6 Great Hobbies to Share with Your Kids

6 Great Hobbies to Share with Your Kids

Sharing hobbies with your kids is one of the best ways to spend some time together. Sharing a hobby also provides bonding opportunities that are quite rare, considering how busy most parents are these days. That said, there are some great hobbies that you can share with your kids. When choosing these hobbies, it is important to choose those that have some lessons attached to them, which could also teach your kids new skills.

Art and Craft

Art and craft hobbies are great because there are so many things you could do with your kids. Choosing hobbies that fall in this category means you will never run out of things to do with. A good example of a hobby that falls into this category is drawing. Drawing hones children’s artistic skills as well as their eye-hand coordination. It also makes them feel proud of their creations when they finish a project or a drawing.


Cooking is another great bobby because it is easy, and it teaches the kids a life skill they will need in the future. Here, you can start with a few responsibilities, like letting them choose the recipes or helping you shop for the items you need. As they get older, they can help you measure or even mix the ingredients. The final step would be letting them handle a full recipe from the shopping to the preparation of the meals you choose.

Because of the presence of sharp objects and heat, make sure you take all safety precautions when teaching your kids to cook.

Collecting Collectible Toys

Kids love playing with toys just as much as they do collecting them. Most toy manufacturers create toys in collectible series to make it easier for parents to collect them with their kids, which can be a great hobby to share. It can help bring their favorite characters to life in addition to giving them something to play with. While you could get these toys at a local store, it is very common to pre-order upcoming Nendoroid releases as well as other collectible toys online. This way, you give your kids something to look forward to while allowing them to complete their collections when the toys eventually become available.


Many kids enjoy gardening as it lets them get down and dirty – which is something they will do anyway! Parents can also use gardening to teach their kids some valuable lessons about hard work and patience. The best part of this hobby is when your kids plant a seed, and you get to see their faces as they watch the seeds germinate and become grown plants.

Playing an Instrument

If you already play an instrument, this could be a great hobby to share with the kids. Kids can start off with a simple instrument like a piano and graduate to an instrument that is a bit more complicated, like a guitar.

Learning to play an instrument can be hard for younger kids, so ensure you are patient with them and encourage them throughout. If you can, you could get them some books or some free online courses, so they get better at it.

Photography and Videography

Photography and videography are good hobbies to share with your children because most kids are already very good at handling different devices. You can make this a long-term hobby by encouraging them to take photographs and videos of important things or events in their lives. That way, they can take control of how they want their lives to be documented. Ensure you get a good cloud storage solution for the photographs and videos, so they are not lost if the devices ever get lost or damaged. That way, you can all look back to see how their photography and videography skills have improved as they have grown up.

When choosing a hobby to share with your kids, try to find ones they are likely to be interested in. Also, try to find some that have some kind of lesson or reward, so your kids always look forward to taking part.

Last Updated: 1st Jul, 2020


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