Spin Bike vs. Exercise Bike – What is the Difference?

Spin Bike vs. Exercise Bike – What is the Difference?

Working out today has become extremely convenient as the number of exercise machines on hand ensures that you will make the most out each session. Two of the most popular exercise machines today are the spin bike and exercise bike. To a beginner these two may appear to be the same type of machine, and to an extent that is true. They both use the same principle in helping you lose weight and stay fit but ask any advanced or workout instructor and they will state that these two machines offer different benefits.

Benefits of the Spin and Exercise Bike

Before we talk about the difference between the two let us talk about some of the similarities first. Whichever you choose, each machine will give your cardiovascular system a good workout. Simply put, both these popular workout equipment will help boost your stamina in the long run. Both will also assist in sculpting your lower body and trim away those unwanted fats. Both the spin bike and recumbent bike are guaranteed to help you lose weight when used regularly.

The Spin Bike

These bikes simulate what it is like to actually be using a bicycle but indoors. You can either use it sitting down, standing up or leaning forward. It gives you the experience of participating in a race with the intensity of such an event in tow. This type of stationary bike is designed for maximum intensity during workouts and has steadily become a popular class in most gym due to its high energy sessions. However, because of the intense pace required to complete a session, this type of bike is not a good choice for beginners as it may be too difficult for them. In that regard, a spin bike is an ideal workout machine for those who are looking for a more intense exercise session or individuals who are training for a bicycle race.

Exercise Bike

The exercise bike is basically the same but focuses on a more comfortable approach with its application. You will stay seated while using this exercise machine with both arms resting at your sides. You will also have a back rest to lean on for added comfort. However, do not mistake it for a lighter form of stationary bike machine. Studies have shown that the exercise bike actually forces your lower extremities work harder than seated bikes. This is due to the fact that the exercise bike forces your legs to pedal at a horizontal angle which factors in gravity. Your legs will work double just to spin the pedals. The exercise bike is ideal for those who have lower back problems.

Final Thoughts

The spin bike and exercise bike are both extremely effective ways to lose weight and help build up your leg muscles as well as boost your cardiovascular system. The main difference between the two would have to be your preference. Do you want an intense high energy workout that will push your whole body to the limit? Go with the spin bike. If you want something a little slower and focuses more on building up your lower muscles and stamina then the exercise bike is a good choice. Either way, you are guaranteed that you will be able to gain the best benefits with daily use of these exercise machines.

Last Updated: 2nd May, 2020


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