can’t be out on the course daily working on your swing and perfecting your game, a golf simulator can come in really handy in terms of golf equipment. These are especially great if you live in an area of the country that gets winter weather, which means golf courses are closed for many months of the year. You won’t lose out on that precious practice time simply because of weather. Even the pros like their selection of simulators for golf as a way of staying sharp and in shape if they can’t be on the course.

These golf simulators work by providing you with all kinds of key information about the distance, club head speed, ball speed, side spin, back spin, flight path, your launch angle, and so much more. The information will then allow you to perfect your swing and therefore your game.

Golf Shoes Can Help You with Stability and Balance

You've probably seen people walking around the course in their golf shoes and perhaps you've wondered if they are necessary. While technically you can wear a pair of athletic shoes, it is not recommended.

Because the golf shoes have little cleats or spikes on the bottom of the sole, they help to provide you with stability and balance when you swing. Think about how much your body will be twisting and turning during a swing - the shoes will help to keep you grounded and ensure your swing is on target.

Plenty of Other Extra Items

While these are the basics for any beginner in the sport of golf, don’t forget the other items like balls, golf gloves with an excellent grip, a sun visor, a golf bag, and even your own bag cart so you don’t have to carry your bag. Each of these items will help give you the best introduction into the game.

Last Updated: 30th Aug, 2020


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