Best Shoes for Cross Training and Running: What is the Difference?

Reviewed by: Tumay Kilinc - 5 years ago

The goal of this post is to provide fair and balanced information about the best cross training shoes available and how to choose the right cross trai...

Best Electric Guitar for the Money: Gibson vs. Epiphone

Reviewed by: Oğuz Tokatlı - 5 years ago

If you’re one of those people who enjoy making that eccentric squeal with your electric guitar, you may want to consider this.

Is Garrett Ace 400 the Best Metal Finder? Fisher vs. Garrett

Reviewed by: Oğuz Tokatlı - 5 years ago

Treasure hunting is a great hobby to get involved with. It is one of the few hobbies where you can actually turn a profit whilst participating. The ba...

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