5 Things You Should Have in Your Travel Bag

5 Things You Should Have in Your Travel Bag

Most of us love to travel. Whether it's a weekend trip to the coast or a weeklong trip to a country we've never visited before, it doesn't matter. Wherever you choose to travel to in the world, here are the five things you should never leave home without.


Staying connected and charged while traveling is more important than ever before. Nothing will make you feel more stressed than realizing you've left your phone charger on your bedside table at home. Most travelers use their phones to contact their friends and family, document their adventures, and also to take pictures along the way, so being able to keep our phones charged is extremely important.

Smartphones are not only useful for taking pictures of our travels, but they can also help us find our way when we're lost and mark us as arrived for our flight so that we don't have to carry airplane tickets with us. Having all of this on our phones is brilliant as long as we can access them. You may find yourself stuck at the airport with no way of getting home if you accidentally leave this essential item at home.

Luggage Scale

If you're traveling by plane, then it's a good idea to carry a small luggage scale with you. If an airline says their weight restriction is 23kg, then this is what you need to stick to. Weigh your bag before you get to the airport; otherwise, you'll be expected to pay extra cash or even worse get rid of some of your belongings. We've all thought about squeezing that extra teddy inside an already full suitcase, but restrictions are put in place for a reason, and the reason is to keep you safe.

Toiletry Bag and Accessories

Whether you're going away for one night or two weeks, you will want to (and need to) take toiletries with you. Your toiletry bag needs to include the following items:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soap – we all need soap to stay clean. The best way to keep your skin clean and healthy and remove dirt and makeup is to use micellar water. Micellar water is easy to travel with, and it's the perfect product to use on your skin.
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Makeup – try and limit this as much as possible. There's no point in taking a dozen eyeliners. Try and choose a small selection that will work for a number of different looks.
  • Hair accessories – if you've got long hair, then you'll want to take a couple of extra hair bands or clips in case you lose or break the ones in your hair. There's nothing more frustrating than searching for a shop that sells these items.
  • Razor and razor blade

Travel Journal

In this day and age, we all love technology. We use our smartphones to make notes, record our thoughts, take pictures, and keep in contact with others. However, there is nothing better than jotting things down in a travel journal. Throw a small jotter in your bag with a pen and enjoy writing down ideas, opinions, and thoughts about your journey. You'll have great fun sharing this with your friends when you get home.

First Aid Kit

We don't expect you to take a full first aid kit with you, just a small bag that contains any medicines you may need. After all, none of us want to suffer from a painful headache, an upset stomach, or a high temperature whilst on holiday. You may be under the impression that getting medicines whilst on your travels is easy, but this isn't always the case.

Once you've got your accommodation and travel booked, you'll be able to make a start on packing your luggage. We know packing can be a chore, but if you follow some of our expert packing tips, you won't need to worry.

Last Updated: 14th May, 2020


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